Recent College Market Research for December 2022

Generation Hashtag - Thematic Research
Topics: College Market, Teens (13-19), Internet Usage, Technology
Regions: Global
Gen Z and Payments: The Next Big Cohort Is Here
Topics: College Market, General Age, Banking, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Online Banking, Electronic Money, Mobile/Wireless, Mobile/Wireless Payments
Survey of Use of TikTok for College Marketing
Topics: Marketing, College Market, Higher Education/Post Secondary, Social Networking
Young Consumers
Topics: College Market, General Environment, Generation Y, General Product Consumption
The Effective operator strategies to address the youth market segment
Topics: College Market, Children, Teens (13-19)
Regions: Global
ForeSights: Singles' Day Shopping Festival
Topics: College Market, General Retailing, Food & Grocery Retailing, Apparel Retailing
Future of the Family: Generation Z as Homemakers
Topics: College Market, Teens (13-19)
Regions: Global
Generation Z as Future Customers, Forecast to 2027
Topics: College Market, Teens (13-19)
Regions: Global


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