Academic Subscription

Our Academic Subscription is available to colleges, universities, specialized military education and training institutions, and other institutions of higher education operating in, or funded by, U.S. Government National Security and Civilian Agencies.

This subscription is a resource for students, professors, and researchers in academic environments who are:

  • Conducting their own business intelligence and market research
  • Preparing reports and presentations for decision making
  • Evaluating reports prepared by others for decision making

    Special features of the subscription are:

  • Continuous updating of the database of reports
  • The currency of the MarketLooks reports included in the service

    Current MarketLooks reports are especially useful in practical research and decision-making situations.

    The subscription provides access to:

  • Each new MarketLooks report from Kalorama Information and Packaged Facts published during the 12-month subscription period
  • The entire archive of Kalorama Information and Packaged Facts MarketLooks reports, published since 1998
  • The entire archive of Kalorama Information and Packaged Facts Profile reports, published since 1994

    Qualified U.S. government customers purchasing a Academic Subscription via FEDLINK are entitled to our Seminar and Workshop on Market Research and Government Decision Making. This valuable four-hour seminar, in two sessions, will be delivered, upon your request, on-site one time during each subscription year. Subscribers must provide facilities for the Seminar and Workshop, pre-register at least 10 and no more than 20 users/patrons for it, and reimburse us only for pre-authorized travel and related expenses.