Asia-Pacific Non-Alcoholic Beverage Sport Sponsorship Landscape, 2022 - Analysing Biggest Deals, Sports League, Brands and Case Studies

Asia-Pacific Non-Alcoholic Beverage Sport Sponsorship Landscape, 2022 - Analysing Biggest Deals, Sports League, Brands and Case Studies


The Non-alcoholic beverage(APAC) report provides an overview of the sector's involvement with the rights holders in sports industry. Most active brands in relation to total spending on sporting properties. A detailed overview of geographical regions of APAC accounting for most of the NAB sector expenditure. The report further analyzes market trend for NAB sponsorship in APAC region, sector biggest spenders, secondary sector breakdown, key brands, brand region breakdown, sports attracting majority of sponsorship and most attractive league for NAB sector brands.

This Non-alcoholic beverage(APAC) report highlight NAB sector sponsorship landscape, market trend in sponsorship, the sector’s biggest deals, spenders, top professional leagues attracting most of spendings from NAB sector brands, most active brands in the region. Additionally, this report illustrates key markets within APAC region for non-alcoholic brands, evaluation of the deals expected to expire in 2023, secondary sectors breakdown, major sport analysis and study of key sponsorship brands.

Key Highlights

  • Non-alcoholic beverage(APAC) sector sponsorship worth an estimate of $107.15 million to sports industry rights holders in 2022, according to the GlobalData Sport Intelligence Centre, with data being taken from GlobalData Sport’s sponsorship database on 01-Sep-2022.
  • There are 88 NAB brands currently engaging in sport sponsorship agreements.
  • Oceania region represents the most enticing sport market to NAB brands, with Oceania' rights holders in this market collecting $46.90 million in 2022 from this industry, comfortably surpassing all other sporting markets like East Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia, Overall Australia represents the biggest sporting market within APAC, with 66 deals worth an estimated $40.62 million from the non-alcoholic beverages industry in 2022. Other notable markets within APAC include, Japan, South Korea, China, India and New Zealand.
  • Soccer stands as the most engaged sport sector, with $24.55 million of the non-alcoholic drinks sector’s spend driven towards this sport market, with 66 deals.
  • Soft drinks are the largest secondary industry within the non-alcoholic drinks sector with 78 deals accounting for 37% of the total sector deal market., largely driven by soft drinks giant Coca Cola.
  • Non-alcoholic beverage sponsorship continue to be the well represented industry in the sport sponsorship market, with brands serving as key sponsors for sporting properties across a multitude of sport to reach sizeable audiences and gain brand recognition. Additionally, brands often leverage their position as a rights holder’s health drink or hydration partner as a contributor to the perceived success of that rights holder, in essence, if Powerade is good enough for New Zealand Cricket, it must be good enough for you. With increased awareness of health post pandemic, consumers are aiming to opt for healthier and the non-alcoholic beverages, Soft drink segment remains the topmost active and lucrative sector for sports industry with 37% of sports sponsorship market and spending around $27.99 million in 2022.
  • A notable feature in the report is that 54% of NBA sector partnerships in the APAC region are held by APAC region brands only, followed by AMER region brand with 35% and EMEA brands with 11% of partnerships. However, the market is dominated by soft drink giant Coca Cola, accounting for the majority of sector spend and activity emphasizing the size and opportunity this geographical market offers. Also, Oceania sees highest activity of sponsorship with 88 non-alcoholic beverage deals in the region, East Asia follows with 86 deals, South Asia 20 deals and the Southeast Asian region with only thirteen deals.
  • Sports federations within the sport industry are the main recipient of NAB sponsorship in 2022 for Americas region with respect to valuation of deals, holding 44% deal value of total NAB sector sponsorship in APAC region. Although teams' products have a significantly higher deal volume, this category’s total value slightly lesser than the value of the federation category, despite deal volume nearly 61% of total deals of the sector.
Reasons to Buy
  • This Non-alcoholic beverage(APAC) sector report offers a thorough, forward-looking analysis of the NAB sector sponsorship landscape, with major geographical markets within APAC region for the NAB sector brands highlighted in a concise format to help executives build proactive and productive advancement strategies.
  • Accompanying GlobalData’s sponsorship database, the report examines the NAB sector expenditure on sports sponsorship in APAC region, most valuable sport, leagues, most valuable sports market, secondary sectors and APAC sub region in terms of brand spend, lucrative partners to sports industry, market insights on trend with respect to deal valuation from 2013-2022 for Australasia and Asia region and NAB sector involvement in APAC region, in addition to featuring sector's most notable partnerships.
  • With several charts and tables, the report is intended for an executive-level audience, boasting presentation quality.

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Market Insights
Sponsorship value analysis Asia and
Leading companies
Market trend NAB sector involvement in APAC region
APAC region city wise Data
4. Sector Analysis
Sector Summary
Biggest Deals
Secondary Sectors
Product category Breakdown
Sport Breakdown
Sports Leagues Analysis
Market Analysis
Deals expiring in 2023
Case Study: Pepsi vs Coca Cola
5. Brand Analysis
Brand Summary
Most Active Brands
Biggest Spenders
Brand Location Analysis
Key Brands Analysis
6. Appendix

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