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MEED Insights: Oman Projects Market 2018 - In-depth analysis and outlook of the project opportunities and planned investments

MEED Insights: Oman Projects Market 2018 - In-depth analysis and outlook of the project opportunities and planned investments


Oman is embarked on an investment drive that is creating a diversified, private-sector driven economy, and establishing the country as a major tourism destination and a strategic logistic hub for the region.

Oman’s transformation offers substantial project opportunities for investors, contractors and consultants in the construction, oil & gas, power, water, wastewater and transport & logistics sectors.

It is also creating exciting private sector investment opportunities in the tourism, healthcare, utilities and education sectors as it seeks to transfer the delivery of its public service to private sector operators.

Spending levels could remain relatively high as Oman has over $126bn worth of total pipeline of un-awarded projects.

Packed full of expert insight on the opportunities and challenges, the report provides exclusive forecast for project spending across all core sectors.

Although Oman has long been a stable projects market, the next few years could see the market grow substantially as it seeks to diversify its economy further.

Written by MEED, the Middle East market experts within the GlobalData Group, this report is a must-have resource for any company interested in accessing this growing and increasingly diverse market. Save time and investment on research and analysis. Gather exclusive data on the Oman projects market through this in-depth examination.

Reasons to buy

  • Breakdown and analysis of upcoming project opportunities in Oman
  • Key data on current and future size of each sector
  • Proprietary client and contractor rankings
  • Details on upcoming projects and schedules
  • Key opportunities, challenges and much more.

1. Executivesummary
2. Government
2.1 Political unrest
2.2 Anti-corruption campaign
2.3 Succession
2.4 Policy
3. Economy
3.1 Overview
3.2 Economicgrowth
3.3 Inflation
3.4 Governmentspending
3.5 Budget
3.6 Publicdebt
3.7 Sovereignrating
3.8 Foreign direct investment
3.9 Reserves
3.10 Trade
3.11 Economicdiversification
The ninth five-year development plan
Vision 2020
Priority projects
3.12 Outlook
4. Projects market
4.1 Public vs. Private
4.2 Cancelled and On hold projects
4.3 Main contractors
4.4 Main clients
4.5 Futureprojects
4.6 Forecast
5. Energy
5.1 Structure
5.2 Upstreamoil
5.3 Gas
Oman Gas Companyprojects
The Khazzan project
5.4 Refining
Sohar refinery expansion
Duqm refinery and petrochemical complex
Duqm refinery
5.5 Petrochemicals
Liwa Plastics
Other Sohar projects
Salalah projects
Duqm projects
6.6 Projects market
5.6 Contractors
6. Construction
6.1 Overview
6.2 Contractawards
6.3 Projects bystatus
Projects underexecution
Projects on hold
Projects out to tender
Future projects
6.4 Projects under way by sector
6.5 Projects under way by governorate
6.6 Tourism
6.7 Education
6.8 Healthcare
7. Transport
7.1 Airports
7.2 Ports
7.3 Rail
7.4 Roads
8. Industry
8.1 Economic diversification
8.2 Steel
8.3 Downstreamsteel
8.4 Iron orepelletising
8.5 Aluminium
8.6 Downstream aluminium
8.7 Chromite andferrochrome
8.8 Cement
8.9 Mining
8.10 Futurespending
9. Power andwater
9.1 Power
Power sector structure
Demand and supply
9.2 Main interconnected system(MIS)
Imports and Exports
9.3 OPWP contractedcapacity
9.4 Dhofar PowerSystem
Decommissioning & contract extensions
9.5 Duqm
9.6 Musandam
9.7 Private sector
9.8 Fuel and alternativeenergy
9.9 Transmission anddistribution
9.10 Desalination
Sharqirah zone
Dhofar Water Network
10. Renewables
10.1 Regulatoryframework
10.2 Solarpower
10.3 Wind power
11. Wastewater
11.1 Muscat
11.2 Salalah
11.3 The rest ofOman
List of Tables
Table 1: Council of Ministers
Table 2: Economic indicators, 2010-16
Table 3: 2017 budget
Table 4: 2017 budget: Expenditure of civil ministries
Table 5: Top merchandise trade partners, 2016
Table 6: Top 10 contracts awarded, 2012-17
Table 7: Largest projects cancelled or put on hold, awarded in 2012-17
Table 8: Top 10 contractors by value of work under execution
Table 9: Top 10 clients by value of work under execution
Table 10: Top ten projects due to be awarded in 2018
Table 11: Output by producer, 2013-15 (million b/y)
Table 12: Recent oil sector awards
Table 13: Planned and un-awarded oil projects
Table 14: Oil and gas blocks
Table 15: Major recent gas project awards
Table 16: Planned and un-awarded gas projects
Table 17: Petrochemicals projects planned or underway
Table 18: Construction projects out to tender
Table 19: Major construction projects under study or design
Table 20: Tourism-related projects planned or underway
Table 21: Major education projects planned or under way
Table 22: Major healthcare projects planned or under way
Table 23: Airport projects planned and underway
Table 24: Port projects planned or underway
Table 25: Oman rail network key facts
Table 26: Oman National Rail projects
Table 27: Major road projects underway
Table 28: Major road projects planned
Table 29: Industrial & mineral production
Table 30: Iron and steel projects planned and awarded
Table 31: Metals, minerals and cement projects
Table 32: Selected metals and minerals production (t/y), 2010-14
Table 33: Contracted operational power capacity in the MIS
Table 34: MIS contracted plant capacity by plant, 2017-23 (MW)
Table 35: Power generation resources in the MIS, 2017-23 (MW)
Table 36: Contracted capacity in Dhofar Power System, 2017-23 (MW)
Table 37: Prospective capacity and contingency reserves
Table 38: Prospective contract extensions (net MW)
Table 39: IPPs and IWPPs in Oman
Table 40: Future IPPs
Table 41: Transmission & distribution projects, planned or underway
Table 42: Large desalination plants in operation
Table 43: Desalination capacity in the Interconnected zone, 2017-23 ('000 cm/d)
Table 44: Major planned desalination projects
Table 45: Renewable energy projects
Table 46: Haya Water - Wastewater projects planned or underway
Table 47: Salalah wastewater projects planned or underway
Table 48: Ministry of Regional Municipalities & Water Resources - recent wastewater projects
List of Figures
Figure 1: Oil and gas production, 2000-2016
Figure 2: GDP by sector (%)
Figure 3: Project awards by GCC country, 2012-17 ($m)
Figure 4: Contract awards by sector and year, 2012-17 ($m)
Figure 5: Contract awards by sector, total for 2012-17 ($m, %)
Figure 6: Public and private sector awards, by industry, 2012-17 ($m)
Figure 7: Cancelled / On hold projects 2012-17, by sector (% of total by value)
Figure 8: Major clients by value of work planned ($m)
Figure 9: Value of yet-to-be awarded projects by sector ($m)
Figure 10: Oil and gas blocks
Figure 11: Oman oil production (‘000 b/d)
Figure 12: Oman gas production (bcm)
Figure 13: Khazzan gas reserves
Figure 14: Gas supply outlook, 2009-25
Figure 15: Orpic refineries production
Figure 16: Oil & gas contract awards by year ($m)
Figure 17: Energy contract awards, 2010-15 ($m)
Figure 18: Construction contract awards by year, 2010-17 ($m)
Figure 19: Construction projects by status (% of total value)
Figure 20: Construction projects underway by sub-sector (% of total by value)
Figure 21: Construction projects underway by governorate (% of total by value)
Figure 22: Airport developments
Figure 23: Planned rail network
Figure 24: Oman planned rail network, Segment One
Figure 25: Industrial contract awards ($m/yr), 2011-17
Figure 26: The MIS and Salalah systems
Figure 27: Actual and projected peak power demand (MW)
Figure 28: Peak and average power demand in MIS, 2016-23 (MW)
Figure 29: Dhofar Power System - forecast of future demand, 2016-23 (MW)
Figure 30: Projected gas consumption for MIS (million cubic metres/day)
Figure 31: Projected gas consumption for Dhofar system (million cubic metres/day)
Figure 32: Transmission & distribution contract awards, by year ($m)
Figure 33: Peak water demand, 2016-22 (‘000 cm/d)
Figure 34: Global solar radiation average, 1987-92 (kWh/m2/d)
Figure 35: Annual direct normal irradiance map of Oman

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