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Automotive Megatrends

Automotive Megatrends

The global automotive industry stands on the brink of unprecedented change. Unstoppable megatrends that reflect a confluence of factors – economic, demographic and technological – are set to reshape the industry over the next decade. New markets will rise and new technologies will emerge to meet the challenges ahead.

As the long-standing editor of automotive industry commentators, Dave Leggett is ideally placed to survey the emergence of megatrends that are reshaping the automotive industry. They are driven by new imperatives – such as tighter regulatory standards due to climate change concerns and new personal connectivity innovations - as well as the familiar ones that have driven the steady growth of car markets and the automotive industry over the past century.

Extract: “The traditional car ownership model that has served the auto industry so well for the past century is far from dead. However, we are seeing some important changes in the transportation market - especially in urban areas - and participants in that market, including suppliers, need to be acutely aware of future pressure points and how their business can be impacted.”

This 56-page report explores eight vital megatrends that are already having profound effects on the automotive industry, and that will continue to dominate the global conversation:

Urbanisation and the rise of megacities
The multi-polar world and emerging economies
Industrial consolidation - OEMs and suppliers
The drive for greener cars
The proliferation of new business models
ADAS (advanced active safety systems) and autonomous cars
Connected cars and connected people
The digital retail revolution

In this exclusive report, Leggett offers a top-level view of these megatrends at work. Moreover, he also includes an assessment of how companies – vehicle manufacturers and automotive component suppliers - need to act now to strategically address the changes that are coming.

Increase your understanding of the unstoppable megatrends that will forever change the face of the automotive industry - buy this report today.


Executive summary


Growth of urbanisation

A multi-polar world

Economic forecasts point to a multi-polar world
The commodity prices crash clouds the emerging markets outlook
China slowdown coming, risks have got bigger
Asia’s other giant: India
Long-term global economic shifts intact
Table: Selected emerging markets - key automotive trend indicators
Market summaries - Brazil, Russia, India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, Iran, South Africa, Nigeria
Key prescriptive takeaways for OEMs and suppliers

Industrial consolidation

More OEM alliances?
More Asian OEM consolidation ahead
Table: Vehicle production by company groups, 2014 – Top 25
Supplier consolidation is driven by rise of advanced technologies
Key prescriptive takeaways for OEMs (auto manufacturers) and suppliers

The drive for greener cars

The quest for cleaner energy and powertrain technology
Diesel takes a hit in Europe
Traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) will stay dominant, with shift to Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)
Table: Share of light vehicle production, 2025
Electrification to rise
New materials and techniques for lighter weight
Key prescriptive takeaways for OEMs and suppliers

New business models proliferate

Car sharing
Traditional car sharing
Peer-to-peer carsharing
Reinventing the taxi service
Corporate car sharing
Car companies or ‘mobility service providers’?
Key prescriptive takeaways for OEMs

ADAS morphs into autonomous

Unclear timelines for autonomous
Autonomous vehicles ahead, but how far? including graph
Key prescriptive takeaways for OEMs and suppliers

Connected cars and connected people

Seamless connectivity
Embedded (Onboard) vs. Brought-In
Automotive lifecycle vs. Tech lifecycle
GM Onstar rollout to Europe up the ante
Key prescriptive takeaways for OEMs

The digital retail revolution

Omni-channel expectations come with digital platforms
Rockar Hyundai targets young, affluent shoppers
Key prescriptive takeaways for OEMs

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