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New Market Research Reports

Find the latest reports uploaded to the Academic service. Click on each report's title to view the full product description and download the report.

Browse by Topic

Major topics and subtopics are all hyperlinked. Simply roll over your topic of choice, click the hyperlink, and you will be directed to a list of reports falling into that category. Academic New Reports
Icon Simple Search

Simple Search

On the Academic home page, type in your search term in the Search Keywords text box and click the white magnifying glass graphic to display a reports list.

Icon Advanced Search

Advanced Search

In the event that a simple search does not deliver the desired results, or to broaden or narrow the search criteria by choosing a specific publisher, date published, or additional search criteria.

Icon Search Tips

Search Tips

In the blue bar underneath the Search Keywords text box on the Academic home page is a link labeled "Search Tips". Click this link to receive detailed information about performing simple and advanced searches.

Unlimited Downloads

With Academic, you have unlimited access to report downloads. You can download as many reports as you need. Please keep in mind that each report is fully copyrighted by the publisher, and all citations must be credited accordingly.

Selecting a report

Once your search results appear, select the report that best suits your needs by clicking on the title. This will take you to the product page where you will find:
  • publication date
  • page count
  • retail price
  • download tab
  • table of contents tab
  • product description

Table of Contents

Click on the Table of Contents tab to display the entire table of contents of the report to see if it contains the information you are looking for.

Download Reports

To download the report to your desktop, click the Download Report button. Then, in the pop-up window, read the terms and click the "I agree to these terms, and acknowledge that information about my access to this report is being recorded by clicking here." link to download the report. At this point, the download process should begin automatically and you should see a Download in Progress message. In the event that the download does not continue, click on the hyperlink labeled "please click here". You will be guided through the download process and given the ability to open the report, save the report, or cancel the download process.
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