Global Telcos Multi-pronged Service Offerings in 2016

“Global Telcos Multi-pronged Service Offerings in 2016” report provides an overview of the various services and strategies being pursued by the telcos globally to enhance their revenues and increase customer satisfaction. It includes an overview of the current fixed and mobile market global. The report also includes finding from more than 50 operators globally for the survey conducted by WiseStrokes for the pricing strategies for various services. The report highlights about the various services, strategies and offerings of the global telcos. The plans and service details alongwith the service overview can be used as benchmark against other telcos to launch new services and further enhance the existing offerings to increase revenue monetization.

Key Features:

  • An overview of the global mobile telephony market and growth trends across regions from 2006-2016.
  • Provides guidance on the mobile subscribers for various technologies – 2015 v/s 2016 and forecast of global smartphone shipments for 2015-2021 (by vendors and mobile OS).
  • Report emphasized and provides detailed information about the various services being offered by telcos like Connected Cars Apps, Music streaming services, real time campaign management, mobile apps, Handset
  • promotions and device financing offerings by telcos.
  • Report contains data, details and analysis in graphical and tabular format- which makes it easily interpretable.
  • The report contains survey finding based on inputs received from more than 50 global telcos for the mobile services pricing strategies.
  • Some of the leading companies mentioned in the report includes AT&T, Verizon, Singtel, Vodafone, U Mobile Malaysia, Optus Australia, Spark, Boost Mobile, Airtel, Swisscom, Globe Telecom, Ooredoo, Telenor Pakistan, StarHub, M1, Mobily, Dialog, Ncell, Orange, MTN, Etisalat, Sprint, Virgin Mobile, DiGi, Robi, Claro, O2 UK

1. Overview of Global Fixed and Mobile Market
Global Mobile Subscriptions growth trend, 2006-2016
Regional Mobile Subscription growth trend, 2006-2016
Mobile Subscription growth trends
Mobile subscriptions per 100 inhabitants, 2006-2016
Mobile Broadband subscribers across regions, 2010-2016
Global Data Traffic, 2015-2021
Global Handset and Smartphone Shipments
Global Smartphone Shipments - By Vendors
Global Smartphone Shipments - By Operating System
2. WiseStrokes Survey Results
Survey Results – Preferred Method for Charging for Mobile Data services
Survey Results – Preferred Pricing methodology for Mobile data offerings
Survey Results – Barriers for adoption of 3G or 4G/LTE services
Survey Results – Factors for selection/Rejection of 3G or 4G/LTE services
Survey Results – Factors for selecting the current mobile data provider
3. Customer Engagement strategies and Services offerings by telcos
OTT Video Services - Overview
OTT Video services - Business Models
OTT Video Providers – Service Offerings and Details
Music Streaming Services - Overview
Music Streaming Monetization Strategies
Music Streaming Services - U Mobile Malaysia
Music Streaming Services - Optus Australia
Music Streaming Services - Spark New Zealand
Music Streaming Services - Indosat Ooredoo
Music Streaming Services - Globe Philippines
Music Streaming Services - Boost Mobile
Music Streaming Services - Airtel India
Mobile Payments – Overview
Benefits of Mobile Financial Services to the key Ecosystem Players
Mobile Money services deployment across key regions, 2015
Global Mobile money services availability, 2015
Mobile Money Offerings - Bharti Airtel (India)
Mobile Money Offerings – Telenor (Pakisatan)
Mobile Money Offerings – Econet Wireless ( Zimbawbe)
Multiplay Services – Overview
Multiplay Services - Initiatives
Multiplay Services – Offerings and Value Proposition
Inflight Connectivity services - Overview
Technologies used to provide Inflight Connectivity Services
Inflight Connectivity services by Telcos
Bill Shock Prevention Offerings – Overview
Bill Shock Prevention offerings - Singtel
Bill Shock Prevention offerings - Telstra
Bill Shock Prevention offerings - Verizon
Bill Shock Prevention offerings - Orange
Bill Shock Prevention offerings - Vodafone Australia
Handset Promotions and Device Financing Plans by Telcos – Overview
Handset Promotions and Device Financing Plans by Telcos
Device Financing - MTN Nigeria
Device Financing - Orange Kenya
Device Financing - Etisalat Nigeria
Handset Discounts offered by Telcos - Sprint
Handset Discounts offered by Telcos - Boost Mobile
Handset Discounts offered by Telcos - Virgin Mobile
Device Financing by Telcos - AT&T
Device Financing by Telcos - Sprint
Device Financing by Telcos - Verizon
Device Financing by Telcos - Virgin Mobile
Data Rollover Plans – Overview
Data Rollover Plans – AT&T and Virgin Mobile
Data Rollover Plans – Verizon and Telstra
Data Rollover Plans – H2O and Optus Australia
Data Rollover Plans – iDMobile and DiGi Malaysia
Connected Cars – Overview
Connected Cars – Apps
Customer Loyalty Programs – Overview
Loyalty Programs - Ways to enhance Customer Loyalty
Strategies adopted by Telcos to accelerate mobile data revenues
Customer Loyalty Program - RedOne Malaysia
Customer Loyalty Program - VIVA Bahrain
Customer Loyalty Program - Proximus Belgium
Customer Loyalty Program - Robi Bangladesh
Customer Loyalty Program - Airtel Rwanda
Customer Loyalty Program - Swisscom
Customer Loyalty Program - Claro Argentina
Customer Loyalty Program - MCI Iran
Customer Loyalty Program - Vivo Brazil
Mobile Applications – Overview
Mobile Applications – Inhouse Mobile Apps offered by Telcos
Real time Campaign Management - Overview
Real time Campaign Management - Optus Australia
Real time Campaign Management - Robi Axiata Ltd (Bangladesh)
Real time Campaign Management - Globe Telecom
Real time Campaign Management - Warid Telecom
Real time Campaign Management - Zantel Tanzania
Real time Campaign Management - O2 UK
List of Figures
Figure 1: Global Mobile Subscriptions growth trend, 2006-2016
Figure 2: Mobile Subscriptions growth trend across regions, 2006-2016
Figure 3: Mobile Subscription per 100 inhabitants across regions, 2006-2016
Figure 4: Active Mobile broadband subscriber growth trend across regions, 2010-2016*
Figure 5: Monthly Data Traffic, 2015 &2021
Figure 6: Mobile Subscription trend by Technology, 2015 & 2021
Figure 7: Global Fixed Telephony Subscribers across regions growth Trend, 2006-2016
Figure 8: Fixed Broadband subscriber growth trend across regions, 2011-2016
Figure 9: Global Handset and Smartphones sales forecast, 2015-2021
Figure 10: Global Smartphone Shipments forecast (by vendors), 2015-2021
Figure 11: Global Smartphone Shipments forecast (by mobile OS), 2015-2021
Figure 12: Key Players involves in the Mobile Payment Ecosystem
Figure 13: Mobile Money deployments across key regions, 2015
Figure 14: Number of Mobile Money deployments globally across regions, 2015
Figure 15: Telenor Pakistan- EasyPaisa Khushal Beema service offering
Figure 16: Major telcos offering Inflight Connectivity services
Figure 17: Orange Holiday Plan
Figure 18: Vodafone Australia My Vodafone App offering
Figure 19: LG and AT&T Device financing offering
Figure 20: Orange Kenya and Equity Bank partnership for device financing
Figure 21: Etisalat Nigeria and Samsung device financing partnership offering
Figure 22: Airtel Night Plan
Figure 23: Reliance Postpaid Device sharing plans
Figure 24: Social Networking plans offering by Telenor India
Figure 25: VIVA Bahrain - Customer Loyalty Program Partners
Figure 26: Airtel Rwanda rewards program offerings
Figure 27: Claro Club Program categories
Figure 28: Claro Club Program benefits
Figure 29: MCI Turquise Club Program benefits
Figure 30: Benefits of the Vivo comprass loyalty program
List of Tables
Table 1: Mobile broadband subscriber per 100 inhabitants, 2010-2016
Table 2: Music Streaming service price plans – U Mobile Malaysia
Table 3: Music Streaming service price plans – Optus Australia
Table 4: Music Streaming service price plans – Spark New Zealand
Table 5: Music Streaming service price plans – Indosat Ooredoo
Table 6: Music Streaming service price plans – Globe Philippines
Table 7: Music Streaming service price plans – Boost Mobile US
Table 8: Music Streaming service price plans – Airtel India
Table 9: Benefits of Mobile Financial Services to the key Ecosystem Players
Table 10: Airtel Money subscriber growth trends in India
Table 11: Key KPIs of EcoCash service in Zimbawbe, Feb’13-Feb’15
Table 12: New Zealand Inflight Connectivity Tariff
Table 13: Ncell Inflight Connectivity Tariff
Table 14: Omantel Inflight Connectivity Tariff
Table 15: Bill Shock offering by telcos
Table 16: Telstra international data roaming tariffs
Table 17: Vodafone Australia Data Add-ons
Table 18: Examples of Device Financing/Offerings by Telcos
Table 19: MTN Device Financing Details
Table 20: Customer Loyalty Program details- RedOne Malaysia
Table 21: Customer Loyalty Program Levels - VIVA Bahrain
Table 22: Robi Dhonnobad Program customer offering
Table 23: Robi Dhonnobad Program customer categories
Table 24: Swisscom Priorité rewards program details
Table 25: Data Rollover Plan details – AT&T
Table 26: Data Rollover Plan details – Virgin Mobile Australia
Table 27: Data Rollover Plan details – Verizon
Table 28: Data Rollover Plan details – Telstra
Table 29: Data Rollover Plan details – H2O
Table 30: Data Rollover Plan details – Optus
Table 31: Data Rollover Plan details – iDMobile
Table 32: Data Rollover Plan details – DiGi Malaysia

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