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  • Lifestyles of Multicultural Young Adults - US - November 2017

    ... older generations and will continue to become even more so in the years ahead. In this Report, Mintel provides an in-depth understanding of how this group lives, including where they reside, whom they spend their ... Read More

  • Marketing to the iGeneration - US - April 2016

    ... marketers need to pay closer attention to this generation’s priorities and how their behavior differs from the dominant Millennials." - Fiona O'Donnell, Category Manager - Multicultural, Lifestyles, Leisure and Travel This report discusses differences that ... Read More

  • Collegiate Gen Y Eating: Culinary Trend Mapping Report

    ... an eye on nutrition and the health of the planet. These attributes haven’t changed and over time we’ve been able to see more clearly how they are playing out and strategically assess their future impact ... Read More

  • Millennials in the U.S.

    ... back to their parents’ home and married and unmarried couples with and without kids. Gen-Y consumers encompass college grads with high-paying full-time jobs and credit cards and bank accounts as well as those struggling with ... Read More

  • Millennials in the U.S.: Trends and Opportunities Surrounding Gen-Y Adults

    ... while those with jobs are most likely to have been asked at some point during the recession to work fewer hours, switch to part-time employment or agree to have their pay cut. Yet, paradoxically, survey ... Read More

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