Aerospace and Defense Predictions 2024

Aerospace and Defense Predictions 2024


GlobalData’s thematic intelligence ecosystem assesses how well companies are positioned for the future based on their competitive position in the main themes disrupting their sector.

This report is a multi-theme report organized by theme. It covers 10 themes drawn from the defense industry: Advanced Materials; Alternative Propulsion; Artificial Intelligence; Counter-Drone Technologies; Geopolitics; Hypersonic Technologies; the Internet of Military Things; Robotics / Unmanned Systems; Soldier Modernization and Space Systems. It should be read in conjunction with another multi-theme report, Tech, Media & Telecom Trends 2024, which is organized by sector. For further details of our market-leading thematic methodology, please refer to the methodology section at the back of this report.

Key Highlights
  • Studies of emerging technological trends and their broader impact on the aerospace and defense markets.
  • Samples of analysis on the various emerging trends and technologies which are likely to shape development and procurement initiatives global over the course of the next ten years.
Who Should Buy
  • Our thematic research product, supported by our thematic engine, is aimed at senior (C-Suite) executives in the corporate world, decision makers, and institutional investors.
  • Corporations: Helps CEOs, CTOs, and other senior executives of companies understand this key theme, the competitive environment, and the market opportunities.
  • Investors: Helps fund managers and other major investors focus on investment opportunities and understanding the market around key aerospace and defense themes.
  • The key defense challenges that forces and defense sector suppliers face are covered.
  • The investment opportunities for armed forces, suppliers, and institutional investors, across a range of different technology and industry themes are covered.
  • Highlights from the diverse research and development programs currently being undertaken by various military organizations as well as aerospace and defense companies within the most critical thematic bubbles impacting the wider aerospace, defense and security markets.
Reasons to Buy
  • Determine potential investment companies based on trend analysis and market projections.
  • Gaining an understanding of the market challenges and opportunities surrounding various aerospace and defense themes.
  • Understanding how spending in critical or emerging segments of the aerospace and defense supply chains will fit into the overall market and which spending areas are being prioritized.

Executive Summary
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2024 Theme Map
Viewing the world's data by themes makes it easier to make important decisions
Advanced Materials
Market growth is driven by rising defense spending and novel material applications
Hypersonic technologies will boost defense investment in advanced materials
Nanomaterials and smart textiles underpin PPE development
Leaders and challengers
Further reading
Alternative Propulsion
Parallel technological innovation will buoy growth of the electric aircraft market
ESG pressures will drive hydrogen investment, but technological hurdles remain
EVTOLs and urban air taxi services will provide new market opportunities
Leaders and challengers
Further reading
Artificial Intelligence
AI has become a key battleground technology
AI has major implications for the cybersecurity sector
AI could provide solutions to the data deluge challenge
Leaders and challengers
Further reading
Counter-Drone Technologies
Commercialization of the drone market is driving demand for C-UAS capabilities
C-UAS investment is driving innovation in C4ISR technologies
Directed energy weapons will play a growing role in future C-UAS development
Leaders and challengers
Further reading
A growing number of cyberattacks will lead to increased security funding
High intensity warfare is driving investment in electronic warfare capabilities
High intensity warfare is causing a paradigm shift in defense procurement policy
Leaders and challengers
Further reading
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
The growth of the global defense sector drove a resurgence in deals post-2022
Aerospace will remain the largest sector for deals
Activity in the space systems market remains high despite slowdown
Hypersonic Technologies
There is continued growth in hypersonic investment
Hypersonic flight faces technological and environmental hurdles
Artificial intelligence will play a growing role in countering hypersonic threats
Leaders and challengers
Further reading
Internet of Military Things (IoMT)
Innovative military IoT solutions will help alleviate the data deluge challenge
Military IoT enhances interoperability in an increasingly digitized battlespace
Manned-unmanned team capabilities will be enabled by advanced IoT solutions
Leaders and challengers
Further reading
Robotics / Unmanned Systems
Consumer drones and loitering munitions drive innovation in the UAV market
The market for UGVs continues to mature but is yet to become mainstream
Autonomy solutions and cost considerations are driving growth of the UMV market
Leaders and challengers
Further reading
Soldier Modernization
There is growth in the soldier ISR market as tactical drones gain traction globally
Ongoing conflicts are causing a re-evaluation of infantry equipment & doctrine
Tactical command and control solutions are critical for multi-domain operations
Leaders and challengers
Further reading
Space Systems
There is rising military reliance on commercial geospatial intelligence providers
Innovations in materials science and 3D printing further enable market growth
Leaders and challengers
Further reading
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Table 1: Glossary
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List of Figures
Figure 1: Our theme map shows the 40 biggest themes driving growth in aerospace and defense
Figure 2: Advanced Materials
Figure 3: Alternative Propulsion
Figure 4: Artificial Intelligence
Figure 5: Counter-Drone Technologies
Figure 6: Geopolitics
Figure 7:Geopolitics mention is company fillings, 2016-2023
Figure 8:Patents linked to major geopolitics themes by volume, 2016-2023
Figure 9: Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
Figure 10:Aerospace & defense deal volume by sector, 2010-2023
Figure 11: Deals linked to space technology by volume, 2018-2023
Figure 12: Hypersonic Technologies
Figure 13: Internet of Military Things (IoMT)
Figure 14: Robotics / Unmanned Systems
Figure 15: Soldier Modernization
Figure 16: Space Systems
Figure 17: Our five-step approach for generating a sector scorecard

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