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  • Global Market for Nuclear Spent Fuel - Focus on Dry Storage 2018

    ... power plant. Spent nuclear fuel contains plutonium, uranium or even thorium that has been permanently withdrawn from the nuclear reactor. There are many different types of spent nuclear fuel that are stored worldwide today. Some ... Read More

  • Looking at the Potential of Carbon Sequestration 2018

    ... risen from pre-industrial levels of 280 parts per million (ppm) to present levels of 375 ppm. The heavy dependence on fossil fuel as an energy source for the economic activity has vastly contributed to the ... Read More

  • Analyzing Osmotic Power 2018

    ... of osmotic power. There are many unknown facts about this particular source of renewable energy. The mixing of freshwater and saltwater releases a large amount of energy. Harnessing this energy is the entire concept behind ... Read More

  • Biopower Industry in India – Analysis & Forecast 2018

    ... using agricultural wastes to generate power. There are also several gasifier-based power plants that are leading the way in providing a solution for generating off-grid decentralized power. The greatest challenge facing the Indian biopower industry ... Read More

  • Biopower Industry in United Kingdom – Analysis & Forecast 2018

    ... at 4.5 GW and is expected to cross 6 GW by the end of 2025. Recent years has witnessed the government aiming to boost the growth of biopower industry by putting in place various subsidies ... Read More

  • Biopower Industry in United States – Analysis & Forecast 2018

    ... years. The biopower industry in the US is the biggest in the world. Biopower is also the second biggest source of renewable energy (non-hydropower) source in the country, following close on the heels of wind ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Market 2018

    ... known as carbon capture and sequestration, is a process that captures waste carbon dioxide from sources such as fossil fuel plants and transports it to a carbon storage site (generally underground). The process prevents the ... Read More

  • Biopower Industry in Germany – Analysis & Forecast 2018

    ... biggest segment of Germany's biopower industry is made up by biogas power stations. The German government is also boosting the growth of the industry by setting up favorable regulations. In fact, the installed capacity of ... Read More

  • Biopower Industry in China – Analysis & Forecast 2018

    ... has emerged as a renewable source that is all set to gain importance in the coming years. China has huge reserves of land and a wide variety of biomass feedstock available. There are already some ... Read More

  • Biopower Industry in Brazil – Analysis & Forecast 2018

    ... 2016. The driving factor behind the growth of the industry has been the large stockpile of biomass feedstock that Brazil has, including waste crops, sugarcane bagasse, organic material, etc. Compared to biomass, though, the Brazilian ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Global Biopower Industry 2018

    ... gasification, anaerobic digestion, pyrolysis, cofiring, etc. Amongst these, direct-fired systems are the most commonly used. These biopower plants utilize feedstocks directly to produce steam, which is captured by a turbine and then converted into electricity ... Read More

  • Analyzing Digital Oilfields

    ... and gas companies to maximize their productivity and increase their profits. Digital oilfields are bringing together business process management with advanced information technology processes as well as engineering expertise to automate and streamline the tasks ... Read More

  • Analyzing Gas to Liquids Market 2017

    ... For decades, western economies have supported Middle Eastern states that essentially have one product to offer in trade - oil. The world’s dependence on Middle Eastern oil is so complete that United States foreign policy ... Read More

  • Canada’s Energy Industry – PEST Framework Analysis

    ... regional context, where recent changes and discoveries in oil and gas have changed and impacted some provincial economies in a significant way over the last decade. Growth and change over the past years will be ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Global Bunker Fuel Industry 2017

    ... substances that cannot be removed. Therefore, when burnt, bunker fuel causes a lot of pollution. Worldwide, there are many regulations in place in order to check the pollution caused by bunker fuel. Aruvian Research analyzes ... Read More

  • Analyzing Fusion Energy 2017

    ... release a large amount of energy. In a more general sense, the term can also refer to the production of net usable power from a fusion source, similar to the usage of the term steam ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Market for Cellulosic Ethanol 2017

    ... able to feed the increasing needs of civilized society and industry. These latent pangs of future fuel shortage were almost as instantly recognized in the chronological period as the investment of newer energy production sources. ... Read More

  • Analyzing Regenerative Fuel Cells 2017

    ... environmental concerns with the rampant applications of fossil fuels in the transportation industry is forcing the development of alternatives like the Fuel Cell. Aruvian Research’s whitepaper – Analyzing Regenerative Fuel Cells 2017 - analyzes the ... Read More

  • Analyzing Water Fuel Cells 2017

    ... 1900’s that fuel cells will be supplying energy and automotive power in the future. The whitepaper further provides a view on the basics of a fuel cell; its structure hardware and the working principles of ... Read More

  • Analyzing Photoelectrochemical Solar Cells 2017

    ... more popular thought revolves around beginning from our roots. There are many questions that mankind is endeavoring to answer about its origin, evolution and sustenance in the coming century. The perennial question of balancing energy ... Read More

  • Nanotech: Making Photovoltaics Possible 2017

    ... crystalline Si cells, but is hampered with high costs. Today’s solar cells are simply not efficient enough and are currently too expensive to manufacture for large-scale electricity generation. However, the cost of these cells is ... Read More

  • Analyzing Micro Fuel Cells 2017

    ... – Fuel Cell Technology. The advent of Fuel Cells though yet to achieve mass commercial successes has presented new clean opportunities for meeting energy requirements. The rising fuel prices globally and the increasing environmental concerns ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Coal Industry in China 2016

    ... Russia and the US, and its annual coal output and consumption rank number one in the world. Coal industry is the basic industry in China and it plays an important role in the construction of ... Read More

  • Analyzing Algae as a Source of Fuel 2016

    ... power the world’s vehicles has been at the heart of many business plans over the years. Solazyme was one of the first firms to focus on the alternative chemicals and personal care markets, developing a ... Read More

  • Analyzing Small Wind Turbines 2016

    ... twenty years it is expected to expand at double-digit rates. The industry was affected by the global financial crisis and 2010 was a challenging year for the global wind turbine industry. However, the silver lining ... Read More

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