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Evolution Insights is a research led consultancy specialising in shopper marketing. We deliver original research, analysis and insight into shopper motivations and behaviour for manufacturers, retailers and agencies. At Evolution Insights we strive for insights that offer a breakthrough in understanding and clear path to action. Utilising state of the art research & analysis as only part of the jigsaw, we dig broader and deeper to discover genuine insight. To do this Evolution balances first rate shopper research with creative flair, intellectual rigour and the latest in industry perspectives from leading manufacturers and retailers. This 360 degree outlook ideally places us to help your organisation leverage the evolution in shopper marketing.
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10 Reports from Evolution Insights Ltd.

  • In-Store Decision Making 2015

    ...describe the types of planning that Shoppers will do prior to the shop, and how each of them will influence their decision making in-store – from being faced with a category selection, all the way ... Read More

  • Supermarket Loyalty Cards & Price Matching 2015, price matching and the vouchers/coupons that are incorporated. Since Tesco introduced the Clubcard in 1995 many retailers have followed suit, using the data collected to tailor their product offering and reward customers. We discuss ... Read More

  • Health & Product Information 2015

    ...We will also provide an overview of the drivers associated with buying healthy products, and present possible gender differences examining how shoppers decide whether a product is healthy. This report will also provide comparison with ... Read More

  • Online Grocery Shopping 2014

    ...risen to just under £8 billion There are numerous reasons as to why we are seeing such a sharp increase in online grocery shopping. For one, technological developments are enabling shoppers the convenience of doing ... Read More

  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Food & Grocery 2014 the Food & Grocery sector. This report will also give insight into which schemes shoppers prefer, and the overall effect on purchase decisions. This report will help you understand… The importance for a brand ... Read More

  • Supermarket Own Label in the UK Food & Grocery Sector 2014

    ...also provide an overview of the barriers to purchase, and report on the purchase of copycat products. This report will also examine shopper perceptions of own label products vs. branded products. This report will help ... Read More

  • Multi-channel Shopping 2014 - many are switching from the traditional weekly shop at the supermarket to the use of various channels depending on their need states. We will look at what channels shoppers are using for each ... Read More

  • Shopper Perceptions of Brand Equity 2014

    ...and own label products. This report will help you understand: Shoppers’ consideration set, both conscious and subconscious examining which brands are favourites and which they are willing to buy if their favourites are not available. ... Read More

  • Shopper Typologies and Segmentations 2014

    ...Location, social class and whether the shopper has children living at home or not. Although these demographics are important on their own, interactions between them create further segmentations. As such young and childless, empty nesters, ... Read More

  • Retailer Drivers in the UK Food & Grocery Sector 2014 focuses on the five main retailer drivers: Location, Price, Quality, Value and Range. Our research covers how important each criteria is to shoppers by mission, and looks at the needs/wants of the different demographics. Read More

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