Freedonia Focus Reports

Each month, The Freedonia Group publishes over 20 new or updated Freedonia Focus Reports, providing fresh, unbiased analysis on a wide variety of markets and industries. Reporting falls in 18 industry categories and two major geographic collections, totaling over 600 reports and representing the broadest range of off-the-shelf coverage offered by The Freedonia Group.

Published in 20-25 pages with emphasis on manufactured goods, Focus Reports are intended to guide the busy reader through pertinent topics in rapid succession, including:
* Total historical market size and industry output
* Segmentation by products and markets
* Identification of market drivers, constraints, and key indicators
* Segment-by-segment outlook in five-year forecasts
* A survey of the supply base, and profiles of leaders
* Suggested resources for further study.

Counted among our repeat customers and subscribers are leading:
* Manufacturers and distributors
* Investment banks
* Consultancies
* Private equity firms
* Non-governmental organizations.

Focus Reports lend themselves to a wide range of objectives, from providing researchers a quick, meaningful understanding of an industry and its dynamics to assisting strategic decision-makers resolve a final course of action.
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910 Reports from Freedonia Focus Reports

  • Wood Fencing: United States

    ... of: privacy, picket, post and rail, and split rail and other types such as lattice and worm. Total demand by value is also segmented by market as follows: residential buildings, commercial buildings, nonbuilding, and agricultural. ... Read More

  • Power Tools: United States

    ... electric saws; electric sanders, polishers, and grinders; other electric tools, including screwdrivers, impact wrenches, and hammers; electric parts and attachments; pneumatic tools; and other power tools such as hydraulic power tools, powder-actuated tools, and engine-driven ... Read More

  • Medical Services: United States

    ... by provider in terms of: hospital; physician and clinical; dental; other professional providers; nursing and continuing care facilities; home healthcare; and other providers such as assisted living facilities, community centers, and residential intellectual and developmental ... Read More

  • Advertising Services: United States

    ... mail advertisers; media buying agencies; display advertisers; media representatives; and other establishment types such as advertising material distribution, product demonstration, display lettering, and welcoming services. To illustrate historical trends, total revenues and the various segments ... Read More

  • Electronic Health Records: United States

    ... government hospitals), ambulatory (physician offices, dentist offices, other practitioner offices, outpatient care centers, laboratories and imaging centers, and home healthcare agencies), and nursing and residential care facilities. To illustrate historical trends, total expenditures and the ... Read More

  • Perlite & Vermiculite: United States

    ... is also segmented by market as follows: building products; agriculture and horticulture; and other markets such as fillers, filtration, and motor vehicle brake linings. To illustrate historical trends, total demand, total production, the various segments, ... Read More

  • Explosives: United States

    ... oxidizers, and high explosives. Total demand by volume is also segmented by market as follows: coal mining; construction work; quarrying and nonmetal mining; metal mining; and other markets such as oil well perforation, explosion welding, ... Read More

  • Global Disposable Medical Gloves

    ... examination and laboratory gloves (latex, nitrile, and plastic), and surgical gloves. Major world regions include US and Canada, Europe, Asia/Pacific, and other regions. To illustrate historical trends, world, product, and regional demand are provided for ... Read More

  • Commercial Refrigeration Equipment: United States

    ... terms of: transportation refrigeration systems; refrigerators and freezers; beverage refrigeration equipment; display cases; other commercial refrigeration equipment such as ice machines, liquid chillers, and cryogenic equipment; and commercial refrigeration equipment parts. Total demand is also ... Read More

  • Molded Pulp Packaging: United States

    ... trays/flats; egg cartons; clamshells and containers; plates, bowls, and lids; and other products such as tray inserts and end caps. Total demand is also segmented by market as follows: primary packaging, foodservice, and protective packaging. ... Read More

  • Outdoor Kitchens: United States

    ... and other storage; refrigeration and cooling equipment; cocktail and bar centers; and sinks and faucets. Total demand is also segmented by distribution channel as follows: barbecue and outdoor specialty stores, home centers, contractors, e-commerce, and ... Read More

  • Disposable Medical Gloves: United States

    ... product in terms of: examination and laboratory gloves, and surgical gloves. To illustrate historical trends, total demand by value is provided in annual series from 2015 to 2019; total demand in units and the various ... Read More

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging: United States

    ... blister packaging; parenteral containers; other primary containers such as prefillable inhalers, pouches, and medication tubes; closures; secondary containers; and other secondary packaging such as labels and packaging accessories. Total demand is also segmented by market ... Read More

  • Transport Refrigeration Systems: United States

    ... demand in value and unit terms is segmented by product in terms of: trailers, shipping containers, and trucks. Total demand in value terms is also segmented by market as follows: food distribution; and other markets ... Read More

  • COVID-19 Market Impact Analysis

    ... the cause of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, we have revisited findings in a range of topics published over the past year to provide our customers with the information they need to continue to ... Read More

  • Laundry & Linen Services: United States

    ... linen laundries, and laundromats and route operators. Revenues are also presented by market: business (i.e., uniform and linen laundries), and household (i.e., dry cleaners and laundries, and laundromats and route operators). To illustrate historical trends, ... Read More

  • Hair, Nail, & Skin Care Services: United States

    ... beauty salons; nail salons; barber shops; and other establishments such as day spas, ear piercing services, hair removal salons, massage parlors, tanning salons, and tattoo parlors. To illustrate historical trends, total revenue and the various ... Read More

  • Books: United States

    ... and e-books published on physical media. Total revenues are also segmented by market as follows: textbooks; professional, technical, and scholarly; adult trade; children's; and general reference. To illustrate historical trends, total revenues and the various ... Read More

  • Amusement Parks: United States

    ... 2024. Total visits are segmented by park type in terms of theme parks and water parks. Total revenues are segmented by source as follows: admission, and other sources such as beverages, food, and merchandise. To ... Read More

  • Outdoor Living Products: United States

    ... entertaining, and recreation; lawn and yard maintenance; gardening; and outdoor design and landscape materials. To illustrate historical trends, total demand is provided in annual series from 2009 to 2019; the various segments are reported at ... Read More

  • Pet Products & Services: United States

    ... provided in annual series from 2014 to 2019. Total demand is segmented by category in terms of: retail channel pet food and treats, veterinary services, retail channel pet supplies, and non-medical pet services. A full ... Read More

  • Moulding & Trim: United States

    ... wood; metal; plastic; and other materials such as fiber cement, synthetic stone veneers, and wood-plastic composite. Total demand is also segmented by market as follows: residential and commercial. Total demand is further segmented by product ... Read More

  • Food Gifting: United States

    ... total retail spending and the various segments are provided in annual series from 2014 to 2018. For this report, food gifts are defined as food items that are packaged in a way that is suitable ... Read More

  • Global Flat Glass

    ... Reported markets encompass: residential buildings; nonresidential buildings; motor vehicle original equipment manufacturer (OEM); motor vehicle aftermarket; and other markets such as solar energy, electronic display screens, and aerospace equipment glass. Major world regions include North ... Read More

  • Meat, Poultry, & Seafood Packaging: United States

    ... terms of: plastic; paper and paperboard; and other products such as metal, glass, and accessories. Total demand is also segmented by market as follows: fresh and frozen, processed, and ready-to eat. Finally, demand is segmented ... Read More

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