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  • Puerto Rico Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2019

    ... to support the development of Puerto Rico's healthcare and pharmaceutical markets. However, we expect the territoryto struggle to provide major commercial opportunities, in the face of lacking federal funding and the need for fiscal austerity. Read More

  • Cuba Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2019

    ... as the main factorsdriving medicine sales. However, increasing US sanctions on Cuba, a poor intellectual property environment and a relativelycompetitive domestic industry make Cuba a highly challenging market with few opportunities for multinational drugmakers. Cubawill ... Read More

  • Cuba Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report Q3 2018

    ... slowly materialises. Cuba's well-developedbiomedicine and healthcare sector will create opportunities for research and development while the Cuban ageing population willtranslate into rising demand for chronic disease treatment. Thus, commercial opportunities for advanced medicines that are ... Read More

  • Puerto Rico Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q4 2017

    ... addition, fundingfor Puerto Rico's medical system under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will remain in jeopardy, givenrepeal efforts in the US Congress as well as the rising uncertainty over the level of funding once the ... Read More

  • Cuba Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q2 2016

    ... 'threat' of the free-market. The Chinese style (morefree market-oriented and flexible) governmental measures in the special development zone will providesignificant investment opportunities for pharmaceutical companies. Headline Expenditure Projections Pharmaceuticals: CUP1.51bn (USD1.51bn) in 2015 to CUP1.61bn ... Read More

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