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CSIL (Centre for Industrial Studies)

Founded in Milan (Italy) in 1980, the Centre for Industrial Studies (CSIL) is an independent research and consulting company specialised in applied economic research, evaluation of public investment projects, infrastructure project appraisal, support to development programmes and policies, market analysis and SMEs economics. Since its origin, CSIL has been established as a centre of excellence concentrating on the diagnosis and design of sector strategies both for the public and private sectors, and the analysis of factors of competitiveness at regional, national and global levels.
The research activities at CSIL are structured around two distinct but interrelated business areas:
- Industry Studies and Market Research
- Development and Evaluation Studies
CSIL's specialisation in two business areas is reflected in the existence of two working groups, one involving experts with specialisation and professional experience in industry studies and market research, and one with expertise in development and evaluation studies. Nevertheless, the two groups constantly collaborate and interact each other, with the creation of specific ad-hoc working groups, when projects require the involvement of knowledge and skills from both the research groups. Consistency and complementarity within the research objectives and methodological tools are ensured by:

- A common statistical office providing its services to both the business areas, thus putting at disposal the same set of data and offering the same devices, software and methods for data collection (e.g. esurvey) and elaboration;

- A scientific committee providing the quality control over the methodological approach, ensuring that all the final outputs are of good quality and consistent, and advising on the distribution of tasks andresponsibilities.
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81 Reports from CSIL (Centre for Industrial Studies)

  • Kitchen furniture distribution in Italy

    ... to kitchens) Analyze service in the outlet and trade satisfaction, for the top 25 kitchen furniture companies operating in the Italian market Offer a series of benchmarks for the companies in the sector, regarding service, ... Read More

  • The office furniture market in the Gulf countries

    ... are broken down by segment (office seating, operative desks, executive furniture, storage, communal areas) and by distribution channels (direct sales, furniture dealers, contractors and architects). Office furniture imports and exports are broken down by country ... Read More

  • Wooden Furniture Outlook

    ... and the status and prospects of world trade of wooden furniture including a world trade matrix. CSIL forecasts of growth of demand in 2015 and 2016 by country are also included. Part II includes the ... Read More

  • The world mattress industry

    ... Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, ... Read More

  • The European market for kitchen furniture. Part I

    ... in kitchen furniture production and consumption, imports and exports. Marketing policies, distribution channels and the value and weight of the built-in appliances on kitchen furniture supply is further considered. A forecast on kitchen furniture consumption ... Read More

  • The upholstered furniture market in China

    ... supply structure is analyzed, with data on companies and employment. Upholstered furniture production is reported by covering material (fabric, microfibre, leather, artificial leather), product type (groups, recliners, sofa-beds, sectionals, armchairs), style (modern, traditional), destination (home, ... Read More

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