Recent Physicians' Offices Research for November 2020

Topics: Diabetes, Physicians' Offices
Regions: United States
Physician Views: Ofev Approved, Esbriet Label Updated – What Impact On IPF-Treating Pulmonologists In The EU5?
Topics: Physicians' Offices, Manufacturing, Packaging & Detailing, Respiratory/Pulmonary
Trends in Preventative Healthcare (Technical Insights)
Topics: Obesity, Physicians' Offices, Services, Cardiovascular
Health care System Development in Kenya and Rwanda
Topics: Hospitals & Clinics, Physicians' Offices, Services
Regions: Kenya, Rwanda
Physician Views: Do cardiologists agree with payer rhetoric on PCSK9 inhibitors?
Topics: Physicians' Offices, Cardiovascular
Physician Views: Will PEGASUS data make AstraZeneca's Brilinta fly?
Topics: Physicians' Offices, Pharmaceuticals Company Reports, Clinical Trial
Physician Views: CMS guidance on biosimilar reimbursement – what do oncologists and rheumatologists think?
Topics: Biosimilars, Physicians' Offices
Physician Views: What commercial impact for Eylea from the Protocol T study in diabetic macular oedema?
Topics: Diabetes, Physicians' Offices, Ophthalmology
Physician Views: With Januvia data looming, what impact will FDA AdComm have on use of DPP-IV inhibitors?
Topics: Physicians' Offices, Clinical Trial
Physician Views: Assessing recent commercial dynamics in the multiple sclerosis market
Topics: Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Physicians' Offices
Physician Views: Evaluating the launch of Novartis' Cosentyx for psoriasis
Topics: Biotechnology Company Reports, Psoriasis, Physicians' Offices, Manufacturing, Packaging & Detailing
Building Strong Cross-Functional Medical Affairs Teams
Topics: Physicians' Offices, Healthcare Administration
Medical Affairs Reputations (US): Multiple Sclerosis
Topics: Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Physicians' Offices
Regions: United States
Physical Therapists Global Market Briefing 2017
Topics: Physicians' Offices
Regions: Global
Patient Portals in Africa
Topics: Physicians' Offices, Internet & e-Health, Portals/Vertical Sites
Physician Views: Are Dermatologists Ready For A New Class Of Psoriasis Therapies?
Topics: Psoriasis, Physicians' Offices, Dermatology
Physician Views: The Hepatitis C Pricing War - What Impact On Prescribers?
Topics: Hepatitis, Physicians' Offices, Regulation & Policy, Pricing
Physician Views – Sanofi secures US Toujeo approval, but are endocrinologists convinced?
Topics: Physicians' Offices, Pharmaceuticals Company Reports, Clinical Trial
Regions: United States
Physician Views: Which companies excel in diabetes drug marketing and why?
Topics: Diabetes, Physicians' Offices
Physician Views: Assessing competition in the idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis market
Topics: Physicians' Offices, Drug Discovery, Respiratory/Pulmonary
Physician Views: How have recent data, study design events shaped doctors’ thinking on lead NASH agents
Topics: Physicians' Offices, Prescription Drugs, Drug Discovery
Physician Views: Will patient switching studies support biosimilar adoption?
Topics: Biosimilars, Physicians' Offices
Physician Views: How do doctors see Praluent and Repatha stacking up after FDA panel meetings?
Topics: Physicians' Offices, Regulation & Policy, Prescription Drugs

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