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Machinery is defined as any device or machine device component that accomplishes work using mechanical or electrical energy. Machines apply energy and power and transform it in its magnitude and direction to provide useful work. Simple machines qualify as classical machines, but are rarely included in industry groupings, although gears, screws, wheels and levers form crucial components to all contemporary machinery. Examples of market-significant machinery include clocks, compressors, expanders, turbomachinery, pumps (including centrifugal, positive displacement), internal and external combustion engines, reciprocating engines, other heat engines, turbines, and airfoils (wings, propellers, rudders). The advent of electronics and information technology (IT) led to the emergence of numerous devices and products without moving parts (mechanical work) that are called machines, such as devices with integrated circuitry (IC) (computers), televisions, radio, lasers and various industrial tools using electricity and electromagnetic radiation. Industrial robots and robotic arms represent a merger of machinery, electronics and information technology.

Machinery is vital to the operations of the printing, paper, food, textile, construction, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, automotive, chemical, mining, various manufacturing, agricultural, utility, power generation, shipping, and transportation industries. Global demand for machinery follows trends in industrialization and industry base expansion, with mechanical engineering manufacturers and other machinery and equipment OEMs in previously industrialized countries such as the United States (US) or Germany increasingly active in supplying capital equipment and machinery to developing economies in Asia, like China, India, Vietnam, or Indonesia, and other places abroad in Latin America, such as Brazil, or Russia, Turkey, and the Middle East.

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