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ecoprog is an independent consultancy in the energy and environmental business based in Cologne.

ecoprog is consulting private and public energy companies, utilities, disposal companies, plant operators, suppliers, the ancillary industry, business associations, political decision makers, economic promotion institutions as well as research facilities in the environmental and energy industries.

In doing do, we focus on analysing the respective segment. Key aspects of the consultancy services of ecoprog are:

- market and competitor analyses
- mergers and acquisitions / market due diligence
- strategy advisors
- economic feasibility studies

ecoprog does not work on behalf of individual clients. Together with selected cooperation partners, we also design and carry out market studies on chosen environmental technology sub segments. Multi-client studies base on the main idea that many companies in a specific industry need the same kind of information. With its market analyses, ecoprog covers exactly this overlapping information demand.
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10 Reports from ecoprog GmbH

  • The Market for Mechanical Biological Waste

    ... 5 years, an average of about 25 new MBT plants were constructed annually in Europe. In this way, an average of about 2.2 million annual tons were commissioned each year. In early 2017, Europe has ... Read More

  • The RDF market in France

    ... the market development, volumes, drivers, participants and competition – but do not need dataon individual plants or projects. In addition to the analyst version, the original version of this survey contains additional data materialin the ... Read More

  • Biomass to Power 2016/2017

    ... development, volumes, drivers, participants and competition – but do not need data on individualplants or projects. In addition to the analyst version, the original version of this survey contains additional data material. Moreprecisely: Specific data ... Read More

  • Waste to Energy 2016/2017

    ... onthermal waste recovery. These services include the WtE Monitor thatbiweekly informs our clients on new WtE projects as well as the WtE Project Tracker that lists all the WtE projects we know of and is ... Read More

  • Biogas to Energy (Analyst Version)

    ... increase from around 7,000 MWel to 9,600 MWel, while the number of biogas plants will grow from circa 12,000 to 15,000. Subsidies for electricity, heat or fuel produced in biogas facilities will remain the main ... Read More

  • Biomass to Power 2015-2016 (Analyst Version)

    ... An overview of market factors, fuels, treatment technologies as well as investment and operation costs and revenues (with exemplary calculations). An analysis of biomass electricity generation subsidisation (feed-in tariffs, quota systems and auctions) by country ... Read More

  • The European Market for Plastic Sorting and Recycling

    ... estimated capacity of 5.2 million tons will be commissioned. This is a growth of 25% and the number of plants will increase by about 300. Today, Europe has almost 1,200 active plastic sorting and recycling ... Read More

  • The Market for Biowaste AD Plants in Europe (Analyst Version)

    ... for using residual materials to produce biogas both favour and determine the construction of biowaste AD plants. This is why the installed capacities in biogas plants fermenting municipal and industrial biowaste will increase from 900 ... Read More

  • Glass Factories under the Industrial Emissions Directive : (Analyst Version)

    ... invested in the European glass industry – an annual increase of up to 45 per cent in comparison to the past years’ average. The main reason for this growth is the coming into force of ... Read More

  • Biogas Plants in France - Market and New Site Potentials

    ... will be commissioned by 2020. In this period, both the number of biogas plants and the capacity will triple – to 740 facilities and 315 MWel respectively. France is therefore the most dynamic market in ... Read More

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