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As a global market intelligence company, Gen Consulting Company provides clients worldwide with unrivaled insight into the companies and markets they cover. Their insights help clients better understand the ecosystem influencing the choices and perceptions of their target markets. With this understanding, clients are able to develop campaigns that resonate with their target audience while differentiating them from the competition. GCC is the trusted partner to the global leading business, governments, institutions, nonprofit organizations, industry associations and insiders around the world.

GCC offers a wide variety of research-based services. Their varied portfolio covers Chemicals, Materials, Food, Pharmaceutical, Industrial Machinery, Agriculture, Energy, Medical Device, Consumer Goods, and so forth. Beyond the statistics and market share reports, they piece together the most accurate and reliable view of a given market. Based on their in-depth market analysis intelligence, clients around the world are better able to understand the market, forecast trends and identify threats and opportunities.
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175 Reports from Gen Consulting Company

  • Global Phosgene Outlook 2016-2021

    ... temperature. The main commercial use of phosgene is in the manufacture of other chemicals such as plastics, pesticides, medicines, dyes and herbicides.The global phosgene market size is estimated to grow from USD 3460.35 million in ... Read More

  • Global Lithium Hydroxide Market Outlook 2016-2021

    ... soluble in ethanol, and is available commercially in anhydrous form and as the monohydrate (LiOH.H2O), both of which are strong bases. It is the weakest base among the alkali metal hydroxides. Lithium hydroxide is commercially ... Read More

  • Global Diethyltoluamide (DEET) Industry Report 2016

    ... in pet living/sleeping quarters. DEET is used to repel biting flies, biting midges, black flies, chiggers, deer flies, fleas, gnats, horse flies, mosquitoes, no-see-ums, sand flies, small flying insects, stable flies and ticks. DEET products, ... Read More

  • Global Chlorotoluene Market Outlook 2016-2021

    ... isomers differ in the location of the chlorine, but have the same chemical formula. All have very similar boiling points, although p-chlorotoluene has a much higher melting point due a more tightly-packed crystal structure. The ... Read More

  • Global Electron Microscopy Market Outlook 2016-2021

    ... light microscopes and can obtain much higher magnifications. Some electron microscopes can magnify specimens up to 2 million times, while the best light microscopes are limited to magnifications of 2000 times. Both electron and light ... Read More

  • Global ETFE (Polyethylenetetrafluoroethylene) Market Report 2016 Edition

    ... retains most of the desirable thermal, electrical, and chemical properties of the perfluoroplastics, while possessing significantly better mechanical properties and radiation resistance. ETFE production, which measures output worldwide, was expected to reach 17,077 tons in ... Read More

  • Global and Chinese Zero-Turn Mower Market Outlook, Growth, Industry Trends 2016-2021

    ... brands and models achieve this in different ways, but hydraulic speed control of each drive wheel is the most common method. Both commercial duty and homeowner models exist, with varying engine power options, size of ... Read More

  • Global Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) Market Outlook 2016-2021

    ... commercially prepared syrups. It occurs naturally, and its commercial use emerged in the 1980s in response to consumer demand for healthier and calorie-reduced foods. Fructooligosaccharides are prebiotics with numerous health benefits within which the improvement ... Read More

  • Global Aluminium Powder Market Outlook 2016-2021

    ... hydrogen gas. It is also a combustible dust. When aluminum powder comes in contact with water, strong acids, strong bases or alcohols, it releases flammable hydrogen gas. It can react violently or explosively with many ... Read More

  • Global Metalized Paper Outlook 2011-2016

    ... as biodegradability, metallized paper is garnering interest as an excellent material for environment-friendly packaging. Today, Metallized paper has been used widely in the labels and packaging of beverage, food, and consumer products. Metalized paper production, ... Read More

  • Global White Oil Market Outlook 2016-2021

    ... almost complete absence of aromatics as well as sulfur- and nitrogen-containing compounds. White mineral oils, also known as “paraffin oil,” “liquid paraffin,” and “white mineral oil,” are liquids at room temperature and are predominantly mixtures ... Read More

  • Global Glycidyl Methacrylate Industry Report 2016

    ... bisphenol A (DGEBA), glycidyl methacrylate is instead used to provide epoxy functionalization to polyolefins and other acrylate resins. The global glycidyl methacrylate market size is estimated to grow from USD 173.86 million in 2015 to ... Read More

  • Global Sodium Chlorite Industry Report 2016

    ... other small scale applications. Chlorine dioxide is preferred disinfectant in applications where the use of other disinfectants either do not generate the required efficacy, or where their use produces undesirable effects such as taste, odor ... Read More

  • Global And Chinese Propylene Glycol Mono Methyl Ether Industry Report, 2011-2021

    ... reaction with additional propylene oxide leads to the corresponding di-, tri- and higher glycol ethers. The Propylene glycol ethers category consists of seven members: propylene glycol n-butyl ether, or PnB (CAS No. 5131-66-8); dipropylene glycol ... Read More

  • Global Gadoteric Acid Industry Report 2016

    ... well-tolerated MRI contrast medium in patients with and without risk factors that is associated with a low rate of adverse events and good or excellent image quality in most patients. The global gadoteric acid market ... Read More

  • Global Ether Amine Market Outlook 2016-2021

    ... they also offer various reactivities, good temperature stabilities, are essentially colourless and have a low viscosity. Because of their unique structure and variety of chemical reactions, these products have found their way into many different ... Read More

  • Global Polyimide Resin Market Outlook 2016-2021

    ... These characteristics make polyimide an ideal material for applications demanding rugged organic materials, e.g. high temperature fuel cells, displays, and various military roles. The global polyimide resin market size is estimated to grow from USD ... Read More

  • Global Overhead Console Market Outlook 2016-2021

    ... It typically holds sunglasses, remotes for garage door openers, map or CD storage, and possibly the compass/exterior temp display. The global overhead console market size is estimated to grow from USD 626.16 million in 2015 ... Read More

  • Global and Chinese Forestry Crawler Dozer Market Outlook, Growth, Industry Trends 2016-2021

    ... logging, skidding and towing transport operations in forest. Most of the crawler dozers can be equipped with an optional single shank or multi shank ripper attachment. This attachment is fixed at the back of the ... Read More

  • Global Floor Grinding Machine Market Outlook 2016-2021

    ... that grind concrete floors are usually made to handle much more stress and will have more power to drive the unit as concrete has a much higher sliding friction than marble or granite which is ... Read More

  • Global and Chinese Gyratory Crusher Industry Report, 2011-2021

    ... form, of waste materials so they can be more easily disposed of or recycled, or to reduce the size of a solid mix of raw materials (as in rock ore), so that pieces of different ... Read More

  • Global Orthokeratology Contact Lense Market Outlook 2016-2021

    ... contact lens worn for only portions of the day or at night to improve vision through the reshaping of the patient’s cornea. As a non-surgical treatment, orthokeratology uses precisely shaped, reverse geometry, rigid gas permeable ... Read More

  • Global and Chinese Industrial Detonator Industry Report, 2011-2021

    ... which chemically, mechanically, or electrically initiated. All detonators contain components that can be initiated by sufficient impact, heat, friction or electrical energy. These characteristics make them the most dangerous explosive products in industrial application and ... Read More

  • Global Nanoimprint Lithography System Market Outlook 2016-2021

    ... by mechanical deformation of imprint resist and subsequent processes. The imprint resist is typically a monomer or polymer formulation that is cured by heat or UV light during the imprinting. Adhesion between the resist and ... Read More

  • Global Gamma Polyglutamic Acid (CAS 25736-27-0) Market Outlook 2016-2021

    ... subsectors. It covers the key technological and market trends in the Gamma Polyglutamic Acid (CAS 25736-27-0) market and further lays out an analysis of the factors influencing the supply/demand for Gamma Polyglutamic Acid (CAS 25736-27-0), ... Read More

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