Recent Security Research for August 2015

BT Assure: The IT Security Arm of BT Group
Topics: IT Security, Security, Security
Business Strategy: Mobile Security Challenges — BYOD
Topics: Smart Phone, Mobile Computing & Portables, Security
Japan Unified Communications and Collaboration System 2013–2017 Forecast Update and 1H13 Analysis
Topics: Security, Telephony, VOIP
Regions: Japan
Turkey Security Software Market 2013 Competitive Analysis and 2012 Vendor Shares
Topics: Security
Regions: Turkey
Analysis of the Global Vulnerability Management Market
Topics: Security, Security
Regions: Global
Content Filtering Product Trends
Topics: E-Mail, Security
Regions: Global
Cybersecurity Threats Require Dynamic Response Capabilities
Topics: Security, Security
Vulnerability Management - Evolving Beyond Traditional Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation
Topics: Security
Analysis of the Latin American Managed Security Services Market
Topics: Virtual Private Networks, Security, Security
Regions: South America
Perspective: The Card Networks Push Tokenization
Topics: Credit Cards, Online Security, Security, Security
Analysis of the Global Mobile Endpoint Protection Market
Topics: Mobile OS, Security
Regions: Global
Analysis of the SIEM and Log Management Market
Topics: Security, Security
Payment Privacy Protection - Global Security Implications
Topics: Credit Cards, Online Security, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment, Security, Security
Regions: Global
Global Managed Security Services Market
Topics: Services, Security, Security
Regions: Global
IT Security: CIO in Action — Surviving a Security Breach
Topics: Defense & Security, IT Services, IT Security, Security, Security
U.S. Mobile Security Survey, 2013
Topics: Smart Phone, Security, Security
Regions: United States
Worldwide and U.S. Professional Security Services 2013–2017 Forecast
Topics: Security Services, Cloud Computing, Security
Regions: United States, Global
Gulf States Security Software Market 2013–2017 Forecast
Topics: Security, Software & Services, Security & Privacy
Regions: Saudi Arabia
2013 Mobile Application Management and Security Technology Assessment
Topics: Mobile OS, Security, Application Software
Methods and Practices: Frameworks for Enterprise Mobile Security and Risk Management in Government IT
Topics: IT Services, Government, Security, Security & Privacy
Worldwide Purpose-Built Backup Appliance 2013 Vendor Analysis
Topics: Security, Security
Regions: Global
Perspective: Benchmarking FY12 U.S. Federal Government IT Security Spending by Agency
Topics: Internet & Technology, IT Security, Government, Security
Regions: United States
Security Services Vendors' Hot Topics at the 2012 RSA Conference
Topics: Security Services, Security, Security & Privacy

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