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A reliable name in the field of Market Research, Koncept Analytics offers comprehensive market research services to all influential businesses and organizations across the globe. We basically prepare Industry Research Reports as an attempt to help clients take decision to strengthen and grow their market value.
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  • Global In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... and hence are not able to conceive a child but want to have a family. There has been an increase in infertility cases globally for which many factors are responsible like increasing late marriages because ... Read More

  • Global Champagne Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... luxury attributes. Champagne wines are produced by natural yeast fermentation in the bottle, in accordance with strict criteria laid down in the champagne regulatory framework covering every aspect of winemaking. Champagne types are classified as ... Read More

  • Global Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... TVs and OLED TVs. LCD TVs are the largest users of display panels followed by mobile phones and mobile PCs influencing the market of the display panels. OLED, otherwise known as organic light emitting diode, ... Read More

  • Licensed Sports Merchandise Market Report – Focus on North America: 2016 Edition

    ... the licensing world. In the US, the business is dominated by the four major sports leagues, National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League along with NASCAR. In addition ... Read More

  • Global Luxury Goods Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... are characterized by their quality, price, scarcity, uniqueness, status, ancestral heritage and personal history. Luxury goods can reach the customers in three ways, through retail, wholesale or online. The wholesale route gives wider market exposure; ... Read More

  • Global Constipation Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... significant, even deliberating effect on the quality of life of a patient. Various treatment options are available for the treatment of constipation and patients often adopt different over-the-counter remedies for the same. There exist three ... Read More

  • Global Hemophilia Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... with hemophilia lack, either partially or completely, an essential clotting factor needed to form stable blood clots. In the absence of a treatment, uncontrolled internal bleeding can occur, causing stiffness, pain, severe joint damage and ... Read More

  • Global Leisure Boat Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... cabin and plumbing and other amenities required for living on board. Characteristically, such watercrafts are motorized and find use in holidays on a river, lake, canal or waterway. Normally, pleasure boats are kept at a ... Read More

  • Global Peripheral Artery Disease Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... stomach, and arms. Major factors causing PAD are smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, advancing age and a personal history of vascular disease. The earliest symptom of Peripheral Artery Disease is a cramp-like ... Read More

  • Foodservices Equipment Market Report–Focus on the US: 2016 Edition

    ... the development of the foodservice equipment industry. Foodservice equipments help in maintaining the sanitary and hygiene standards which is a pivotal factor in today’s environment and various rules are laid down by different food regulatory ... Read More

  • Global Excavator Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... extraction of gold and diamonds. There are several types of excavators present in the industry, based on their size and machinery. There are many types of excavators, out of which demand of hydraulic excavators is ... Read More

  • Global Coronary Stent Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... or cobalt alloy that acts as support. Stents are attached onto small balloons and opened inside the artery to reinstate blood flow and support the vessel wall. Stenting does not involve any major incision and ... Read More

  • China Spirits Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... modern spirits market is primarily dominated by local drinks like Baijiu and Huanjiu. However, trade and exchange of goods and services have brought in global spirits into the Chinese markets, making the current spirits market ... Read More

  • The US Farm Tire Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... comparatively down in 2015 due to the decline in net farm income and exports of farm equipments. Moreover, new tire technology and sustainable materials and growing demand of eco-friendly tires have resulted in further development ... Read More

  • Global Radiation Therapy Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... treatment as well development of linear accelerators. Proton treatment, likewise called proton beam treatment, is a kind of radiation treatment that uses protons instead of x-beams to treat disease. It is a very precise strategy ... Read More

  • Global Smokeless Tobacco Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... out after the tobacco juices are built up, or sniffed. It is also known as chewing tobacco, oral tobacco, spit or spitting tobacco, dip, chew, and snuff. Nicotine in the tobacco is absorbed through the ... Read More

  • Global OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... wells. These are hollow steel products of circular cross-section used in the oil and gas industry for exploration and production activities. OCTG includes generally three categories of products - drill pipe, casing, and tubing. OCTG ... Read More

  • Global Salmon Fish Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... of aquacultured salmon. Norway and Chile are the predominant makers, with more than three-fourth share of the worldwide cultivated salmon. Other major delivering regions include UK and North America. As far as utilization is concerned, ... Read More

  • Global Dry Bulk Shipping Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... method of transporting large volumes of basic commodities and finished products. The dry bulk shipping is defined as the transportation of homogenous bulk cargoes by bulk vessels on an irregular scheduled line. Dry bulk shipping ... Read More

  • China Defense Industry Report: 2016 Edition

    ... (CMC). The CMC is responsible for providing unified commands and for leading the armed forces of China, along with determining the operational structure and strategies to be adopted by the military. The PLA has 7 ... Read More

  • Global Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... infected blood transfusions and poorly sterilized medical equipments. The number of patients has increased significantly because its symptoms take time to be recognized before the patient progresses towards a clinically visible liver damage which worsens ... Read More

  • Global Dialysis Market Outlook to 2020

    ... pure water and chemicals, is carefully controlled to pull wastes out of your blood without removing substances your body needs. There are two types of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis removes wastes and water ... Read More

  • Global Recruitment Market Report: 2016 Edition

    ... of recruitment or employment agencies providing for services of recruiting staff/employees for various business enterprises in different sectors. Such companies hire these employment agencies to recruit personnel to carry out their business operations. The recruitment ... Read More

  • Global Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) Market Outlook to 2019

    ... heart valve without undergoing the conventional by-pass surgery. Aortic valve replacement typically requires open heart surgery, thus it disqualifies patients who are at high risk for the process or are too weak to undergo a ... Read More

  • Global Potash Market Report: 2015 Edition

    ... pink, salty mineral. For the most part, potash-bearing rock deposits are derived from the minerals in ancient seas that dried up millions of years ago. Fertilizer potash is principally derived from these potash rocks and ... Read More

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