The Building Control Systems Market (2009-2014)

McMahon Technology Associates
November 1, 2009
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BCS/2010 is BCS Partners’ 6th comprehensive market report on building controls (2010, 2006, 2002, 1999, 1996, 1993) and the 13th in a series extending back to 1976 when Terry McMahon wrote Frost & Sullivan’s first study of this market. Subscribers to these reports continually include a substantial majority of the control product manufacturing industry. Only BCS Partners brings you an industry analysis enriched through real involvement (Ron Caffrey’s 40 year career at Johnson Controls encompassed the entire history of building automation) and a broad perspective (the events of today have deep historical roots).

After hitting bottom in 2003, the North American building control systems market recorded solid gains in 2004-2007. Growth began to slow in late 2008 and 2009 should fall back to the 2005-2006 level. Market growth is expected to resume in 2010-2011. The 2008 building controls market (products & services) reached $4.3 Billion in North America and exceeded $12 Billion worldwide. Within these totals, control products were over $1 Billion in North America and nearly $3 Billion worldwide.

With BCS Partners, you know who did the research and who wrote the analysis. Our names and contact information are on the cover. If you need to understand the Building Automation Industry and Market, and where it is headed, BCS/2010 is the preferred choice. If you need current data on market potential and market share, BCS/2010 is the preferred choice. If you need to sort out the effects of recent business combinations, advances in technology or for many other reasons, BCS/2010 is the preferred choice.

BCS/2010 is BCS Partners’ sixth comprehensive analysis of this market. The five prior studies were published in May 2006, July 2002, June 1999, August 1996 and December 1993. The principals of BCS Partners have long histories of activity in this business: Ron Caffrey was hired by Johnson Service Company in the early 1950s and retired as Vice President, Marketing in the early 1990s. Since that time he has collaborated with Terry McMahon in BCS Partners. McMahon authored all of Frost & Sullivan’s (U.S.) building control system reports from the beginning of this series in 1976 through 1991.

Past reports by BCS Partners have covered the evolution of this business from pneumatic controls to ddc to networking. In this report, we cover the trend toward web-based system monitoring and control as well as the new focus on the systems integration function. The emergence of wireless sensor transmitters and associated standard protocols is an important factor. Another is the growing importance of battery-free, energy-harvesting in wireless deployments. The primary focus of BCS/2010 is North America. Overall projections by geographic region are provided but detailed projections are for North American demand only.

From 1994-2001, BCS Partners administered the STAT/BCS Consortium in which leading building controls vendors shared data on shipments to North American destinations semi-annually. Each vendor submitted shipments data for the 6-month period in units and in $, subdivided by 28 control product classifications. Each participating vendor then received in return the aggregate (all vendor) shipments by 28 product classifications (in units and in $). These “hard data” were the first such statistics available to the building controls industry.

This edition (BCS/2010), explores in some detail the building controls service markets which are accounting for the majority of building controls expenditures. We have attempted to clearly define terms such as “building controls” and “building control systems”. The new structure of the “BCS Industry” is also defined after the spate of business combinations and name changes in the last few years.



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