Recent Internet Applications Research for March 2015

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Market Update, 2015
Topics: Cloud Computing
The Social media platforms in customer care: integrating tools from multiple vendors
Topics: Customer Service, Telecom Networks, Social Networking
Microserver Market by Solution (Hardware, Software and Service), by Processor (Intel, ARM and Others), by Application (Media storage, Data center, Data analytics, Cloud computing and others), by End User and by Region - Global Forecast to 2019
Topics: Servers & Mainframes, Hardware, Storage, Cloud Computing
Regions: Global
Opportunities for Internet of Things (IoT) in Smart Buildings
Topics: Web 3.0, Big Data, Networks
Global Video Analytics, ISR & Intelligent Video Surveillance Market – 2015-2020
Topics: Anti-terrorism & Homeland Security, Cloud Computing, Surveillance
Regions: Global
Insight Report: Insurers' Engagement with Social Media
Topics: Insurance Company Reports, General Insurance, Technology, Social Networking
Digital Printing Industry in the U.S. and its International Trade [2015 Edition]
Topics: Printers & Copiers, Digital Imaging, Printing
Regions: United States
Cloud Security Market in the UAE 2015-2019
Topics: Cloud Computing, Security
Regions: United Arab Emirates
Global Cloud-based Video Conferencing Market 2015-2019
Topics: Cloud Computing, Audio, Video and Teleconferencing
Regions: Global
Australia - Digital Media - IPTV - Market Overview
Topics: WiFi & WiMax, Set-top Boxes, IPTV, Networks
Regions: Australia
Topics: Broadcasting & Cable Company Reports, Home Video & Video-on-Demand (VoD), Satellite, Television, IPTV
New Developments Fuel Wide Format Dye-Sublimation and Soft Signage Growth
Topics: Printers & Copiers, Digital Imaging
Saudi Arabia: Rising Data Traffic and Strong Demand for Enterprise IT Services Will Underpin Growth Through 2019
Topics: Cable TV, IPTV, Broadband & High-Speed, Telephony, VOIP, Data
Regions: Saudi Arabia
Global Cloud Billing Services Market 2015-2019
Topics: Cloud Computing, Telecom Networks, Billing & Cards
Regions: Global
Internet of Things (IoT) Market in China 2015-2019
Topics: Web 3.0, Big Data, M2M
Regions: China
Veterinary Software Market by Product (Practice Management Software, & Imaging Software), Delivery Model (On-Premise, & Cloud/ Web-based), Practice Type (Small Animal, Mixed, & Large Animal), & End User (Veterinary Clinics, & Laboratory) - Forecast to 201
Topics: Livestock, Hospitals & Clinics, Veterinary Health, Cloud Computing, Pet Care Services
Global Machine Translation Market 2015-2019
Topics: Content Management
Regions: Global
Nordic Infrastructure Hardware 2014-2018 Forecast and Analysis
Topics: Servers & Mainframes, Hardware, Cloud Computing
Regions: Denmark, Finland, Norway
Infor Day Shanghai 2015: Incremental Progress for the 3rd Platform Era
Topics: Cloud Computing, Big Data, Social Networking
The 2014 Latin American Internet of Things (IoT) Market
Topics: Web 3.0, Big Data, Social Networking, M2M
Regions: South America
Why Cloud Service Providers are Missing the Boat on Community Clouds
Topics: Cloud Computing
Digital Media - IPTV, Smart TV, Pay TV and Digital TV Insights
Topics: Cable TV, Digital TV/HDTV, Set-top Boxes, IPTV
Global Digital Media - E-Education, E-Learning and E-Government Trends and Statistics
Topics: E-Learning, Cloud Computing, Education
Regions: Global
Global Data Center Outsourcing Market 2015-2019
Topics: Cloud Computing, Outsourcing
Global Desktop Outsourcing Market 2015-2019
Topics: General Internet Applications, Outsourcing
Regions: Global
End User Versus Vendor-Driven Industry Cloud Development — Does It Matter?
Topics: Cloud Computing
The Cloud gaming is gaining traction in 2015: operators need to plan their market entry carefully
Topics: Recreational Vehicles, Video Games, Internet, Cloud Computing
Referral Management Market by Type (Self-referral, Professional-referral, & Third party-referral), Component (Software, & Services), Delivery Mode (On-Premise, Web, & Cloud), End-user (Provider, Payer) - Trend & Global Forecast to 2019
Topics: Hospitals & Clinics, Services, General Insurance & Managed Care, Cloud Computing
Regions: Global
Japan Public IT Cloud Services 2015-2019 Forecast and 2014 Review
Topics: IT Services, Cloud Computing
Regions: Japan
IDC's Japan Cloud Services Taxonomy 2015
Topics: Cloud Computing
Regions: Japan
The Internet of Things Among French Organizations
Topics: Web 3.0, Big Data, M2M
Regions: France
The Social messaging player LINE is using its core market in APAC to test new revenue-generating services
Topics: Mobile OS, Social Networking, Messaging
Global EV SSL Certification Market 2015-2019
Topics: Servers & Mainframes, General Internet Applications, Security
Regions: Global
Internet Publishing, Broadcasting & Search Portals
Topics: Portals/Vertical Sites, Electronic Publishing
Regions: United States
Global Healthcare Cloud Computing Market 2015-2019
Topics: EMR (Electronic Medical Record), Cloud Computing
Regions: Global
Australia - Mobile Media - Mobile TV
Topics: Television, Smart Phone, IPTV, Wireless
Regions: Australia
Brazil - Telecom Market Trends, Key Statistics and Regulatory Overview
Topics: Smart Phone, IPTV, Telecommunications Equipment, Fiber Optics, Regulation, 3G & 4G
Regions: Brazil
BuddeComm Intelligence Report - M2M, IoT and Big Data - Key Global Trends
Topics: Web 3.0, Big Data, Smart Meters, 3G & 4G, M2M
Regions: Global
Caribbean - Telecoms Market - Insights and Statistics
Topics: Smart Phone, IPTV, Telecommunications Equipment, Fiber Optics, General Telecommunications, 3G & 4G
Regions: Caribbean
Investment Analysis of the European Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Industry
Topics: Cloud Computing, Application Software
Network Analytics Market by Deployment Types (On Premise, On Demand), by Applications (Mobile, VOIP and Fixed Line, Unified Communications), by End Users (Cloud Service Providers, Telecommunications) - Global Forecast to 2019
Topics: Cloud Computing, Telecom Networks, Telephones, VOIP
Regions: Global
Cloud Applications Market by Type (Analytics, CRM, Finance and Accounting, Content management, Collaboration, eCommerce, HCM, ERP, PPM, Procurement and Distribution, Legal and Risk Management, Other Applications) – Global Forecast to 2019
Topics: Accounting, CRM, Content Management, Cloud Computing, Application Software
Regions: Global
Video Wall Market by Product (Video Wall Displays, Housing, Installation, & Content Management), Application (Indoor, Outdoor, Menu Board, & Billboard), Vertical (Retail, Hospitality, Transportation, Healthcare) & Geography - Forecast to 2020
Topics: Lighting & LED Market, Peripherals, Televisions, Flat Panel Display, Content Management
Worldwide Unified Communications and Collaboration 2015 Top 10 Predictions
Topics: Cloud Computing, General Telecommunications
Regions: Global
Global Email Encryption Market 2015-2019
Topics: E-Mail
Regions: Global
Japan IoT Market 2014-2018 Forecast Update
Topics: Web 3.0, Big Data, Social Networking, M2M
Regions: Japan
Global IPTV Market 2015-2019
Topics: IPTV
Regions: Global
Telemedicine and Mobile Healthcare Solutions, Services, and Devices: Market Analysis and Forecasts 2015 - 2020
Topics: Physicians' Offices, Nursing, Services, Telemedicine, EMR (Electronic Medical Record), Cloud Computing, Computed Tomography (CT), Ultrasonography, M2M
Global Connected Consumer Security Devices: Market Analysis and Forecasts 2015 - 2020
Topics: Technology, Home Networks, Security, Security, Social Networking
Regions: Global
Digital Asset Management Market by Solutions (Video Management, Creative Tool Integration,Asset Analytics, Web Content Management Integration, Brand Portals, Asset and Metadata Archiving, Lifecycle and Rights Management) - Global Forecast to 2019
Topics: Portals/Vertical Sites, Content Management
Regions: Global

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