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We are an India-based consulting organization engaged in bi-vertical businesses of consulting and research. We specialize in providing research and consulting solutions for a diverse multitude of industries and handle client portfolios from the world markets.

We help organizations understand where to put the money that capitalizes the maximum growth for them by providing them research models based on qualitative as well as quantitative research segments in order that decision making for global managers attains the crucial edge of knowledge.

AR’s team of highly skilled researchers, analysts, content developers, consultants and research editors contribute a knowledge capital basis of over 10 years of experience in the various segments of their respective fields, providing an insight to answering these business needs on committed timescales to put these organizations ahead of their competitors in managing global businesses.

AR research reports have the synergetic advantage to help business organizations and individual consulting investors to assess opportunities, understand and evaluate risk spread, track the new market developments globally, and much more. AR has been commissioned to successful complete order-based studies for clients across a wide spectrum of industries, including Energy, Education, Information and Technology, Healthcare and Biotechnology, Insurance, Financial Services, Retail, Food & Beverages, Media & Entertainment, Logistics, among others.

Our products are industry flag bearers and we take pride in welcoming you to AR which is a knowledge repository, a consulting guide and a trusted growth partner for many of our B2B customers worldwide.

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261 Reports from Aruvian's R'search

  • Analyzing Algae as a Source of Fuel 2016

    ... power the world’s vehicles has been at the heart of many business plans over the years. Solazyme was one of the first firms to focus on the alternative chemicals and personal care markets, developing a ... Read More

  • Analyzing Small Wind Turbines 2016

    ... twenty years it is expected to expand at double-digit rates. The industry was affected by the global financial crisis and 2010 was a challenging year for the global wind turbine industry. However, the silver lining ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Global Semiconductors Industry 2016

    ... well as macroeconomic pressures led to the drop in the industry performance during 2015. Taiwan, China and India continue leading the semiconductor market in the Asia Pacific region, while many of the leading players in ... Read More

  • Analysis of Expedia, Inc

    ... as well as destination services and activities. Travel suppliers distribute and market products through its sites, its private label business and its call centers. Its portfolio of brands includes, a service online travel agency ... Read More

  • Analysis of Apple Inc

    ... in the business of providing related software, services and networking solutions worldwide. Founded in 1976, Apple Inc. is headquartered in Cupertino, California, US. The company has made famous the design of the Apple iPhone worldwide ... Read More

  • Analysis of BASF SE

    ... Gas. The company has customers in more than 160 countries and operates production sites in 41 countries. Aruvian Research presents Analysis of BASF SE. A complete and comprehensive analysis of BASF, a leading chemical company, ... Read More

  • Analysis of Akzo Nobel NV

    ... in Netherlands, the company operates through three business segments namely decorative paints, performance coatings and specialty chemicals. Aruvian Research presents Analysis of Akzo Nobel. A complete and comprehensive analysis of Akzo Nobel includes an overview ... Read More

  • Analyzing Microwave Power Transmission & Solar Power Satellite Systems 2016

    ... is a sub-type of the more general wireless energy transfer methods, and is the most interesting because microwave devices offer the highest efficiency of conversion between DC-electricity and microwave radiative power. Following World War II, ... Read More

  • Analysis of SAP SE

    ... customer relations. The company has presence in over 125 countries in the world. The product Company Analysis from Aruvian Research is a highly comprehensive research analysis on the particular company and its competitors. A company ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Global Diabetes Market 2016

    ... with diabetes by the year 2030. Oral anti-diabetics were the leading category of drugs in 2014 and showed a growth rate of 6.3% from the total global sales. The total sales for insulin products increased ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Oil & Gas Industry in China 2016

    ... producers and consumers of oil in the world. On the other hand, natural gas is not too much of a popular option in the country, though the usage of natural gas is also rising over ... Read More

  • Global Nuclear Power Industry 2016

    ... safety concerns of nuclear power, there is no doubt that nuclear power is here to stay. While many countries have put in motion plans to phase out nuclear power, there are many who are actively ... Read More

  • Thin Film Solar Cells 2016

    ... impact it will have on the process of introduction of solar energy into large scale arenas of the industrialized economies. The report on Thin Film Solar Cells initiates with a strong theoretical understanding of the ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Global Market for Hybrid and Electric Cars 2016

    ... prices that are being predicted, it is expected that by 2020, electric vehicles are going to be become a far more economic option as compared to gasoline or diesel vehicles in most countries. The global ... Read More

  • Market for Heat Exchanger Equipment for Nuclear Power Plants 2016

    ... nuclear facilities. Heat exchangers is used for steam production in nuclear facilities and this steam is used to run the turbine for generating power. The heat exchangers are used in steam generators, moderator circuits and ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Global Biosimilars Industry 2016

    ... entry biologics or follow-on biologics, biosimilar drugs are gaining popularity around the world as the development cost of biosimilars is not as high as the original drug. Also, the regulatory frameworks put in place by ... Read More

  • Financial Services Industry in US – Porter’s Five Forces Strategy Analysis

    ... bonds, and derivatives), and these services are provided all entities, including households, corporations, not for profit organizations, small businesses etc. These businesses are principally commercial banks, security brokers and dealers, portfolio managers, insurance companies, and ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Petrochemical Industry in China 2016

    ... its stimulus packages and strong demand from its large domestic market helped in its revival. The Chinese petrochemicals industry is imports-dependent, which will continue to benefit the producers across nations like Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Global Tobacco Industry 2016

    ... in the world. There is no denying the fact that in spite of a global economic downturn, lawsuits, health problems and rising prices of cigarettes, the global tobacco industry has continued to generate strong growth ... Read More

  • Chemical Industry in China

    ... for 10% of the country’s GDP, as well as for between 35% and 40% of the global demand growth for chemicals. China’s chemical industry is the second largest consumer, after the US, of basic chemical ... Read More

  • Global Market for Medical Equipment - Analysis and Forecast 2010-2020

    ... the industry continued to grow at a steady pace. Dominated by the sector of disposable equipments that accounted for almost 40% of the market in 2015 the global medical equipment industry is dominated by the ... Read More

  • Global Market for Medical Equipment – Porter’s Five Forces Strategy Analysis

    ... of years. The industry is dominated by the disposable equipment sector, accounting for nearly 40% of the market in 2015. The United States is the dominant region of the industry, followed by Europe and Asia ... Read More

  • Analysis of SolarWorld AG

    ... be used for roof installations and solar power plants as well. SolarWorld is also involved in the construction of several large-scale solar power stations and operates two production sites - one in Germany and one ... Read More

  • Market for Medical Equipment in the US – Porter’s Five Forces Strategy Analysis

    ... for medical equipment in the world and is expected to cross a value of USD 200 billion by the end of 2020. Being the biggest market for medical equipments in the world, most of the ... Read More

  • Market for Medical Equipment in Japan – Analysis & Forecast 2010 - 2020

    ... for medical equipment in the Asia Pacific region, the Japanese market for medical equipment has remained sluggish throughout the period of 2010-2015. This lack of substantial growth in the industry is surprising, considering that many ... Read More

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