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Primary Research Group Inc. combines surveying with secondary research and forecasting to provide sophisticated overviews of markets and business environment conditions for business, government and higher education. Established in 1990 and located in the heart of New York City, the company publishes research reports and conducts contract research for various organizations. Primary Research Group has an especially strong background in conducting surveys of institutions.
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182 Reports from Primary Research Group

  • The Survey of Library Use of Open Source Software

    ...and spreadsheets, the library website, server management, and content management and digital preservation software, among other applications. The study looks at which libraries use open source and which use commercial software and why. The study ... Read More

  • The Survey of Academic Library Cataloging Practices, 2013 Edition libraries are responding to the challenging changes in the environment for academic library cataloging. Among the many issues covered are: new resource description cataloging rules, perceptions of the future of cataloging and the prestige ... Read More

  • The Survey of Best Practices in Biological & Medical Laboratory Management

    ...or biotech firms and other organizations that conduct advanced biological or medical research. The study looks closely at how key lab procedures are handled, in-house or outsourced, for gene sequencing, laboratory animal management, DNA preparation ... Read More

  • The Survey of College Sports Marketing Practices

    ...spending by survey participants on ticket consultants, direct mail, web ads, website optimization, opt-in email, site sponsorships, student and mainstream newspaper and magazine ads, radio, television, billboards and other marketing vehicles. The study furnishes detailed ... Read More

  • The Survey of Best Practices in Student Retention, 2013 Edition

    ...University, among many others. The 100+ page study gives detailed data on retention rates overall and for many specific categories of students such as distance learning students, graduate students, part time students, and other categories. ... Read More

  • Survey of College Sports Stadium Redesign Efforts

    ...William & Mary, Georgetown, the University of Nevada, the University of Michigan, the University of Mississippi and many others. The report gives highly detailed data about how colleges have renovated their stadiums and what their ... Read More

  • Redesigning the Public Library Building

    ...alterations and alteration plans of existing libraries with data broken out by size of service area, library budget, for library systems and stand alone libraries and other criteria. The 170 page study gives detailed spending ... Read More

  • Library Use of eBooks, 2013 Edition

    ...use of consortiums for purchasing, number and type of suppliers used, spending levels, spending plans, use of tablets, eReaders and other technologies, use of eTextbooks, eDirectories and related spending plans, preferences for licenses from individual ... Read More

  • The Survey of Academic Library Subject Specialists: Biology & Medical Sciences

    ...including some corporate libraries and smaller colleges. The study covers overall budgetary allocations for medicine and biology, with time series data, as well as data for spending on eBooks, books, journals, databases, and other information ... Read More

  • Survey of Academic Library Practices in Staging Special Events

    ...the number and kind of special events, the departments involved in their staging, their cost and, when applicable, revenues, as well as attendance level and overall effectiveness in advancing the interests of the library in ... Read More

  • Academic Library Website Benchmarks, 2013 Edition

    ...size and type of academic institution and other criteria. The 160 page study gives exhaustive data about academic library preferences in areas such as use of mashups, library social media sites, website staff and budgets, ... Read More

  • Survey of Public Library Efforts to Provide Job Information Resources

    ...other areas of interest to public libraries in the job information arena. The study includes information on partnerships with local institutions designed to increase the visibility and success of job fairs and job finding efforts, ... Read More

  • Survey of Library Furniture Acquisition Practices

    ...of used furniture. The study gives highly detailed data on product choices, views on favored vendors, sources of information on best deals, and the impact of design, price, safety, durability, environmental impact and other considerations ... Read More

  • The Survey of College Marketing Programs, 2013 Edition

    ...Bing, as well as spending on radio, television, billboards, direct mail, ezines, website sponsorships, SEO strategies, opt-in email, viewbooks, magazine and newspaper space ads and other marketing vehicles. In addition, the report looks at the ... Read More

  • Survey of College Practices in Renting Out Facilities for Camps, Conferences & Special Events

    ...imparts a detailed statistical record of the cost structure of the rental effort and range of facilites made available at different times of the year, in the summer, during the school year and over winter ... Read More

  • Higher Education Revenue Outlook, 2013 Edition

    ...type of institution. The study gives highly detailed data for current and expected revenue from a myriad of sources, including but not limited to: state support, tuition, fundraising, college sports, programs for non-matriculated students, memorabilia ... Read More

  • Redesigning the College Library Building, 2013 Edition

    ...and purposes, how they plan to develop and deploy their capital budgets, which types of projects and purposes are favored for the near future. The report helps librarians to answer questions such as: How many ... Read More

  • Corporate Public Relations Benchmarks, 2013 Edition

    ...public relations firms and consultants, use of press release services, and many other facets of public relations. It gives hard data on how public relations personnel use their staff time, and how they use social ... Read More

  • Library Photocopy Services Benchmarks

    ...they choose, and what their future plans are for photocopiers in the library. The study gives detailed data on library revenues from photocopiers, and the range of photocopy and related services offered. The study helps ... Read More

  • Corporate & Business Library Benchmarks, 2013 Edition

    ...development, technology acquisitions, evolving role of the corporate librarian, use of internet resources and many other issues of interest to corporate and business librarians. Data is broken out for corporate and non-corporate business libraries, and ... Read More

  • The Survey of Institutional Digital Repositories, 2012-13 Edition

    ...and developing areas alike. With over 400 benchmarking tables, the report cites budgetary and revenue data as well as cataloging and open access statistics, detailing just what items these repositories contain: books, journals, magazines, textbooks, ... Read More

  • The Survey of Library Cafes, 2012-13 Edition

    ...sets out to investigate who runs the library's food service operations, citing total cost of salaries, seasonal hours of the cafe, and overall satisfaction. Also included are participants' written responses detailing the cafe's best- and ... Read More

  • The Survey of Medical and Other Scientific Libraries

    ...for books, databases, ebooks, journals and other information vehicles, developments in open access and digital repositories, use of eBook readers and tablet computers, patent information procurement efforts, special collections budgets, special collections digitization, video streaming, ... Read More

  • The Survey of Library Employee Training Practices budgets and training directors? Do they conduct internal courses? Send employees to external courses? Use library science schools? Do they reimburse employees for library science courses taken at universities? How much do they spend ... Read More

  • The Survey of Academic Library Subject Specialists: Economics & Finance

    ...detailed data on budgets and spending patterns of subject specialists in economics and finance, including information on usage of eBooks, traditional books, databases and scholarly journals. The study also reports on collection development plans in ... Read More

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