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  • Egg, Meat & Fish Wholesaling in China - Industry Market Research Report

    ... not included in this industry. This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth of the industry including the key sensitivities and success factors. Also included are five year industry forecasts, growth rates and an ... Read More

  • Turkey Banking & Financial Services Q3 2018

    ... Importantly to facilitate that growth, the sector is built on strong foundations; it is wellregulated, stable, and competitive, and the local capital market boasts relatively high liquidity. However, the sector isfacing increased risks that include ... Read More

  • China Banking & Financial Services Q3 2018

    ... Conference in December 2017, and was reiterated repeatedly by the authorities overthe course of 2018. We believe that policymakers will, therefore, make a concerted effort to curb the financial sector's expansionover the coming years. The ... Read More

  • Thailand Banking & Financial Services Q3 2018

    ... occurring more in the insurance sector to help grow theindustry, which is expected to grow steadily to 2022. Banking sector asset growth is set to recover to around 5% during 2018, andthe insurance sector will ... Read More

  • Taiwan Insurance Q3 2018

    ... in the organised savings landscape. Demographic factors are boostingdemand for retirement savings solutions, in a territory where household incomes are high and the insurance companies' offeringsare well understood. The ability of the leading life insurance ... Read More

  • Thailand Insurance Q3 2018

    ... growth of regional trade and the general expansion of theeconomy should boost premiums in both the life and the non-life segments. The sector will continue to benefit from foreign know-how in terms of product development, ... Read More

  • Indonesia Banking & Financial Services Q3 2018

    ... markets, and robust economic growth. Indonesia's population islargely under-banked, providing huge organic growth opportunities for domestic and foreign players alike. Meanwhile, thegovernment's commitment to streamline investment procedures and to improve the business climate should continue ... Read More

  • Pakistan Insurance Q3 2018

    ... on bancassurance, but coverage is still limited due to lowhousehold incomes, lack of awareness and a lack of foreign investment, which could bring much-needed capital and expertise.Rising affluence and an expanding middle class are crucial ... Read More

  • Hong Kong Insurance Q3 2018

    ... and most sophisticated insurance markets globally. Most sub-sectors of the non-lifesegment will likely benefit from continuing growth in the economy of (greater) China. The life segment plays a central role in theorganised savings landscape of ... Read More

  • Philippines Insurance Q3 2018

    ... fromthe steady rises in household incomes and economic activity in general. In both cases, premiums will be boosted by thedevelopment and distribution of innovative products. This quarter, we have once again left our forecasts unchanged. Read More

  • Russia Country Report - July , 2018

    ... red after the manufacturing PMI turned red again in May and June. This has had an adverse affect on incomes and retail turnover, both of which fell in June. However, overall the economy is recovering ... Read More

  • Indonesia Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... 5.3% in 2018 and 5.4% in 2019 as we expect the economy to benefit from a recovery in private consumption, government expenditure, and resilient investment growth. That said, the recovery would be somewhat dampened by ... Read More

  • Laos Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... is pushing to improve the business environment, increasingly wide external and fiscal imbalances suggests that the current growth rate will be difficult to sustain. Corruption in Laos has worsened according to Transparency Inter-national and local ... Read More

  • Turkey Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... in a relatively manageable growth slowdown. Reflecting this, we forecast growth to come in at 4.2% and 3.5% in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Structural imbalances across the economy will remain prominent in the years ahead, ... Read More

  • Bangladesh Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... greater financial instability and cause the economy to overheat over the medium term. The Bangladesh government's decision to lift the government job quota reserved for special groups will likely bode well for sentiment towards the ... Read More

  • South Korea Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... Korea's real GDP expanded by 2.8% y-o-y in Q118, at the same pace as in Q417. We main-tain our forecast for real GDP to expand by 3.0% in 2018 as the government's expansionary budget provides ... Read More

  • China Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... increasingly committed to reducing financial risks in the economy and increasing environmental protection, which is likely to weigh on investment growth. Additionally, the country's long-term trade outlook continues to face downside risks from rising global ... Read More

  • Myanmar Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... an estimated 6.3% in FY2017/18. Although Myanmar is the poor-est country in South East Asia in GDP per capita terms, it boasts significant market potential for the expansion of foreign companies. The country has many ... Read More

  • Kazakhstan Banking & Financial Services Q3 2018

    ... long-term growth as the financial system becomes more stable and less susceptible toshocks. Despite recent volatility, an improving economic backdrop will see loan growth pick up modestly in 2018-2019. The outlookfor Kazakhstan's insurance market is ... Read More

  • China Insurance Q3 2018

    ... major segments, growth is being boosted by innovation by enormousorganisations that have access to the capital that they need, as well as control over multiple distribution channels. In the lifesegment, growth is underpinned by the ... Read More

  • Taiwan Banking & Financial Services Q3 2018

    ... exchanges. Despite already being well developed, the financial servicessector continues to offer plenty of upside potential and investment opportunity for investors both domestically and increasinglyfrom abroad - a trend that the Taiwanese authorities are attempting ... Read More

  • Vietnam Insurance Q3 2018

    ... have limited the affordability of even basicproperty and motor products. As it is one of Asia's fastest-growing economies, we believe that there is potential for rapid growthacross most lines over the next few years. In ... Read More

  • Kazakhstan Insurance Q3 2018

    ... and income rates, which will boost privateconsumption leading to greater demand for cover in segments such as motor insurance. Widespread investment in infrastructure isalso boosting demand in the property insurance segment, though across the market ... Read More

  • Vietnam Banking & Financial Services Q3 2018

    ... organically, as well as through mergers and acquisitions.Vietnam's regulatory and legal framework, as well as its business environment, are mediocre relative to regional standards, butcontinuous improvement going forward should boost the attractiveness of the market. ... Read More

  • Indonesia Insurance Q3 2018

    ... rising household incomes, although price competition will probably result in the non-life segment growing more slowly than thelife segment. Both segments should benefit from a growing understanding of the advantages of insurance among households andbusinesses. Read More

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