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  • Greece Medical Devices Q1 2021

    ... daily cases. As a result, there will be continuing high demand of personal protectionequipment and ventilators, and reduced uptake of most other medical devices. Over the longer term, a slow economic recovery,ongoing austerity measures and ... Read More

  • Greece Healthcare, Regulatory and Reimbursement Landscape - CountryFocus

    ... information on analysis of the healthcare, regulatory and reimbursement landscape in Greece. It identifies the key trends in the country’s healthcare market and provides insights into its demographic, regulatory and reimbursement landscape, and healthcare infrastructure. ... Read More

  • Greece Medical Devices Report Q3 2018

    ... The market will remainheavily reliant on imports, as domestic manufacturers are mainly small-scale operations focusing on low value, high volumedisposables. Slow economic recovery, ongoing austerity measures and health expenditure cuts will continue to suppress themarketplace. Read More

  • CountryFocus: Healthcare, Regulatory and Reimbursement Landscape - Greece

    ... and clawbacks have led to a crisis in the industry. The economic crisis and the subsequent policy changes have affected the growth of the pharmaceutical industry. The value of the market decreased from over $10Billion ... Read More

  • Greece Medical Devices Report Q2 2016

    ... heavily reliant on imports, as domesticmanufacturers are mainly small scale operations focusing on low value, high volume disposables. Theeconomic crisis, ongoing austerity measures and a weak euro have contributed to a downward trend inimports since ... Read More

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