Recent Servers & Mainframes Research for July 2014

Opportunity in the Indian Commercial Data Centers Market - 2014
Topics: Servers & Mainframes, Hardware, Databases
Regions: India
Powering the Global Enterprise: How Software-Defined Data Centers Will Transform IT
Topics: Servers & Mainframes, Databases, Application Software
Regions: Global
Data Centre Pricing UK - 2014 to 2019
Topics: Servers & Mainframes, Access Pricing, Databases
Regions: United Kingdom
Enterprise Mobility 2013: BYOD, MDM, Big Data and Application Management
Topics: Servers & Mainframes, Mobile Computing & Portables, Tablet PC, Mobile OS, Big Data
Executive Interviews on User Adoption of SSD Usage
Topics: Servers & Mainframes, Storage
Technology Selection: The Government Datacenter of the Future
Topics: Servers & Mainframes, Internet & Technology, Technology, Databases
Mainframe Computing May 2013
Topics: Servers & Mainframes
It Market In Russia 2013
Topics: Servers & Mainframes, Hardware, General IT Services, Application Software
Regions: Russia
Smaller German Server Vendors - The Emergence of the Mittelstand
Topics: Servers & Mainframes
Regions: Germany
Micro Servers Market (2013 - 2018), By Processor Type (Intel, Arm, Amd), Component (Hardware, Software, Operating System), Application (Media Storage, Data Centers, Analytics, Cloud Computing) and Geography (North America, Europe, Apac, Row)
Topics: Servers & Mainframes, Hardware, Storage, Cloud Computing, Databases
Regions: Europe, North America
IDC Maturity Model: Big Data and Analytics - A Guide to Unlocking Information Assets
Topics: Servers & Mainframes, Hardware, Cloud Computing, General IT Services, Big Data
European Rack and Rack Options Market
Topics: Servers & Mainframes
Regions: Europe
Technology Assessment: The Impact of OpenFlow on Datacenter Network Architectures
Topics: Servers & Mainframes, Equipment/Hardware, General Networks, Technology

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