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Global Telco OTT Cooperation Strategies 2018 - Growing revenue through OTT services

Global Telco OTT Cooperation Strategies 2018 - Growing revenue through OTT services

This research report highlights the need for telcos to better manage their cooperation strategies with major internet players around the world, or in other words OTT services. The report provides an in depth view of the major OTT players globally and their impact on different regions and verticals such as communications, music, video and social media. Along with this, the report also goes into detail about different telco strategies to either work with or ward off the OTT disruption in their markets. The report provides global, regional and country level insights through case studies of telcos and how they have worked with OTT players. In addition to this, the report also contains historical and forecasted data on the user growth for the OTT industry at a global and regional level. Not only this, but the data also includes key players such as Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram at a global level. Some of the leading companies mentioned in the report include Singtel, Starhub, Globe TelecomInstagram, Orange Egypt, Vodacom, Netflix, China Mobile, Ooredoo, Saudi telecom (STC) Facebook, O2, Verizon, Rogers Canada and lots more.

Key Features:

  • OTT user forecasts - Contains data on historical and forecasted data of OTT users by industry from 2018 to 2022. The data is for global OTT users as well across key regions such as North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.
  • Forecasted growth of key OTT players – Provides data on the historical and forecasted growth of key players in the industry at a global level such as Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Netflix and Spotify.
  • Over 30 Case Studies - An in depth look at over 30 key players in the market across the world, with a well represented balance in each region.
  • Localizing global case studies – Highlights case studies of exceptional telcos that have been early movers in the industry and also provide a local understanding of the global case studies.
  • Identifying cooperation strategies- Recommendation for telcos to better work with OTT players in order to find new ways to grow revenue and reduce churn.
  • Waves of OTT disruption – Highlights the different stages of OTT disruption whilst identifying the current stage and warning of the next level of disruption.
  • Internet disruptors - An understanding of what OTT services are doing in the space, and how they are working with telcos to grow data revenues.

Global View
Competitive Landscape
State of play for telcos
First Telco Casualties
OTT Service Waves of Disruption
Key OTT players by the numbers
The Telco Perspective 
Data First Telcos
MVNOs strengthen their position
Evolution of mobile telco offered services
Growth areas for telcos
Telco OTT Cooperation 
Role of cooperation between telcos and OTT across verticals
Types of cooperation using the telco advantage
Impact on telcos by region
Impact on telcos by vertical
Business models and Monetization 
OTT Business Models
Types of OTT business models
OTT - Telco cooperation business models
Telco only business models to combat OTT
Emergence of new OTT services 
Smart Home
Regional Overview
Popular Players by Region
OTT Telco Cooperation by region
Regional Analysis: Case Studies 
South America
South America by the numbers
Claro Brazil: OTT cooperation in fixed & mobile
TIM Brazil: Leads with OTT Video
Digicel Jamaica: Grows with OTT
Asia- Pacific by the numbers
Tencent: Asia’s OTT Giant
Singtel: Launches HOOQ and Wavee
Starhub: Works closely with OTT
China Unicom: The disruptor
Bharti Airtel: Dual OTT Strategy
Bharti Airtel ties up with Amazon Prime Video
Globe continues partnership with Facebook
China Mobile: Data first telco
Digi Malaysia: Widest range of OTT tie ups
Africa by the numbers
Orange Egypt: Content via the internet
MTN Ghana: Video as the foundation
Vodacom: Calls for OTT regulation
Econet: OTT bundling strategy
Airtel Nigeria: OTT Content Strategy
Middle East
Middle East by the numbers
STC Saudi Arabia: Video partnerships strong
Etisalat UAE: Ban on WhatsApp lifted
Ooredoo Kuwait: Social media packs
Europe by the numbers
O2 UK: Focus on music and video
E-Plus: WhatsApp SIM
KPN: Fighting off WhatsApp
Deutsche Telekom creates its own path
Turkcell: Fights OTT and wins
North America
North America by the numbers
AT&T USA: Building their own content app
Verizon USA: Cooperation reap benefit
Rogers Canada: OTT content ushers growth
Facebook: 2 bn and counting
Instagram: The new face of social networking
Google: Social media struggles
List of Charts
Chart 1: Five waves of disruption on telcos
Chart 2: OTT Communications users to grow by 1.6 billion
Chart 3: WhatsApp secures long term win
Chart 4: More users consume OTT video than music
Chart 5: Spotify and Netflix to add more than 100 million users
Chart 6: Social media/network growth slows
Chart 7: Facebook to grow slowly but steadily
Chart 8: Business models by vertical
Chart 9: Regional Split: OTT Communications User Base 2018 - 2022
Chart 10: Regional Split: Social Media User Base 2018 - 2022
Chart 11: Regional Split: OTT Music User Base 2018 - 2022
Chart 12: Regional Split: OTT Video User Base 2018 - 2022
Chart 13: South America OTT Communications
Chart 14: South America Social Media
Chart 15: South America OTT Music
Chart 16: South America OTT Video
Chart 17: Asia-Pacific OTT Communications
Chart 18: Asia-Pacific Social Media
Chart 19: Asia-Pacific OTT Music
Chart 20: Asia-Pacific OTT Video
Chart 21: WeChat becomes a global heavyweight
Chart 22: Africa OTT Communications
Chart 23: Africa Social Media
Chart 24: Africa OTT Music
Chart 25: Africa OTT Video
Chart 26: Middle East OTT Communications
Chart 27: Middle East Social Media
Chart 28: Middle East OTT Music
Chart 29: Middle East OTT Video
Chart 30: Europe OTT Communications
Chart 31: Europe Social Media
Chart 32: Europe OTT Music
Chart 33: Europe OTT Video
Chart 34: North America OTT Communications
Chart 35: North America Social Media
Chart 36: North America OTT Music
Chart 36: North America OTT Video
Chart 37: Facebook’s user growth path
Chart 38: WhatsApp to reach 2.5 billion users
Chart 39: Instagram to hit 1 bn users in 2020
Chart 40: YouTube user growth slows
List ofTables
Table 1: First Telco Casualties
Table 2: Key OTT Players at a glance
Table 3: Telco Advantages in OTT Cooperation
Table 4: Types of OTT business models

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