Recent Affluent Market Research for November 2022

HENRYs in Recession and What Luxury Brands Can Do
Topics: Luxury Goods, Affluent Market, Consumer Goods
Regions: United States
Mass Affluent Target Propositions, 2021 Update - A Key for Sustainability and Growth
Topics: Wealth Management, Affluent Market
Affluent Food Shoppers
Topics: Consumer Behavior, Affluent Market, Food & Beverage
Regions: United States
American Consumers in 2020
Topics: Adults (18-55), Consumer Behavior, Affluent Market, Consumer Goods, General Product Consumption, Food & Beverage, E-Commerce & Online Retailing
Regions: United States
Industry Groups Chartbook - Food & Grocery Retail in the High Income Economies
Topics: Affluent Market, Food & Grocery Retailing
Regions: Global
Industry Groups Chartbook - Online Retail in the High Income Economies
Topics: Affluent Market, E-Commerce & Online Retailing
Regions: Global
Culinary Trend Mapping Report: Boomer Wellness
Topics: Baby Boomers, Diet Food & Weight Loss, Consumer Behavior, Culinary Trends, Affluent Market, Food & Beverage
Affluent Consumers: Who Are They and How Best to Capture Them
Topics: Marketing, Affluent Market
Premium Vs Value: Industry and Consumer – Realities and Future Growth Opportunities
Topics: Trends, Affluent Market, General Product Consumption
Regions: Global
Targeting UK Mass Affluents with Insurance
Topics: Life Insurance, Property & Casualty, Affluent Market
Regions: United Kingdom
Affluent and High Net Worth Market: Wealth, Banking, and Payments Trends, 8th Edition
Topics: Affluent Market, General Product Consumption, Financial Services
Regions: United States
Affluent Consumers: Demographic Patterns and Spending Trends, 7th Edition
Topics: Luxury Goods, Affluent Market
Marketing to Millionaires: Exploding 10 Myths Disrupting Success in Marketing
Topics: Marketing, Luxury Goods, Affluent Market
Industry Groups Chartbook - Apparel Retail in the High Income Economies
Topics: Affluent Market, E-Commerce & Online Retailing, Apparel Retailing
Regions: Global
Industry Groups Chartbook - Consumer Electronics in the High Income Economies
Topics: Consumer Electronics, Affluent Market
Regions: Global
Mass Affluents: Attitudes and Needs in Australia
Topics: Affluent Market
Regions: Australia


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