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  • Global Personalized Medicine Market – Types, Technologies and Applications

    ... integrated with advanced analytics, patient data, customized medicines and other possibilities. Personalized Medicine will transform the entire pharmaceutical value chain, from early development to companies’ go-to-market models, and the next five years will be a ... Read More

  • Industrial Enzymes – A Global Market Overview

    ... in a wide segment of the population. Governments across the globe have incentivized the use of biofuels as cleaner alternatives to fossil fuel-based energy options, which has spurred the market for industrial enzymes. Advancements in ... Read More

  • Synthetic Biology – A Global Market Overview

    ... and private bodies, growing demand for better-quality drugs and vaccines and advancements in the area of molecular biology, to name a few. However, the factors responsible for hampering growth of Synthetic Biology include expensive research ... Read More

  • Biomaterials – A Global Market Overview

    ... also taken the lead in providing funds for introducing novel products and increasing awareness pertaining to the benefits of these materials. Leading players in this space have been engaged in constant R&D efforts to introduce ... Read More

  • Cord Blood Stem Cells – A Global Market Overview

    ... 2017 and continues to grow with more technological advancement in the next five years as well owing the demand for stem cell therapies and research. Asia-Pacific market is expected to grow at an elevated CAGR ... Read More

  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) – A Global Market Overview

    ... to its attributes, such as detection and quantification of DNA and RNA genetic materials. North America leads the global market for PCR, estimated at US$3.5 billion (40.3% share) in 2017, which is expected to maintain ... Read More

  • Biophotonics – A Global Market Overview

    ... mechanical and chemical properties of biological materials and systems. Though the initial focus of this technology has been in providing enhanced diagnosis for various health conditions, the current application of Biophotonics in a multitude of ... Read More

  • Tissue Engineering: Technologies and Therapeutic Areas - A Global Market Overview

    ... basic and applied multidisciplinary biomedical research. This subject utilization of the principles and methods employed in engineering and life sciences, which are then combined with clinical expertise with a focus on developing biological tissue substitutes ... Read More

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Biotechnology market research reports by Industry Experts

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