UK Personal Injury Litigation 2015

UK Personal Injury Litigation 2015


The personal injury market continues to be shaped by whiplash and deafness claims even after the effects of LAPSO. However, it has also become apparent that claims management companies have turned their attention to new areas outside of the new costs regime.


  • Review your strategy against both existing and new challenges regarding personal injury claims, as well as the mooted solutions.
  • Benchmark against the market's experience of personal injury claims frequency and costs.
Reasons To Buy
  • How is the personal injury claims space expected to look in the next few years, and what will be the driving forces behind this?
  • In what foreseen and unforeseen ways have changes in civil litigation impacted on the dynamics of the market?
Key Highlights

Whiplash continues to account for the largest number of accident-related claims in the motor arena, although there are signs that the cost of dealing with these has been driven down successfully by the introduction of the LASPO regulations.

The Compensation Recovery Unit reports a 20% increase in the number of disease-related claims recorded between 2013 and 2014, which in 2013 had risen 34% on 2012 levels.

  • Executive Summary
    • Personal injury claims frequency is in decline but claims patterns are changing
    • The market is facing unprecedented change
    • Whiplash remains a challenge
    • Disease-related claims are continuing apace within employers' liability
  • The Personal Injury Claims Market
    • Introduction
      • Table Personal injury market by new claims registered and settled, 2014
    • Overall claims are down, but there has been a shift between motor and employers' liability
      • Claims numbers fell for the second successive year
      • A shift between motor and employers' liability claims is reflected in the figures
        • Table Claims recorded, by type, 2011-14
      • Settlement figures peaked in 2013 before falling in 2014
        • Table Claims settled, by type, 2011-14
      • More claims are challenged but disease settlements rise
    • The government has introduced a series of personal injury reforms
      • The CMC market has been affected by the new reforms
      • Polarization appears in the CMC market as regulation takes effect
      • ABSs take root
      • Consumer protection remains key
      • Regulator to have more powers
    • The legal expenses market is facing more change
      • Predicted changes to the sale of add-on products will impact the market
  • Personal Injury Claims: Motor Insurance
    • LASPO is changing the style of claims
      • Motor is benefiting from portal changes
        • Table Motor-related personal injury claims, 2011-14
        • Table Average motor insurance premium year-on-year change
      • Road traffic figures are climbing again after years of improvement
        • Table Vehicle miles, motor premiums, and road casualties, Q1 2013-Q4 2014
        • Table Road traffic accident casualties in Great Britain, 2004-13
      • Whiplash remains the largest source of motor-related personal injury claims
        • Table Number of whiplash claims, 2010-14
      • Fraud remains a contentious issue
      • Court fees are rising
      • New system of accreditation for medical experts now in place
    • Future issues for motor claims
      • The number of cyclists is growing, increasing the risk of more claims
        • Table Reported pedal cyclist road casualties by severity
        • Table Reported motorcyclist road casualties by severity
      • Transport Committee rejects moving low value claims to small claims track
      • Driving patterns may change due to restrictions, telematics, and driverless cars
  • Personal Injury Claims: Employers' Liability
    • Employers' liability claims are increasing rapidly
      • The increase has been attributed to noise-induced hearing loss claims
        • Table Employers' liability-related personal injury claims, 2011-14
    • Insurers struggle to maximize portal savings as disease-related claims grow
      • Noise-induced hearing loss impacts overall figures
      • Fatal workplace accident numbers appear to be reducing in the UK
        • Table Number and rate of fatal injuries to workers 2009-10 to 2013-14
        • Table Reported injuries to employees in Great Britain by type of accident and severity of injury, 2013-14p
        • Table Number of NHS Litigation Authority claims, 2012-13 to 2013-14
      • Asbestos claims continue to rise
      • Contributions to the mesothelioma scheme begin
      • Psychological claims may be the next big threat
      • The market has seen a surge in chronic back pain claims
  • Appendix
    • Abbreviations and acronyms
    • Definitions
      • Clinical negligence claims
      • Gross premium
      • Recoverability
      • RTA Portal
      • Success fees
    • Bibliography
    • Further reading

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