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  • Switzerland Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report Q1 2018

    ... expect sales of high-value innovative medicines will continue to decline in 2018 before returning to growth in 2019, albeit marginally. Over the longer-term, medicine sales will be driven by an ageing population coupled with the ... Read More

  • Switzerland Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q2 2016

    ... of chronic conditions will account for a large proportion of the total disease burden over the next 15 years. Like many other developed states, Switzerland is introducing cost-containment measures to restrict the commercial opportunities presented ... Read More

  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report - Switzerland Q3 2014

    ... consumption levels (as a result of an ageing population) and the population's preference for high-value innovative treatments for chronic diseases over lower-value generic medicines. The government operates a generous medicine reimbursement scheme and the country ... Read More