Recent COVID-19/Coronavirus Research for April 2020

COVID-19 US Economic Impact March 2020 Update
Topics: Automotive Manufacturing, General Construction, COVID-19/Coronavirus
Regions: United States
Jump-Starting Collaboration in the COVID-19 Era
Topics: Telecommuting, COVID-19/Coronavirus, Public Health, Application Software
Selling in the Time of Cholera … er … COVID-19: Every Rep Is Now a Virtual Rep
Topics: Marketing, COVID-19/Coronavirus, Public Health
Pandemics Increase the Need for the Digital Enterprise
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, Public Health, Internet of Things IoT, General IT Services
COVID-19 and the Super Bowl LIV Databomb
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, Sports & Recreation, Sports Business, Public Health
Pandemics Are a Wake-Up Call for Technology Vendors to Offer Better Products
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, Public Health, General IT Services, Application Software
Manufacturing Resiliency in the Age of COVID-19
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, Public Health, Processes
COVID-19 Datacenter Infrastructure Supply Chain Impact Update, March 2020
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, Supply Chain Management, Public Health, Databases
Covid-19 and Latin America’s healthcare systems
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, Hospitals & Clinics, Public Health, Infectious Diseases
Regions: South America
Tech, Media, & Telecom Trends 2020 - Updated for the impact of COVID-19 - Thematic Research
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, General E-Commerce, Public Health, Cloud Computing, General IT Services, Security, Telecommunications Equipment
Coronavirus impact on UK consumers March 2020
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, Public Health, Lawn & Garden, Do-It-Yourself
Regions: United Kingdom
COVID-19 Impact on Global B2C E-Commerce and Online Payments: April 2020
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, B2C, Electronic Payments, Public Health, E-Commerce & Online Retailing, Food & Grocery Retailing
Regions: Global
How COVID-19 Impacts European ICT Markets — Mid March 2020 View
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, General IT Services, Audio, Video and Teleconferencing, Infectious Diseases
Impact of COVID-19 on the Worldwide Semiconductor Market Forecast
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, Semiconductors, Infectious Diseases
Regions: Global
The Impact of Coronavirus on FMCG and Service Sectors in China
Topics: General Apparel, COVID-19/Coronavirus, Food Packaging, Grocers, General House & Home, Consumer Goods Manufacturing, General Retailing, Infectious Diseases, Tourism
Regions: China
COVID-19 Impact on the Key Enterprise Network Infrastructure Markets
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, Equipment/Hardware, Infectious Diseases
COVID-19 Global Economic Impact March 2020 Update
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus
Regions: China, India, United States, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Global, Brazil
COVID-19 Impact on the Insurance Industry: Matters of Technology, Transparency, and Trust
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, Public Health, Technology
The Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Storage and Memory Markets
Topics: Data Storage, COVID-19/Coronavirus, Public Health
Worldwide System and Service Management Software Forecast, 2020–2024: Baseline Forecast with Coronavirus Disruption Scenarios
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, Public Health, IT Spending, Design & Development
Regions: Global
Stretch & Shrink Film
Topics: Beverage Packaging, COVID-19/Coronavirus, Food Packaging, Public Health, Films, Resins
Plumbing Fixtures & Fittings
Topics: Home Building & Improvement, Materials, Plumbing Fixtures/Supplies, COVID-19/Coronavirus, Public Health
U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2020-2021
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, Public Health, Pet Grooming Products, Pet Supplements, Pet Care Services, Pet Insurance, Pet Food, Pet Ownership Trends, E-Commerce & Online Retailing, Specialty Stores, Food & Grocery Retailing
Regions: United States
Mapping the Effects of Coronavirus on Consumer Health
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, General Pharmaceuticals, Over-the-Counter Drugs, Dietary Supplements, Prescription Drugs, Pricing, Drug Stores
Scenario Assessment of COVID-19's Impact on the MEA and Global and Smartphone Markets
Topics: Smart Phone, COVID-19/Coronavirus
Regions: Global
Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Global Market Conditions, Vaccines, Trials & Potential Treatments
Topics: Research & Development, Stem Cell, COVID-19/Coronavirus, Public Health, Research & Development, Vaccines, Infectious Diseases
Regions: Global
Impact of COVID-19 on Asia/Pacific Telecoms: Enterprise Investments in Remote Working May Accelerate Collaboration Projects
Topics: Telecommuting, COVID-19/Coronavirus, Telecommunications Equipment, General Telecommunications
Regions: Asia
The Market and Future Potential for Molecular Point of Care
Topics: Molecular Biology, Diagnostics Company Reports, Influenza, COVID-19/Coronavirus, Laboratories, Immunoassays, Point-of-Care, Medical Devices Company Reports, Pharmaceuticals Company Reports, Respiratory/Pulmonary
Regions: Asia, Europe, Global
Macau SAR Country Risk Report 2020
Topics: International Trade, COVID-19/Coronavirus, Infectious Diseases, Tourism
Regions: Macau
Global Forecast Revisions – covid-19
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, Public Health, Infectious Diseases
Regions: Global
Impact of the COVID-19 to Asia/Pacific Banks: Watch Lending Growth Instead
Topics: Banking, Influenza, COVID-19/Coronavirus, Public Health
Regions: Asia
2020 Global Coronavirus Diagnostics Market: US, Europe, Japan - Supplier Shares, Sales Segment Forecasts, Innovative Technologies and Tests, Competitive Profiles and Strategies
Topics: Antibody Technologies, COVID-19/Coronavirus, Infectious Diseases
Regions: Global
Potential Impact of the Coronavirus Outbreak on Server and Storage System Supply Chain
Topics: Servers & Mainframes, Data Storage, Influenza, COVID-19/Coronavirus, Supply Chain Management, Public Health, Infectious Diseases
Global Leadership Briefing 2020
Topics: Events, COVID-19/Coronavirus
Regions: Asia, Global
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Coronavirus Infection - Pipeline Insight, 2019
Topics: COVID-19/Coronavirus, Infectious Diseases, Respiratory/Pulmonary
Coronavirus: Impact on, and Implications for, the Global Supply Chain
Topics: Influenza, COVID-19/Coronavirus, Supply Chain Management, Public Health, Infectious Diseases
Regions: Global


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