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We are an India-based consulting organization engaged in bi-vertical businesses of consulting and research. We specialize in providing research and consulting solutions for a diverse multitude of industries and handle client portfolios from the world markets.

We help organizations understand where to put the money that capitalizes the maximum growth for them by providing them research models based on qualitative as well as quantitative research segments in order that decision making for global managers attains the crucial edge of knowledge.

AR’s team of highly skilled researchers, analysts, content developers, consultants and research editors contribute a knowledge capital basis of over 10 years of experience in the various segments of their respective fields, providing an insight to answering these business needs on committed timescales to put these organizations ahead of their competitors in managing global businesses.

AR research reports have the synergetic advantage to help business organizations and individual consulting investors to assess opportunities, understand and evaluate risk spread, track the new market developments globally, and much more. AR has been commissioned to successful complete order-based studies for clients across a wide spectrum of industries, including Energy, Education, Information and Technology, Healthcare and Biotechnology, Insurance, Financial Services, Retail, Food & Beverages, Media & Entertainment, Logistics, among others.

Our products are industry flag bearers and we take pride in welcoming you to AR which is a knowledge repository, a consulting guide and a trusted growth partner for many of our B2B customers worldwide.

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261 Reports from Aruvian's R'search

  • Analysis of Sony Corporation

    ... etc. The company also has a significant role in the medical business through its electronics business segment itself. Aruvian Research presents a complete Analysis of Sony Corporation. A complete and comprehensive analysis of Sony, the ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Market for Synchrophasors in China 2016

    ... smart grid, there needs to be a reliable and accurate power system behind the scenes. This is where a synchrophasor comes into play. A synchrophasor helps determine the phase relationship between phase quantities at any ... Read More

  • Market for Medical Equipment in the United States – Analysis & Forecast 2010 - 2020

    ... is the dominant market for medical equipment worldwide. The industry has been experiencing excellent growth in recent years and is expected to continue this strong growth in the coming years as well. Being the biggest ... Read More

  • Market for Medical Equipment in China – Analysis & Forecast 2010 - 2020

    ... rising disposable income in the country, there has been an increase in the spending on latest medical treatments and services as well as an increased spending on health insurance. There has also been an increase ... Read More

  • Market for Medical Equipment in China – Porter’s Five Forces Strategy Analysis

    ... This has led to a booming growth in the Chinese medical equipment industry, which has witnessed terrific progress in recent years. Added to this, the rising air and water pollution in China has also led ... Read More

  • Market for Medical Equipment in Japan – Porter’s Five Forces Strategy Analysis

    ... of the biggest markets for medical equipment in the Asia Pacific region, the market for medical equipment in Japan has remained sluggish. This is surprising, considering that many companies manufacturing medical equipments are headquartered in ... Read More

  • Teleflex, Inc. – SWOT Framework Analysis

    ... devices that can be used by healthcare providers and hospitals for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and purposes. The devices can also be utilized in critical care and surgical applications. Aruvian Research analyzes the Teleflex Incorporated ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Global Smart Grid 2016

    ... information and communications technology to gather and act on information in order to streamline and make efficient the usage of electricity at the customer’s end. The information collected by the smart grid includes information about ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Global Coal & Consumable Fuels Industry 2016

    ... both primary as well as secondary coal consumption in the report. Coal consumption is projected to grow at about 2.5% per year over the next 20 years, based on US Department of Energy forecasts. Coal ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Fertilizer Industry in United States 2016

    ... from international sources. Recent years has witnessed in decline in the fertilizer industry in the US in both value and volume terms. Before 2013-2014, however, the industry had experienced strong growth. It is forecast that ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Fertilizer Industry in the UK 2016

    ... is now expected to stabilize moderately. Nitrogen fertilizer is one of the most commonly used fertilizers in the UK. Strict environmental regulations are being used all over the United Kingdom in order to promote a ... Read More

  • Analysis of Caterpillar Inc.

    ... as well as industrial gas turbines. The company also manufacturers forestry machinery. The company also provides financial products. Aruvian Research analyzes the company Caterpillar Inc. in its report Analysis of Caterpillar Inc. The report is ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Fertilizer Industry in Canada 2016

    ... a strong pace. Market volume is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. A major event shook up the global fertilizer industry in 2013 with the Russian company Uralkali quitting the Belarusian Potash ... Read More

  • H&R Block Inc – SWOT Framework Analysis

    ... in Australia, Brazil and India. The company also offers services such as banking, personal finance services, business consulting services, and payroll services. Aruvian Research analyzes H&R Block, Inc. in a SWOT Analysis in its report ... Read More

  • Analyzing Enterprise Portals

    ... all the information, data, systems, and processes used by stakeholders of an organization. Organizations believe that e-portals can enable them to keep ahead of their competition. E-portals can be used to trace behavior of customers ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Fertilizer Industry in China 2016

    ... decline over the last couple of years but it is likely to rebound by 2019. The Chinese market accounts for nearly 70% of the Asia-Pacific fertilizer market value. The Chinese fertilizer industry has been influenced ... Read More

  • Analyzing Organic Photovoltaics 2016

    ... introduction of solar energy into large scale arenas of the industrialized economies. Analyzing Organic Photovoltaics 2016 initiates with a strong theoretical understanding of the Solar Cell system and their subsequent propagation into photovoltaic systems including ... Read More

  • Analysis of Gilead Sciences

    ... company is known for its HIV products, cardiovascular products and respiratory products. The company has approved products for the treatment of Hepatitis B & C, HIV/AIDS, fungal infections and influenza. Aruvian Research presents Analysis of ... Read More

  • Analysis of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc

    ... medical research and diagnostics. The company also provides instruments for the discovery and production of new drugs and vaccines. Based in the US, the company was formed with the merger of Thermo Electron and Fisher ... Read More

  • China Energy Industry – Porter’s Five Forces Strategy Analysis

    ... the country has also put in place favorable policies to attract investment in its energy sector, including an overall restructuring of the energy industry as well. In recent years, facing a shortage of energy supplies, ... Read More

  • Global Chemical Industry 2016

    ... has been at the forefront of growth, followed by specialty chemicals. In the previous years, it had been observed that Europe was the established leader of the industry. However, the last few years has witnessed ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Global Market for Concentrated Solar Power 2016

    ... or lenses by concentrating sunlight onto a small area. The concentrating light is then converted to heat, thus generating electricity. There is no doubt that concentrated solar power is the energy source of the future ... Read More

  • Analysis of BP Plc

    ... products, and of course it is involved in the production and field development of oil and natural gas. The company has three major business segments, namely Downstream, Upstream and Rosneft. The company recently invested in ... Read More

  • Analysis of Exxon Mobil Corporation

    ... and classifies its businesses into the business segments of Upstream, Downstream and Chemicals. The company is was ranked at number 6 in the Forbes Global 2000 list in 2014 and there is no doubt that ... Read More

  • Analysis of Suncor Energy

    ... Western Canada and Colorado. It also has operations in offshore drilling in Eastern Canada. The company owns and operates oil sands as well in Alberta. The company has refineries in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta and ... Read More

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