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Total Youth Research specializes in market reports covering Generation Y Millennials and Generation Z. With over 15 years of research across 6 continents, we help clients get a better understanding of the latest youth trends, what's driving those trends and how companies can turn trends into marketing advantage.
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52 Reports from Total Youth Research

  • The Total Youth Mobile Report 2015

    ... The Total Youth Mobile Report 2015 400 Slide PDF presentation 32 statistical charts Super high definition visuals designed to look amazing on your laptop or tablet Ready to present right off the deck Read More

  • The Total Youth Trends Report 2015

    ... The Total Youth Trends Report 2015 400 Slide PDF presentation 32 statistical charts Super high definition visuals designed to look amazing on your laptop or tablet Ready to present right off the deck Read More

  • Youth and Handset Brands

    ... the youth market with a hope that their young customers will stick with them in adulthood. Other brands take an indirect approach and establish themselves as aspirational brands for young consumers. What is the correct ... Read More

  • Win Hearts and Minds of Customers

    ... hearts and minds of customers. What we have found is that winning the hearts and minds of customers has less to do with product features and more to do with emotional appeal of the brand. ... Read More

  • Youth and Handset Pricing

    ... approach of cheap handset models help the brand win the youth market? What do youth look for when they make a handset purchase decision? How can brands retain their young customers when their contract expires ... Read More

  • Mobile Handsets & Women

    ... However, every time a mobile brand reaches out to young women, their actions are restricted to gender driven initiatives such as a pink product launch, failing to effectively connect with young women in the long ... Read More

  • Youth Strategy: HTC, Motorola, Sony

    ... and RIM. The growth of smartphone has allowed new players like HTC, ZTE, LG and Huawei to grab a slice of the market as well. But the big question for all brands remains the same: ... Read More

  • Youth and Mobile Operators

    ... how operators can effectively acquire youth customers and earn their loyalty. We also cover new revenue opportunities for operators in the youth market and latest youth trends in mobile messaging, gaming, shopping, social media & ... Read More

  • Youth and Prepaid Market

    ... prepaid plans instead of having to rely on family contracts where handset costs were subsidized. But there is more to prepaid that attracts the attention of young customers and will continue to do so in ... Read More

  • Youth and Mobile Music Services

    ... plethora of music apps offer a richer, more interactive music experience. What is the revenue opportunity for mobile operators from music and how do they successfully build a music offering for their young customers? This ... Read More

  • Youth and Social Media Marketing

    ... all mobile brands have a social media presence, but they all have more than a million Facebook likes and thousands of Twitter followers. So what do mobile brands do now with all the people on ... Read More

  • Youth and Mobile Video

    ... their mobile at home, in stores, at the workplace and when with friends. It is vital more than ever now for mobile operators and app developers to understand how youth are using mobile video, what ... Read More

  • Identifying Brand Fans

    ... how they impact your business, debunk some of the myths on Fans prevalent in the industry and finally identify your Fans by age and gender groups. The briefing answers 5 key questions on Fans of ... Read More

  • Marketing Metrics for Mobile Brands

    ... effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Is it enough to measure brand awareness and recall before and after a campaign to deem the campaign a success? Are the existing metrics there to pat each other on ... Read More

  • The Disconnected Generation

    ... have been called the Disconnected Generation. This report looks into the increasing number of thin connections youth have today, why they seek a social over an efficient experience in every aspect of their life, and ... Read More

  • Active & Passive Communication

    ... Passive communication also extends to digital technology e.g. use of emoticons in SMS Marketing and innovation have always focused more on active communication believing in the myth that active communication shapes people's opinions and behavior. ... Read More

  • Brands, Fans and Emotion

    ... relevant. However, real Fans cannot be bought with cheap discounts or created overnight with the launch of a new feature rich, state-of-the-art product. Find out how people become Fans of a brand over their lifetime. Read More

  • Dynamics of Community

    ... vibrant communities around a shared passion or a cause. We call these communities Interest Economies. The rise of Interest Economies has allowed outcasts of yesteryears (geeks, nerds etc) to rise up and claim their rightful ... Read More

  • End of Customer Segmentation

    ... apply to the modern customer. This report presents an alternative to segmenting your customers. Key questions answered: Why is customer segmentation no longer a manageable and efficient marketing tool? How does customer segment fail to ... Read More

  • Apple Customer Experience

    ... in the last 5 years based solely on consisntently providing a great customer experience for its customers. This report focuses on the three pillars of Customer Experience that make Apple the most loved and profitable ... Read More

  • Youth, Mobile and Influence

    ... key to acquiring new customers and preventing churn. This report answers the following key questions on youth, mobile and influence: 1. Why is influence important for handset sales? 2. Who drives influence and where does ... Read More

  • Youth, Mobile and Retail

    ... plan. Additionally, the ability to access information via smartphone when inside a retail store has changed young people's shopping behavior. They are no longer reliant on store employees to make decisions but can connect with ... Read More

  • Teens and the Future of Social Media

    ... adult consumers. Today, teens are shaping the future of Social Media on their smartphones. To understand how we will be using these services in the future, we need to look at how teens are using ... Read More

  • Youth and Mobile Pricing

    ... a) Trends in mobile spending by age & location, b) Trends in Prepaid vs Postpaid spending, and c) Trends in mobile apps & VAS spending 2. PRICING INFLUENCE ON PURCHASE AND LOYALTY The 3 ways ... Read More

  • 15 Brands That Define The Future Of Mobile

    ... this going to affect handset brands, operator brands and mobile app developers? Which non-mobile brands are innovating to transform the mobile industry? The mobileYouth research team highlights the top 15 brands that lead the way ... Read More

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