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Sports Coaching Platforms: Market Shares, Market Strategies, and Market Forecasts, 2015 to 2021

Sports Coaching Platforms: Market Shares, Market Strategies, and Market Forecasts, 2015 to 2021

WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Sport Coaching Modules: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2015 to 2021. Next generation sports coaching platforms leverage better software technology, they support high quality data gathering and sharing in the specific sport or activity in which they are being used. Platform coaching modules are highly targeted to specific situations. Sports coaching platforms make teams more functional, improve player performance.

The quality of coaching athletes and coaching teams is better with the introduction of some automated process. The availability of coaching modules provides coaches with many distinct possibilities for strategic maneuvering. The ability of athlete health and muscle metrics to trainers increases options for increasing athlete effectiveness. The availability of annotated video, instantly available on the smart phone makes athletes and teams train better. Better sports at every level is made possible by the coaching platforms. Platforms offer information integration and distribution which ever is the appropriate response. Vendors are able to stimulate better conditioning and better team play. Platforms provide accelerated annotated video distribution to the right people efficiently.

In sports and fitness technology, it is not about what data can be shown, it is how meaningful the data is in terms of improving athletic performance or managing overall personal fitness. Sports coaching platforms have become a way to bring big data to the coach and help him craft on-field strategy, tuned to actionable information.

Annotated video is the fundamental technology set to revolutionize sport. As it is formatted in a manner that is appropriate for viewing on a smart phone, it becomes a valuable tool for improving sporting performance. Platforms and monitoring devices are being used by athletes and coaches to make team members better players. Fitness devices are being used to increase the levels and qualities of exercise. Vendors have been forced to realize that people need interpretation of data, they need to know the meaning of data collected by the team, letting the coach communicate a coherent strategy.

This is the 652nd report in a series of primary market research reports that provide forecasts in communications, telecommunications, the Internet, computer, software, telephone equipment, health equipment, and energy. Automated process and significant growth potential are priorities in topic selection. The project leaders take direct responsibility for writing and preparing each report. They have significant experience preparing industry studies. Forecasts are based on primary research and proprietary data bases.

The primary research is conducted by talking to customers, distributors and companies. The survey data is not enough to make accurate assessment of market size, so WinterGreen Research looks at the value of shipments and the average price to achieve market assessments. Our track record in achieving accuracy is unsurpassed in the industry. We are known for being able to develop accurate market shares and projections. This is our specialty.

The analyst process is concentrated on getting good market numbers. This process involves looking at the markets from several different perspectives, including vendor shipments. The interview process is an essential aspect as well. We do have a lot of granular analysis of the different shipments by vendor in the study and addenda prepared after the study was published if that is appropriate.

Forecasts reflect analysis of the market trends in the segment and related segments. Unit and dollar shipments are analyzed through consideration of dollar volume of each market participant in the segment. Installed base analysis and unit analysis is based on interviews and an information search. Market share analysis includes conversations with key customers of products, industry segment leaders, marketing directors, distributors, leading market participants, opinion leaders, and companies seeking to develop measurable market share.

Coaching Platforms Market Driving Forces
Complexity Of Sports Team Performance Management
Sports Coaching Platform Market Driving Forces
Coaching Platforms Market Shares
Coaching Platforms Market Forecasts
Sports Coaching Platform Company Target Markets
1.1 Fundamental Aspect Of Sports Coaching Platforms
Professional Team Sports Performance Enhancement And Injury Prevention
1.2 Growth of Bottom Line While Implementing Sports Coaching Platforms
1.3 Sports Coaching Platform Web Services
1.4 Social Media Next Generation Sports Coaching Platform Applications
1.5 Social Media Impact On Sports Coaching Platform Web Services Environment
1.6 Sports Coaching Platform Web Services Organizational Impact
1.6.1 Sports Coaching Platform Center Of Excellence Organizational Changes
1.7 Speed And Complexity Of Sports Team Management
2.1 Coaching Platforms Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 Complexity Of Sports Team Performance Management
2.1.2 Sports Coaching Platform Market Driving Forces
2.2 Coaching Platforms Market Shares
2.2.1 Sports Coaching Platform Market Leading Company Selected Metrics
2.2.2 TeamSnap Metrics
2.2.3 Fusion Sports Smartabase Metrics
2.2.4 Sports Sportlyzer Coach Logic Metrics
2.2.5 Coach Logic Metrics
2.2.6 Sports Coaching Platform Company Target Markets
2.2.7 TeamSnap
2.2.8 Grabba International Pty Ltd / Fusion Sport Smartabase
2.2.9 AMP Sport
2.2.10 Sideline Sports
2.2.11 Coach Logic
2.3 Coaching Platforms Market Forecasts
2.3.1 Coaching Platform Systems Market Shares, Low End, Mid Range, and High End, By Vendor Units and Dollars, Worldwide,
2.4 Coaching Platform Systems Market Analysis
2.4.1 Key Aspects of Sports Coaching Platform Market Growth
2.4.2 Key Sports Coaching Platform Team Play Enhancements
2.4.3 Key Features For Apps That Save Manager Time
2.4.4 Logic Video Analysis Tools
2.5 Sports Coaching Platforms Prices
2.5.1 TeamSnap Plans and Prices
2.5.2 Fusion Sport - Smartspeed timing gate system
2.5.3 CoachLogix Pricing
2.5.4 Sportlyzer Pricing
2.5.5 Coach Logic Prices
2.6 Sports Coaching Platforms Regional Market Segments
2.6.1 TeamSnap
2.6.2 Amp Sport
2.6.3 Sideline Sports
2.6.4 Fusion Sport Smartspeed
2.6.5 AtheleticLogic Australia
3.1 TeamSnap
3.1.1 9 Million People Use TeamSnap:
3.1.2 TeamSnap Target Sports
3.2 Coach Logic
3.2.1 Coach Logic Improve Player Understanding
3.2.2 Coach Logic to Instill Professional Training Methods
3.2.3 Coach Logic Soccer
3.2.4 Coach Logic Soccer Increases Team Communication
3.2.5 Coach Logic Creates A Routine
3.2.6 Coach Logic C L Hockey
3.2.7 Coach Logic Analyze In Detail
3.3.1 Revenue Share
3.3.2 Virtual Plans: At-Home Strength
3.4 Coach Me Plus
3.4.1 Coach Me Plus Athlete Management And Testing
3.4.2 CoachMePlus Software
3.5 AMP Sport
3.5.1 AMP Sport® Helps Develop Coaches Pace Skill Development
3.5.2 AMP Sport Feature Update - Coaches’ Notes
3.6 CoachLogix
3.6.1 CoachLogix Coaching Process Management
3.6.2 CoachLogix Engagement Roadmap
3.6.3 CoachLogix Coaching Cloud
3.6.4 CoachingCloud for Coach & Mentor
3.6.5 CoachLogix CoachingCloud Tracking
3.6.6 CoachLogix Coaching Cloud Chat Data Centers Worldwide
3.6.7 CoachingCloud for Organizations
3.6.8 CoachingCloud Buddy Coaching
3.7 Coach’s Eye
3.7.1 Coach’s Eye Anywhere
3.7.2 Coach’s Eye Train Like A Champion
3.7.3 Coach’s Eye Teams
3.7.4 Coach’s Eye On And Off The Field
3.7.5 Coach’s Eye VIP Attention To Details
3.7.6 Coach’s Eye Never Miss A Moment
3.7.7 Coach’s Eye Picture Perfect Every Time
3.7.8 Coach’s Eye Now And Later
3.7.9 Coach’s Eye InstantReplay
3.8 Sportlyzer
3.9 TrainingPeaks
3.9.1 TrainingPeaks Athelete Edition
3.9.2 TrainingPeaks Coach Edition
3.9.3 TrainingPeaks WKO4 for Mac
3.9.4 TrainingPeaks Mobile App
3.10 Grabba International Pty Ltd / Fusion Sport Smartabase
3.10.1 Fusion Sport Smartabase Analytics
3.10.2 Fusion Sports Customizable Data Visualization – Anywhere / Anytime
3.10.3 Fusion Sport Smartspeed
3.10.4 Fusion Sport Smartspeed PRO
3.10.5 Fusion Sport Smartspeed LITE
3.11 SyncStrength
3.12 Visualcoaching
3.13 Sideline Sports XPS Network
3.13.1 Sideline Sports XPS Network for Coaches
3.14 Edge10
3.15 SoccerLAB
3.16 AccelWare
3.17 AthleticLogic
3.17.1 Wellbeing App
3.17.2 AthleticLogic Recruitment Modules
3.18 TopSportsLab
3.19 Notes4Coach
3.19.1 Notes4Fans
3.20 iGamePlanner
3.20.1 iGamePlanner for Coaches
3.20.2 iGamePlanner for Clubs
3.20.3 iGamePlanner for Sports Organizations
3.20.4 iGamePlanner for Universities and Colleges
3.21 Siliconcoach Pro8
3.21.1 Siliconcoach TimeWarp
3.22 Stats Track
3.22.1 StatsTrack Software Value
3.22.2 Statstrack Organizes Hockey Data
3.22.3 StatsTrack Software Reporting
4.1 MySQL Client Compression
4.1.1 Client Compression In MySQL2
4.1.2 Rails 2.x
4.2 Using Github as a Knowledge Base
4.3 Vagrant – Developer Use
5.1 AccelWare
5.2 AtheleticLogic
5.3 Coach’s Eye
5.4 Coach Logic
5.6 CoachLogix
5.7 Coach Me Plus
5.8 Edge10
5.8.1 EDGE10, an IBM Business Partner
5.9 Grabba International Pty Ltd / Fusion Sport
5.9.1 Fusion Sport Smartspeed
5.10 iGamePlanner
5.10.1 iGamePlanner Professional Quality Animation Tool
5.10.2 iGamePlanner for Clubs
5.10.3 iGamePlanner for Sports Organisations
5.10.4 iGamePlanner for Universities and Colleges
5.11 Notes4Coach
5.11.1 Notes4Fans®
5.12 Sideline Sports
5.13 Siliconcoach
5.14 SoccerLAB
5.15 Solutions Through Software, Inc. (STS)
5.15.1 Solutions Through Software, Inc. (STS) / AMP Product
5.15.2 APM Supports Organizational Transition From Year To Year
5.15.3 AMP Coaches’ Notes
5.15.4 Solutions Through Software, Inc. (STS) / AMP Sport
5.16 Sportlyzer
5.17 SyncStrength
5.18 TeamSnap
5.18.1 TeamSnap Acquisitions
5.18.2 TeamSnap Venture Funding
5.18.3 TeamSnap Enhancement Of Mobile Apps
5.19 TopSportsLab
5.20 TrainingPeaks
5.20.1 TrainingPeaks Cycling Training Platform
5.21 VisualCoaching
List of Tables and Figures
Table ES-1
Sports Coaching Platform Market Driving Forces
Table ES-2
Sports Coaching Platform Athlete Monitoring Functions
Figure ES-3
Sports Coaching Platform Systems Market Shares, Dollars, 2014
Figure ES-4
Sports Coaching Platform Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2015-2021
Table 1-1
Fundamental Aspects Of Sports Coaching Platforms
Table 1-2
Goals and Sessions
Sports Coaching Platforms Support For Response To Change
Table 1-3
Sports Coaching Platform Web Services Harnessing Collective Intelligence
Table 1-4
Social Media Next Generation Applications Providers
Table 1-5
Social Media Web Space Characteristics
Table 1-6
Social Media Next Generation Applications
Table 1-7
Social Media Next Generation Functions
Table 2-1
Sports Coaching Platform Market Driving Forces
Table 2-2
Sports Coaching Platform Athlete Monitoring Functions
Figure 2-3
Sports Coaching Platform Systems Market Shares, Dollars, 2014
Table 2-4
Coaching Platform Systems, Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2014
Figure 2-5
Sports Coaching Platform Company Target Markets
Table 2-6
Sportlyzer Sports Metrics
Figure 2-7
Sports Coaching Platform Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2015-2021
Table 2-8
Sports Coaching Platform Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2015-2021
Table 2-9
Coaching Platform Systems Market Shares, Low End, Mid Range, and High End,
By Vendor Units and Dollars, Worldwide, 2015-2021
Table 2-10
Coaching Platform Systems, Low End, Mid Range, and High End By Vendor
Market Shares, Percent of Dollars, Number of Units, Worldwide, 2015-2021
Table 2-11
Small, Mid Size, and Large Sports Coaching Platform Systems Dollars and Units,
Worldwide, 2015-2021
Figure 2-12
Key Aspects of Sports Coaching Platform Market Growth
Figure 2-13
Key Sports Coaching Platform Team Play Enhancements
Figure 2-14
Key Features For Apps That Save Manager Time
Figure 2-15
Sports Coaching Platform Systems Regional Market Segments, Dollars, 2014
Table 2-16
Sports Coaching Platform Systems, Regional Market Segments, 2014
Table 3-1
TeamSnap Coaching Platform Toolset Tasks
Table 3-2
TeamSnap Platforms Supported
Table 3-3
TeamSnap Target Market
Figure 3-4
TeamSnap Online Sports Team Management Application
Table 3-5
TeamSnap Online Features
Table 3-6
TeamSnap Benefits
Figure 3-7
TeamSnap Mobile App
Table 3-8
TeamSnap Team Management Sports Targeted
Table 3-9
TeamSnap Integration Features
Table 3-10
TeamSnap Free Features
Table 3-11
TeamSnap Basic Prices and Features
Table 3-12
TeamSnap Premium Features
Table 3-13
TeamSnap Ultra Prices and Features
Table 3-14
TeamSnap Smartphone App Functions
Table 3-15
TeamSnap Smartphone System Requirements
Figure 3-16
Coach Logic Sports Supported
Table 3-17
Coach Logic Player Management Functions
Figure 3-18
Table 3-19
Coach Me Plus Training Builder Platform Features
Figure 3-20
Table 3-21
AMP Sport Coaching Platform Positioning
Table 3-22
AMP Sport Coaching Platform Management Support
Table 3-23
AMP Sport Coaching Player Evaluation Forms
Table 3-24
AMP Sport Coaching Heat Map to Evaluate Players
Table 3-25
AMP Sport Coaching Platform to Track Athlete Training
Table 3-26
AMP Sport Coaching Platform Analysis Parameters
Figure 3-27
AMP Sport Coaching Platform Analysis Charts
Table 3-28
AMP Sport Coaching Platform Evaluation Form
Table 3-29
AMP Sport Coaching Platform Communication Functions
Table 3-30
CoachLogix Resources To Support Managing Coaching Engagements
Table 3-31
CoachLogix Coaching Engagement Resources
Session booking
Client billing
Online content delivery
Session journal
Online vision wall
Automatic reminders
Online conversations
Community branding
Source: WinterGreen Research, Inc.
Figure 3-32
CoachLogix RoadMap of Goals and Sessions
Table 3-33
CoachLogix Process RoadMap Modules for Goals and Sessions
Figure 3-34
CoachLogix Network
Figure 3-35
CoachLogix CoachingCloud Makes Results Of Workouts And Training More Visible
Table 3-36
CoachLogix CoachingCloud Tracking
Figure 3-37
CoachLogix CoachingCloud Worldwide Data Centers
Table 3-38
Coach’s Eye Exercise and Training Functions
Figure 3-39
Coach’s Logic VIP
Table 3-40
Sportlyzer Software Ecosystem Sports Clubs Functions
Table 3-41
Sportlyzer Software Ecosystem Functions
Table 3-42
Fusion Sports Smartabase Features
Table 3-43
Grabba International Pty Ltd / Fusion Sport Smartabase Information Uses for Mangers
Table 3-44
Fusion Smartabase Sports Coaching Platform Solution Target Markets
Table 3-45
Fusion Smartabase Solution Target Users
Table 3-46
Fusion Smartabase Solution Target Reports
Table 3-47
Smartabase Solution Web Based Platform Functions
Table 3-48
Fusion Sports Smartabase Solution Customization Functions
Table 3-49
Fusion Sports Smartabase Solution access Control Parameters
Table 3-50
Fusion Sports Smartabase Solution Analytics Parameters
Table 3-51
Fusion Sport Smartabase Analytics Features
Figure 3-52
Fusion Sport Smartabase Analytics Visualization
Table 3-53
Fusion Sport Smartspeed Features
Table 3-54
Fusion Sport Smartspeed Timing System Features
Table 3-55
Fusion Sport Smartspeed LITE Functions
Figure 3-56
SyncStrength Analytics
Table 3-57
Sideline Sports XPS Network Functions
Figure 3-58
Table 3-59
AccelWare Benefits
Table 3-60
AthleticLogic Used to Create Correlations: Types
Table 3-61
TopSportsLab Benefits
Table 3-62
TopSportsLab Benefit
Table 3-63
Figure 3-64
Notes4Coach Training Statistics
Figure 3-65
Table 3-66
Siliconcoach TimeWarp Personal Training Functions
Table 3-67
StatsTrack Software Value
Figure 5-1
Athletic Logic Sports Software Modules
Figure 5-2
Coach’s Eye InstantReplay filters to diagnose opponent behavior
Figure 5-3
Coach’s Eye Supports Viewing Video Replay
Figure 5-4
Coach Logic Customers
Table 5-5 Coaching Plans
Table 5-6
CoachMePlus Athlete Management System
Table 5-7
Edge10 Platform System Components
Table 5-8
IBM / Edge10 Partnership Business Benefits to Clients
Table 5-9
Fusion Sport’s Core Product Best Practice Technology Components:
Table 5-10
Fusion Sport’s Core Product Automation Technology Components:
Table 5-11
Sideline Sports Clients by Category And Sport
Table 5-12
Sportlyzer Sports Customers
Table 5-13
Sportlyzer Sports Metrics
Figure 5-14
Figure 5-15
SyncStrength Coaches
Figure 5-16
TeamSnap Tool For Organizing And Communicating Every Aspect Of Team Life on PC,
Tablet, and Smart Phone
Table 5-17
TrainingPeaks User Base

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