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  • Eye Care in Thailand

    ... period. With the ageing of the Thai population will come an increase in age-related eye diseases and ailments, including dry, itchy, irritated or inflamed eyes. Many of these older consumers will therefore opt to use ... Read More

  • Thailand Consumer & Retail Q4 2019

    ... and stable wage growth will continue to buoy consumerspending while household debt steadily falls from its high. The tepid inflationary environment will also help to keep price pressurescontained, providing a boost to spending. We expect ... Read More

  • Online Travel Sales and Intermediaries in Thailand

    ... Tourists often now prefer to travel by themselves and to book hotels or air tickets through OTAs, which has become more convenient and reliable. It is not easy for some tourists to trust new or ... Read More

  • Travel in Thailand

    ... increasing private consumption and strong private sector investment in Thailand’s infrastructure. Domestic tourism is seeing similar steady growth, boosted by a hike in the minimum wage in 2018, with a further rise anticipated in 2019, ... Read More

  • Lodging in Thailand

    ... also rising. Bangkok remains the most popular destination in Thailand, with the occupancy rate in the city not falling below 75% throughout the year. Southern Thailand, especially Phuket and Samui (Suratthani) are popular destinations for ... Read More

  • Tourism Flows in Thailand

    ... trips accounting for more than a quarter of all inbound arrivals. This is being driven by the expansion of new international routes, particularly between Thailand and secondary cities in mainland China. Nevertheless, Thailand is also ... Read More

  • Dishwashing Products in Thailand (2019) – Market Sizes

    ... on sales through all retail outlets and direct to consumer. Market size for Dishwashing Products in Thailand is given in THB with a minimum of five years' historical data. Market Forecast is provided for five ... Read More

  • Travel in Belgium

    ... rise in Chinese tourists in particular benefiting sales, while there was also an increase in US visitors thanks to the opening up of more direct flights. Outbound and domestic tourism furthermore benefited from a good ... Read More

  • Thailand Consumer Electronics Q4 2019

    ... a flow of first-time buyers, and moreimportantly, opportunities for higher unit prices on replacement sales. The key risks factors are the potential for a sharp slowdown orrecession in China to result in a drop in ... Read More

  • Thailand Outbound - September 2019

    ... ASEAN region and broader Asian continent.” – Jessica Kelly, Senior Tourism Analyst This report looks at the following areas: What factors are driving growth in the Thailand Outbound market? What regions and destinations are most ... Read More

  • Thailand Tourism Q4 2019

    ... a strong global reputation as a major tourist destination andwill retain its widespread appeal to a diverse yet growing spectrum of holidaymakers. Primary drivers supporting our outlook includerising disposable incomes in a growing range of ... Read More

  • Home Audio and Cinema in Thailand

    ... shift has led to a decline in home audio and cinema sales as many consumers prefer to listen to music online or via a live stream. Portable devices such as smartphones are a great substitute, ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in Thailand

    ... saturation in the country, with every household owning at least one smartphone but most likely three. In-home and portable electronics contributed to the highest value growth rates in the market, specifically OLED TVs, the most ... Read More

  • Home Video in Thailand

    ... entertainment devices. Due to the limited space in apartments, televisions that require less space and less wiring and seem invisible are ideal. Thus, OLED and QLED TVs have an advantage over LCD or LED TVs ... Read More

  • Imaging Devices in Thailand

    ... difficult for the digital camera to survive. The exception is the DSLR camera, which is still preferred by professional photographers. Smartphones thus continue to cannibalise imaging devices, especially as more brands are investing heavily in ... Read More

  • Wearable Electronics in Thailand

    ... hospitals, has encouraged Thai people to take care of their health. He has advised people that once they are healthy, fewer people will be sick and have need to go to hospital, which will lead ... Read More

  • Beauty and Personal Care Packaging in Thailand

    ... a wide variety of new products available in the marketplace, plus consumers’ unceasing attempts at trial-and-error skin care experiments, small-sized packaging is currently on the rise – from disposable plastic sachets with a small tube ... Read More

  • Beauty and Personal Care Packaging in Thailand

    ... a wide variety of new products available in the marketplace, plus consumers’ unceasing attempts at trial-and-error skin care experiments, small-sized packaging is currently on the rise – from disposable plastic sachets with a small tube ... Read More

  • Bags and Luggage in Thailand

    ... increasing numbers of inbound tourists, and volume sales growth remained stable in 2019 in spite of a slowdown in Chinese tourist arrivals over the year. Conversely, an increasing number of Thais are travelling more often ... Read More

  • Personal Accessories in Thailand

    ... personal accessories maintain stable value growth in 2018. However, volume growth slowed down in most categories. The slowdown in volume sales can be attributed to several factors – cost of living increases brought about by ... Read More

  • Writing Instruments in Thailand

    ... volume sales are more recent than others. One is that the slowdown in Chinese tourism is affecting the entire economy. Another is that in 2018-2019 Thai consumers were more cautious about spending in the face ... Read More

  • Watches in Thailand

    ... are typically high-spending holidaymakers, upon whom a significant portion of the Thai economy depends. However, from mid-2018 to the time of this writing, large numbers of Chinese have been opting not to visit Thailand, for ... Read More

  • Jewellery in Thailand

    ... generation to generation. In recent years, Thailand’s marriage rate slowed, with many younger consumers postponing marriage to an average age of 30, while there is also greater acceptance of homosexuality. Homosexual consumers are increasingly likely ... Read More

  • Spectacles in Thailand

    ... population sustained demand for glasses. Ongoing eyestrain caused from constant, sometimes hours-long looking at computer, tablet and smartphone screens – not only by younger generations but by other age groups as well – continues to ... Read More

  • Eyewear in Thailand

    ... lifestyle in Thailand is leading to an increasing need for glasses. In line with the increasing number of elderly people and more people using smartphones and tablets, which can cause eyestrain, eye health and comfort ... Read More

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