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  • Is Sugar The Next Tobacco?

    ... to the top of the dietary health agenda during the past three years. In response, governments across the world are introducing taxes designed principally to limit sugar consumption as a means of tackling rising obesity ... Read More

  • How Brands Are Making Our Food Healthier

    ... on two key areas, the growing demand among consumers for healthier products and how the major food manufacturers are introducing healthier brands into the product mix. Get first-hand insight into the strategies adopted by the ... Read More

  • Drivers of Food Industry M&A

    ... acquire commensurate levels of scale, growth, shelf-space and brand prestige. Growing consumer demand for ""sustainable foods"", the consolidation of more mature businesses and the rise of the fast-casual segment of the foodservice sector will profoundly ... Read More

  • How Brands Can Win in Online Grocery

    ... shopping has created a new opportunity for FMCG companies to develop and nurture direct relationships with consumers, and in doing so, create more successful outcomes. By carefully understanding the major determinants of online success (findability, ... Read More

  • Management briefing: just-food’s industry outlook for 2015

    ... a close look at how consumer trends will shape NPD in the industry this year. Influencers from mobile tech to mass migration have had a profound effect on every aspect of the CPG sector. Upward ... Read More

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