Recent Software & Enterprise Computing Research for March 2015

Australia - Big Data
Topics: Big Data, Electricity Transmission & Smart Grids
Regions: Australia
Aconex Ltd. : Company Profile and SWOT Analysis
Topics: Software & Services Company Reports
IT Security: Leadership Guide — The CIO's Role in Protecting the Enterprise from Cyberattacks
Topics: IT Security, Security, Security
Central and Eastern Europe Hadoop Survey
Topics: Big Data
Regions: Europe
Computer Software
Topics: Software & Services, Design & Development, General Software & Services, Application Software
Regions: United States
IPTV Market in France 2015-2019
Topics: IPTV
Regions: France
Short-range Wireless Communications Technologies and Their Applications in Smart Healthcare
Topics: WiFi & WiMax, Smart Phone, Mobile OS, Electronics
Global Aviation Cyber Security Market 2015-2019
Topics: Airlines, Security & Safety, Security, Security
Regions: Global
Global Internet of Things (IOT) Market 2015-2019
Topics: Web 3.0, Technology, Big Data, M2M
Regions: Global
PSIM Market in North America 2015-2019
Topics: Security, Application Software
Regions: North America
Salesforce in 2020
Topics: Software & Services Company Reports
Five Key Trends for Mobile Security in 2015
Topics: Mobile Computing & Portables, Security, Security
Software-Defined Network in a Mobile Network
Topics: Equipment/Hardware, Security, Databases
Gravitant Aims to Optimize the IT Cloud Supply Chain
Topics: Cloud Computing
Ready, Go! How Organizations in Europe Are Performing in the Hybrid Cloud Steeplechase
Topics: Cloud Computing
Regions: Europe
Perspective: Cloud Economics — An Operating Leverage Analysis for Manufacturers
Topics: Cloud Computing
Perspective: The View from CES 2015 — Connected Innovation Abounds Across Manufacturing
Topics: Mobile Computing & Portables, Processes, Application Software
Cisco C-Scape in Europe: Services and IoT Impressions
Topics: Web 3.0, Networks Company Reports
Regions: Europe
"Big Data" Analytics in Network Security: Computational Automation of Security Professionals
Topics: Security, Big Data
VMware Strengthens its Software–Defined Datacenter Vision with VSAN 6.0
Topics: Databases, Application Software
Global Human Machine Interface Market
Topics: Location Based Services
Regions: Global
Global Email Encryption Market 2015-2019
Topics: E-Mail
Regions: Global
Global IPTV Market 2015-2019
Topics: IPTV
Regions: Global
Global Software-defined Storage (SDS) Market 2015-2019
Topics: Storage Software
Regions: Global
Mexico Information Technology Report Q2 2015
Topics: Hardware, Tablet PC, IT Spending, Technology, Security
Regions: Mexico
Australia - Digital Economy - Sector and Industry Transformations
Topics: Technology, Internet & Technology, Cloud Computing, Broadband & High-Speed, E-Commerce & Online Retailing, Big Data, M2M
Regions: Australia
Slovakia - Key Statistics, Telecom Market and Regulatory Overviews
Topics: Smart Phone, IPTV, Telecommunications Equipment, Fiber Optics, Regulation, 3G & 4G
Regions: Slovakia
Switzerland - Key Statistics, Telecom Market and Regulatory Overviews
Topics: IPTV, Telecommunications Equipment, Fiber Optics, Regulation, 3G & 4G
Regions: Switzerland
IDC's Worldwide File- and Object-Based Storage Taxonomy, 2015
Topics: Storage, Cloud Computing, Big Data
Regions: Global
Millennials and Mobility: SAP Launches New Business Suite — SAP S/4HANA
Topics: Generation Y, Software & Services Company Reports
Japan Mobile Security 2014–2018 Forecast and 2013 Review
Topics: Smart Phone, Security, Wireless
Regions: Japan
POS Terminals and Wireless M2M
Topics: Credit Cards, Wireless, Near Field Communication (NFC), M2M
Global Cloud Security Software Market 2015-2019
Topics: Cloud Computing, Security
Regions: Global
Global Endpoint Security Market 2015-2019
Topics: Security
IBM Bluemix — Platform-as-a-Service Vendor Profile
Topics: Cloud Computing, Application Software
Worldwide Digital Image 2015–2019 Forecast: The Image Capture and Share Bible
Topics: Printers & Copiers, Digital Imaging
Regions: Global
Polyglot Persistence in Big Data and Business Analytics — Impact on Storage Infrastructure
Topics: Storage, Big Data
EMEA Enterprise Communications and Collaboration Market 2015 Top 10 Predictions
Topics: Cloud Computing, Big Data
Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa Internet of Things Market 2015 Top 10 Predictions
Topics: Web 3.0, Big Data, Social Networking, M2M
Regions: Europe, Middle East
The Adoption of Cloud-Based Solutions by European Banks
Topics: Banking, Cloud Computing
Regions: Europe
Western European Governments Move from 3rd Platform-Enabled to 3rd Platform-First Enterprise Applications
Topics: Cloud Computing, Application Software, Big Data, Social Networking
Regions: Europe
Japan Infrastructure Solutions User Perception and Needs 2014
Topics: Servers & Mainframes, Cloud Computing
Regions: Japan
Japan Cloud Infrastructure Software 2014–2018 Forecast and 2013 Analysis
Topics: Cloud Computing
Regions: Japan
Japan DBMS/Middleware Market End-User Survey 2014
Topics: Middleware
Regions: Japan
Lifecycle Opportunities in the Global Retail PLM Market
Topics: Processes, Technology, Application Software
Regions: Global
Global Cloud-enabling Technologies Market 2015-2019
Topics: Cloud Computing
Regions: Global
Global Enterprise Firewall Market 2015-2019
Topics: Security, Security
Regions: Global
SCADA Market in the APAC Region 2015-2019
Topics: Natural Gas, Petroleum, Machine Tools & Equipment, Application Software
Australia - Digital Media - IPTV - Market Overview
Topics: WiFi & WiMax, Set-top Boxes, IPTV, Networks
Regions: Australia
BuddeComm Intelligence Report - M2M, IoT and Big Data - Key Global Trends
Topics: Web 3.0, Big Data, Smart Meters, 3G & 4G, M2M
Regions: Global

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