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Venezuela Pet Services & Supplies

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  • Pet Products in Venezuela

    ... The negative effects of the crisis were compounded by the fact that with the exception of pet healthcare, most product types in this category were not regarded as essential by pet owners. Even pet healthcare ... Read More

  • Dog Food in Venezuela

    ... consumers. This situation was compounded by a steep drop in consumer purchasing power, which according to Venezuelan polling firm Datanálisis fell by 42% between March 2016 and August 2017. These conditions have compelled many owners ... Read More

  • Cat Food in Venezuela

    ... major barriers in accessing foreign currency since 2016, resulting in significant shortages of cat food products. Some Venezuelans have adapted by feeding their cats with dog food (when it is available) or table scraps/leftovers. However, ... Read More

  • Other Pet Food in Venezuela

    ... supply. Difficult trading conditions also discouraged new launches by established companies and the entry of new players. The category’s performance was further undermined as Venezuela’s economic crisis continued to erode purchasing power and made people ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Venezuela

    ... that many consumers struggled to afford packaged pet food. This led some dog and cat owners to abandon their pets. However, abandonment was not an option for owners who consider their pets to be members ... Read More

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