Youth League and Team Sports

Youth League and Team Sports

WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Youth League and Team Sports: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2022 to 2028. The 2022 study has 270 pages, 153 tables and figures. Worldwide markets have increased as the youth teams achieve broad community appeal. Youth Sports markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as the advantages brought by using apps for youth sports drive compelling adoption rates, bringing lots of advertising revenue to app vendors once the pandemic abates. Strong coaching training and tools bring a level of ecellence not seen in earlier eras.

1. Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports: Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1 Youth League Sports Market Dynamics
1.2 Participation in Sports Develops Core Values in Youth
1.2.1 Professional Sports Embrace Youth Development Programs
1.2.2 Emphasizes Fundamentals for Youth
1.3 Clothing and Apparel a Core Aspect of Youth Sports Market
1.3.1 Little League Chose Dick’s Team Sports HQ As Its Tech Provider
1.4 Hotels Leverage Vendor Positioning in Youth Sports Markets
1.5 Youth Sports League Software Is Highly Specialized
1.6 Barriers to Youth Sports Participation
1.6.1 Barriers to Youth Sports Participation
1.6.2 Aim to Ensure That All Kids Have the Chance to Grow Up Fit and Strong
1.6.3 Developing the Athletic and Human Potential of a Child
1.7 Youth Team Web Sites
1.7.1 Youth Sports Team Web Presence
1.8 Youth Sports Software Communications Functions
2. Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports Market Shares and Forecasts
2.1 Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 Youth League Sports Market Dynamics
2.1.2 Innovation Is Core to the Market Growth of Youth Sports Organizations
2.2 Youth Sports Team, League, and Tournament Market Shares
2.2.1 Movement Toward Travel Teams
2.2.2 Linking to Team Sponsors
2.2.3 Youth League Sports Market Growth Development Programs
2.2.4 Youth League Sports Software Functions
2.2.5 Team Sports Financial Reporting
2.2.6 Youth Team Sports Acquisitions
2.2.7 Youth League Sports Apps Model Market Factors
2.2.8 Applications
2.3 Youth League Sports Market Forecasts
2.3.1 Youth Sports Team, League, and Tournament Market Segments, Dollars, Worldwide
2.4 Youth Team, League, and Tournament Facilities Market, Number Field Rentals
2.5 Youth League Sports Regional Market Analysis
2.3.2 U.S. Sports Profile
2.3.3 US Youth Sports Regional Analysis by MSA Region
2.3.4 Youth Team Sites Revenue Model
2.3.5 Canada
3 Youth League Sports Product Description
3.1 Vendors Build Brand with Significant, Targeted Upper Middle-Class Demographics
3.1.1 Vendors Address Needs of Different Types of Teams
3.1.2 Stack Sports GoalLine
3.1.3 Stack Sports Strengths
3.1.4 Stack Sports Challenges
4 Youth and Recreational League Sports Research and Technology
4.1 Payment Gateways
4.1.1 Payment Processing Solutions for a League
4.1.2 Recommended Merchant Broker Gateway
4.2 Responsive Web Design
4.2.1 Robust Website Structure
4.3 Tournament Types
4.3.1 Match Day Types
4.4 Season Registration & eSport Configuration
4.5 Venue
4.6 FE Management
4.6.1 Extra fields
4.7 Artificial Intelligence and Software
4.8 Nike Open Source Software
5 Youth and Recreational League Sports Software Company Profiles
5.1 Adidas
5.2 Global Payments / Active Network
2.5.1 Active Network / Active Sports
5.2.1 Active Network
5.2.2 Active Network Global Payments
5.2.3 Active Network / Active Sports
5.2.4 Active Sports Strengths
5.2.5 Active Sports Challenges
5.2.6 Active Sports Revenue Model
5.3 Agile Sports Technologies / Hudl
5.3.1 Hudl
5.3.2 Hudl Video
5.3.3 Hudl Acquisitions
5.3.4 Hudl Financing
5.3.5 Hudl Partnership with Nike
5.4 Amer Sports / Wilson
5.5 Aspen Institute
5.6 Athletrax / mysportsort
5.7 Bauer
5.8 Bear Dev
5.9 Catapult
5.9.1 Catapult Acquisitions
5.9.2 Catapult Customers
5.10 Coach Logic
5.11 Cogran
5.12 Comcast / NBC / Sport Engine
5.12.1 Comcast Business
5.12.2 NBC Sports Group
5.12.3 NBC Universal / SportsEngine
5.12.4 Sports Engine Culture
5.13 Dick’s
5.13.1 Dick’s Sporting Goods Revenue
5.14 Engage Sports
5.15 FiXi Competition Management
5.15.1 FiXi Competition Management Revenue Model
5.15.2 FiXi Competition Management Features and Functions
5.15.3 FiXi Competition Management Customization and League Requirements
5.16.1 Revenue Model
5.17 InterContinental Hotels Group IHG
5.17.1 IHG Strategic Priorities
5.17.2 InterContinental Hotels Group IHG's Holiday Inn Express
5.17.3 Holiday Inn Express
5.18 Jevin
5.19 Jonas Software / EZFacility
5.19.1 EZFacility Sports Facility & League Software
5.19.2 Advertising Revenue Model
5.19.3 EZFacility Features and Functions
5.19.4 EZFacility Target Market
5.20 JoomSport
5.20.1 JoomSport Revenue Model
5.20.2 JoomSport Target Market
5.20.3 JoomSport Features
5.21 LeagueApps
5.21.1 LeagueApps
5.21.2 LeagueApps Revenue Model
5.21.3 LeagueApps Features and Functions
5.21.4 LeagueApps Target Market
5.22 LeagueLobster
5.23 LeagueRepublic
5.23.1 LeagueRepublic Features
5.24 Marriott
5.25 NBC / SportsEngine
5.26 Nike
5.26.1 Nike Personal Analytics
5.26.2 Nike Partnership with Hudl
5.26.3 Nike Revenue – Impact of Covid-19
5.27 QSTC
5.28 RosterBot
5.29 SFA Sports Facilities Advisory & Sports Facilities Management
5.29.1 SFA Funding Services
5.30 Sideline Sports
5.30.1 Sideline Sports XPS Network
2.5.2 Sideline Sports XPS Network for Coaches
5.30.2 Sideline Sports Tools
5.31 SIP
5.32 Sixgill
5.33 Sportlyzer
5.33.1 Sportlyzer Team Management Software
5.34 SPay / Stack Sports
5.34.1 Stack Sports
5.34.2 Stack Sports partnership with USA Elite Sports Network (USA Elite)
5.34.3 Stack Sports
5.34.4 SPay
5.34.5 Stack Sports Brand
5.34.6 Stack Pay Payment Platform
5.34.7 Stack Sports Acquisitions
5.34.8 Stack Sports Built Functionality and User Base Through Acquisition
5.34.9 Stack Sports Soccer
5.34.10 Stack Sports Goalline
5.32.1 Stack Sports / Affinity Sports
5.34.11 Affinity Sports Concussion Protocols and Product Positioning
5.34.12 Stack Sports GamePlan System
5.28 Steel Sports
2.28 SwimTopia
5.28.1 SwimTopia Summer Swim Teams
5.28.2 SwimTopia Summer Swim Leagues
5.28.3 SwimTopia Revenue Model
5.29 Teamer
5.30.1 TeamSideline Features
5.30.2 TeamSideline Team Sites
5.31 TeamSnap
5.34.13 TeamSnap
5.31.1 23 Million in 2021, Use TeamSnap:
5.32 Under Armour
5.33 Vista Equity Partners Fund IV and Vista Equity Partners Fund III / Lanyon
5.33.1 Vista Equity Partners / STATS
5.33.2 Vista Equity Partners Amisco Prozone ("Prozone")
5.33.3 Vista Equity Partners Automated Insights
5.33.4 Vista Equity Partners the Sports Network (TSN)
5.33.5 Vista Equity Partners Bloomberg Sports
5.34 VNN Sports
5.35 / Wooter
5.36 YourTeamOnline
5.37 Zebra Technologies Sports Solutions
5.37.1 Zebra / NFL Partnership
5.38 Zuluru
5.38.1 Zuluru Revenue Model
5.39 Selected List of Youth Sports Software Companies

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