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Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) Market Report 2017-2027

Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) Market Report 2017-2027

With continuously declining voice revenues, there is a growing demand for increasingly efficient and cost effective voice call services with faster call setup time and improved spectral efficiency. The deployment of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) services meets these demands. The future success of the industry largely depends on innovative service offerings and cost efficiency in services.

Visiongain assesses the VoLTE market to be valued at $4.7bn in 2017 and with continued advancement and sustained market demand, visiongain has forecast growth for the VoLTE market.

Key benefits of purchasing this report

86 Table and charts illuminating the VoLTE market outlook

440 VoLTE market data points

Learn About the Future VoLTE Industry Outlook – The global, regional and VoLTE submarket forecasts will confirm and underpin your own analysis

Keep Up To Speed With VoLTE Technology Forecasts From 2017-2027

  • Voice over IP Multimedia Subsystem (VoIMS) Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • Circuit Switched Fall Back (CSFB) Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • Simultaneous Voice and LTE (SVLTE) Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • Voice over LTE Via Generic Access Network (VoLGA) Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • Dual Radio / Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC) Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • Stay Informed About VoLTE – Read the latest VoLTE industry news with fresh analysis of leading VoIMS and CSFB technology to maintain your competitive edge.
Save Time Researching the competitive landscape with profiles of the 10 leading VoLTE companies including
  • Alcatel Lucent
  • AT&T Inc
  • Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • D2 Technologies
  • Ericsson
  • Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • KT Corporation
  • LG Uplus Corporation
  • SK Telecom Co. Ltd.
  • T-Mobile
Reinforce Your Business Case For VoLTE - Substantiate you research proposal with regional forecasts from 2017-2027

North America VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • US VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • Canada VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • Mexico VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
Asia-Pacific VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • China VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • Japan VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • South Korea VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • Australia VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • Rest of Asia-Pacific VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
Europe VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • Germany VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • UK VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • France VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • Russia VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • Rest of Europe VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
LAMEA VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • Africa VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • Middle East VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • Latina America VoLTE Market Forecast 2017-2027
  • Maintain An Advantage In VoLTE – Read the latest VoLTE news, forecasts and analysis which will sustain your competitive edge.
Target readership
  • Mobile network operators (MNO)
  • Network hardware infrastructure providers
  • Vertical application developers
  • Service brokers / aggregators
  • Mobile virtual network operators (MVNO)
  • Technology providers
  • Vertical application developers
  • CEOs
  • Heads of strategic development
  • Marketing staff
  • Market analysts
  • Industry administrators
  • Industry associations
  • Government agencies
  • Banks
  • Investors
  • Consultants
  • Network operators
  • Service brokers / aggregators
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1. Report Overview
1.1 Global VoLTE Market Overview
1.2 Global VoLTE Market Structure
1.3 Why You Should Read This Report
1.4 How this Report Delivers
1.5 Key Questions Answered by This Analytical Report Include
1.6 Who is This Report For?
1.7 Methodology
1.8 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1.9 Associated Visiongain Reports
1.10 About Visiongain
2. Introduction to Voice Over LTE Market
2.1 Voice Over LTE Market Structure
2.1.1. Smartphone Penetration is Increasing Globally
2.1.2. Growth of Mobile Broadband
2.1.3 Mobile Broadband Moving Towards LTE Technology
2.2 LTE Development History
2.2.1 LTE Release 8/ 9 and 10 (LTE-Advanced)
2.2.2 VoLTE as a Crossroads between VoIP and LTE Network Equipment
2.3 Market Opportunity for OTT players
2.4 VoLTE Potential Benefits for Consumers
2.5 VoLTE Downsides for Consumers
2.6 Components of VoLTE and Benefits to the Consumer
2.7 VoLTE Market Definition
2.8 VoLTE Market Drivers
2.8.1 Improved Spectral Efficiency
2.8.2 Faster Call Setup Time
2.8.3 Improved Battery Life
2.8.4 Protecting Voice Revenue
2.8.5 Monetising Quality Assurance
2.8.6 Spectrum Efficiency and Legacy Network Offloading
2.8.7 Quicker Time to Market for New Services
2.8.8 Convenience
2.9 VoLTE Market Restraints
2.9.1 Lack of VoLTE Compatible Handsets
2.9.2 Problems Associated With Carrier Interoperability
2.9.3 Delayed Acceptance In Emerging Economies
2.9.4 Volte As A Premium Service?
2.9.5 New Hardware, New Market
2.9.6 Multi-Vendor Challenges
2.9.7 Signalling Challenges and Potential Surges
2.9.8 Call Continuity
2.10 VoLTE Market Opportunities
2.10.1 VoWiFi integration
2.10.2 Growing Demand for Mobile UC
2.10.3 Device Interoperability
3. VoLTE Value Chain Analysis
3.1 Vertical Application Developers
3.2 Network Operators
3.3 Service Brokers/Aggregators
3.4 End Users
4. Porters Five Forces Analysis of VoLTE Market
4.1. Low Threat Of Forward Integration And Price-Sensitive Buyers Have Led To Low Bargaining Power Among Suppliers
4.2. Presence Of Substitutes And Low Switching Costs Have Led To High Bargaining Power Among Buyers
4.3. Government And Legal Barriers And Well-Known Brand Names Have Led To Low Threat Of New Entrants In The Market
4.4. Low Switching Cost And Product Differentiation Have Led To Moderate Threat Of Substitutes In The Market
4.5. Numerous And Strategically Diverse Competitors Instil High Rivalry In The Market
5. Global VoLTE Market Forecasts 2017-2027
5.1 Significant Uptake of VoLTE Steering Revenue Back to Operators
6. VoLTE Technology Market Forecasts 2017-2027
6.1 VoLTE VoIMS Technology Market Forecast 2017-2027
6.2 VoLTE CSFB Technology Market Forecast 2017-2027
6.3 VoLTE SVLTE Technology Market Forecast 2017-2027
6.4 VoLTE VOLGA Technology Market Forecast 2017-2027
6.5 VoLTE SRVCC Technology Market Forecast 2017-2027
6.6 VoLTE Technology By Regional Market Forecast 2017-2027
6.7 North America VoIMS Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.8 European VoIMS Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.9 Asia-Pacifc VoIMS Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.10 LAMEA VoIMS Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.11 North America CSFB Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.12 Europe CSFB Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.13 Asia-Pacific CSFB Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.14 LAMEA CSFB Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.15 North America SRVCC Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.16 Europe SRVCC Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.17 Asia-Pacific SRVCC Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.18 LAMEA SRVCC Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.19 North America VOLGA Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.20 Europe VOLGA Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.21 Asia-Pacific VOLGA Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.22 LAMEA VOLGA Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.23 North America SVLTE Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.24 Europe SVLTE Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.25 Asia-Pacific SVLTE Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.26 LAMEA SVLTE Technology Submarket Forecast 2017-2027
6.27 Voice Over IP Multimedia Subsystem (VoIMS)
6.27.1 VoIMS Key Market Trends
6.27.2 VoIMS Key Drivers And Opportunities
6.27.3 VoIMS Market Size And Forecast
6.28 Circuit Switched Fall Back (CSFB)
6.28.1 CSFB Key Market Trends
6.28.2 CSFB Key Drivers And Opportunities
6.28.3 CSFB Market Size And Forecast
6.29 Dual Radio/Simultaneous Voice and LTE (SVLTE)
6.29.1 SVLTE Key Market Trends
6.29.2 SVLTE Key Drivers And Opportunities
6.29.3 SVLTE Market Size And Forecast
6.30 Voice Over LTE Via Generic Access Network (VoLGA)
6.30.1 VoLGA Key Market Trends
6.30.2 VoLGA Key Drivers And Opportunities
6.30.3 VoLGA Market Size And Forecast
6.31 Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC)
6.31.1 SRVCC Key Market Trends
6.31.2 SRVCC Key Drivers And Opportunities
6.31.3 SRVCC Market Size And Forecast
7. Regional VoLTE Market Forecasts 2017-2027
7.1 North America VoLTE Market 2017-2027
7.2 Europe VoLTE Market 2017-2027
7.3 Asia-Pacific VoLTE Market 2017-2027
7.4 Latin America, Middle East & Africa (LAMEA) VoLTE Market 2017-2027
8. Leading National VoLTE Markets 2017-2027
8.1 The US VoLTE Market: Early Competition and Emergence as Leading Market
8.1.1 US National VoLTE Revenue Forecast 2017-2027
8.2 The Canadian VoLTE Market: Vast Revenue in a Relatively Small Pool
8.3 The South Korean VoLTE Market: Early Implementation and Efforts to Reclaim Voice
8.4 The Japanese VoLTE Market: Operator-Driven Innovation to Foster Rapid Deployment Strategies
8.5 The Chinese National VoLTE Market 2017-2027: Combining Operator Dedication with Large Potential Growth Market
9. Regional Analysis of VoLTE Operators
9.1 Network Operators Deploying VoLTE Ahead of the Pack
9.1.1 North America MetroPCS T-Mobile AT&T
9.1.2 Asia-Pacific SK Telecom Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. NTT Docomo SingTel
9.2 Market Leading VoLTE Equipment Vendors
9.2.1 Ericsson Major Contracts and Building a Reputation in a New Market
9.2.2 Huawei Early Partnership and Tests with China Mobile Network Upgrade Strategy
9.2.3 Nokia Siemens Networks Service Quality Manager to Address QoS in a New, Untested Environment Critical Inroads in Asia-Pacific
9.2.4 Alcatel-Lucent The Shift Plan and Corporate Transformation Notable Rollouts and 100 Gbps Technologies
10. Major Companies in VoLTE
10.1 Alcatel-Lucent
10.1.1 Alcatel-Lucent Company Overview
10.1.2 Alcatel-Lucent Company Snapshot
10.1.3 Alcatel-Lucent SWOT Analysis
10.2 AT&T, Inc.
10.2.1 AT&T, Inc. Company Overview
10.2.2 AT&T, Inc. Company Snapshot
10.2.3 AT&T, Inc. SWOT Analysis
10.3 KT Corporation
10.3.1 KT Corporation Company Overview
10.3.2 KT Corporation Company Snapshot
10.3.3 KT Corporation SWOT Analysis
10.4 LG Uplus Corporation
10.4.1 LG Uplus Corporation Company Overview
10.4.2 LG Uplus Corporation Company Snapshot
10.4.3 LG Uplus Corporation SWOT Analysis
10.5 SK Telecom Co. Ltd.
10.5.1 SK Telecom Co. Ltd. Company Overview
10.5.2 SK Telecom Co. Ltd. Company Snapshot
10.5.3 SK Telecom Co. Ltd. SWOT Analysis
10.6 T-Mobile US, Inc.
10.6.1 T-Mobile US, Inc. Company Overview
10.6.2 T-Mobile US, Inc. Company Snapshot
10.6.3 T-Mobile US, Inc. SWOT Analysis
10.7 Ericsson
10.7.1 Ericsson Company Overview
10.7.2 Ericsson Company Snapshot
10.7.3 Ericsson SWOT Analysis
10.8 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
10.8.1 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Company Overview
10.8.2 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Company Snapshot
10.8.3 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. SWOT Analysis
10.9 Cisco Systems, Inc.
10.9.1 Cisco Systems, Inc. Company Overview
10.9.2 Cisco Systems, Inc. Company Snapshot
10.9.3 Cisco Systems, Inc. SWOT Analysis
10.10 D2 Technologies
10.10.1 D2 Technologies Company Overview
10.10.2 D2 Technologies Company Snapshot
10.10.3 D2 Technologies SWOT Analysis
11. Conclusions & Recommendations
11.1 Rising Traffic Volumes and Increasing Demand for Ever Present
11.2 VoLTE Affords a Competitive Edge
11.3 Advantages on VoLTE
11.4 Disadvantages of VoLTE
11.5 Recommendations for Operators
11.6 Recommendations for Vendors
11.7 Final Thoughts
12. Launched VoLTE Services
13. Glossary

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