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We are an India-based consulting organization engaged in bi-vertical businesses of consulting and research. We specialize in providing research and consulting solutions for a diverse multitude of industries and handle client portfolios from the world markets.

We help organizations understand where to put the money that capitalizes the maximum growth for them by providing them research models based on qualitative as well as quantitative research segments in order that decision making for global managers attains the crucial edge of knowledge.

AR’s team of highly skilled researchers, analysts, content developers, consultants and research editors contribute a knowledge capital basis of over 10 years of experience in the various segments of their respective fields, providing an insight to answering these business needs on committed timescales to put these organizations ahead of their competitors in managing global businesses.

AR research reports have the synergetic advantage to help business organizations and individual consulting investors to assess opportunities, understand and evaluate risk spread, track the new market developments globally, and much more. AR has been commissioned to successful complete order-based studies for clients across a wide spectrum of industries, including Energy, Education, Information and Technology, Healthcare and Biotechnology, Insurance, Financial Services, Retail, Food & Beverages, Media & Entertainment, Logistics, among others.

Our products are industry flag bearers and we take pride in welcoming you to AR which is a knowledge repository, a consulting guide and a trusted growth partner for many of our B2B customers worldwide.

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261 Reports from Aruvian's R'search

  • Analyzing the Global Market for Collaborative Robots 2018

    ... shared workspace. Cobots are different from industrial robots, in that they are designed to operate with limited guidance or in some cases, completely autonomously. Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon of collaborative robots, incorporating ... Read More

  • Analyzing Osmotic Power 2018

    ... of osmotic power. There are many unknown facts about this particular source of renewable energy. The mixing of freshwater and saltwater releases a large amount of energy. Harnessing this energy is the entire concept behind ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Petrochemical Industry in Russia 2018

    ... industry, particularly the sanctions put against Russia by the EU and the US. The growing production base of petrochemicals gives a huge boost to the future of the Russian petrochemical industry. Russia has seen a ... Read More

  • Biopower Industry in India – Analysis & Forecast 2018

    ... using agricultural wastes to generate power. There are also several gasifier-based power plants that are leading the way in providing a solution for generating off-grid decentralized power. The greatest challenge facing the Indian biopower industry ... Read More

  • Biopower Industry in United Kingdom – Analysis & Forecast 2018

    ... at 4.5 GW and is expected to cross 6 GW by the end of 2025. Recent years has witnessed the government aiming to boost the growth of biopower industry by putting in place various subsidies ... Read More

  • Biopower Industry in United States – Analysis & Forecast 2018

    ... years. The biopower industry in the US is the biggest in the world. Biopower is also the second biggest source of renewable energy (non-hydropower) source in the country, following close on the heels of wind ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Global CNS Market 2018

    ... despite the relatively high risks associated with product development. This is largely due to significant levels of unmet medical need and the clinical specificity of many CNS drugs. The CNS disorders market may be segmented ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Market 2018

    ... known as carbon capture and sequestration, is a process that captures waste carbon dioxide from sources such as fossil fuel plants and transports it to a carbon storage site (generally underground). The process prevents the ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Petrochemical Industry in Qatar 2018

    ... However, the rising construction costs and rising concerns about the availability of gas has caused a delay of many petrochemical projects. The petrochemical industry in Qatar has been focused on the production of basic chemicals ... Read More

  • Biopower Industry in Germany – Analysis & Forecast 2018

    ... biggest segment of Germany's biopower industry is made up by biogas power stations. The German government is also boosting the growth of the industry by setting up favorable regulations. In fact, the installed capacity of ... Read More

  • Biopower Industry in China – Analysis & Forecast 2018

    ... has emerged as a renewable source that is all set to gain importance in the coming years. China has huge reserves of land and a wide variety of biomass feedstock available. There are already some ... Read More

  • The European Aerospace & Defense Industry 2017

    ... in major investments to build capacities for aerospace & defense industries in the post war scenario. A significant effort was seen in the European Aerospace & Defense Industry wherein groundbreaking inventions were carried out. This ... Read More

  • Biopower Industry in Brazil – Analysis & Forecast 2018

    ... 2016. The driving factor behind the growth of the industry has been the large stockpile of biomass feedstock that Brazil has, including waste crops, sugarcane bagasse, organic material, etc. Compared to biomass, though, the Brazilian ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Global Biopower Industry 2018

    ... gasification, anaerobic digestion, pyrolysis, cofiring, etc. Amongst these, direct-fired systems are the most commonly used. These biopower plants utilize feedstocks directly to produce steam, which is captured by a turbine and then converted into electricity ... Read More

  • United States Biotechnology Industry - Porter’s Five Forces Strategy Analysis

    ... processes that are relieving human suffering, improving health, and increasing the quality of life for the world’s citizens. The majority of U.S. biotechnology firms are pursuing markets in human health care. Aruvian's Research analyzes the ... Read More

  • Analyzing Digital Oilfields

    ... and gas companies to maximize their productivity and increase their profits. Digital oilfields are bringing together business process management with advanced information technology processes as well as engineering expertise to automate and streamline the tasks ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Digital Media Industry in France 2017

    ... a new Information Age heralding in a paperless society. Over the last two years, there has been a boom in the growth of digital media. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years ... Read More

  • Analyzing Gas to Liquids Market 2017

    ... For decades, western economies have supported Middle Eastern states that essentially have one product to offer in trade - oil. The world’s dependence on Middle Eastern oil is so complete that United States foreign policy ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Digital Media Industry in Germany 2017

    ... today's day and age. In this era, Germany has been somewhat slow to adapt to this digital revolution. However, the country is on its way and digitalization has been rapid in the last two to ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Digital Media Industry in Japan 2017

    ... in significant numbers as compared to other APAC countries. Yahoo! is one of the most popular search engines in Japan, even ahead of Google. With the Japanese youth being glued to their smartphones, the economy ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Digital Media Industry in Spain 2017

    ... digital outlets. The market is expected to continue to witness strong growth in the years to 2020, after which market saturation is expected to be reached. The rise in smartphones has no doubt driven the ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Digital Media Industry in Italy 2017

    ... media market remains quite concentrated and there are a handful of players dominating the market. While barriers to enter the industry does exist, we are seeing a rise in competition as many foreign players are ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Digital Media Industry in UK 2017

    ... years and there is expected to be a slight slowdown in the pace of growth leading up to 2020. Streaming of videos continues to drive the industry revenues, followed closely by the music segment. There ... Read More

  • Analyzing Generics Market in Canada 2017

    ... generic drugs as well as an increase in the availability, variety and number of generic drugs available on the global market. The face of the Canadian generic market has changed rapidly over the last couple ... Read More

  • Analyzing Generics Market in France 2017

    ... by price cuts, the launch of new generic drugs following many branded drugs going off patents prevented the market from deteriorating too much. The French government has plans to grow the generics market further in ... Read More

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