Digital Transformation of APAC Specialty Chemicals Industry

Digital Transformation of APAC Specialty Chemicals Industry

Global markets is continuously witnessing unsettling tidal waves with slowdown in China’s economic growth and inability of local powers to handle the turmoil. China being a leader in consumer goods manufacturing and increasing domestic consumption is surging the demand for raw materials more than 50 per cent. This in turn has acutely impacted the commodity-based industries like semi-conductors, consumer durables, technology hardware, and automotive etc.

However, for market investors, some of the APAC countries like China, India, Japan and Singapore remains the focus for investments in past couple of years and continue to be positive of the times ahead. According to Standards & Poors, China will remain a strong market in spite of current slowdown and complex decision making in industries. China consumes more than one third of the total base chemical production, which is greater than rest of the world. Whilst China and Japan are the largest specialty chemicals markets in the Asia-Pacific region, India has been evolving from a commodity chemical based market to include more and more specialty chemicals and is likely to continue to be a strongly growing market in future. The Asia-Pacific specialty chemicals market is expected to generate total revenues of $350.7bn in 2014, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7% between 2010 and 2014.

With slowing economies, capital cost cuts, fluctuating demand and developments in other manufacturing industries like electronics, automotive, etc. chemical industry is desperately shifting its gears and strategies to create new revenue opportunities, improve customer experience and improve production performance and efficiency. To seize the opportunity, chemical manufacturers are slowly stepping up and initiating digital strategies and adopting agile planning across its value chain like manufacturing operations, product innovation, competitive pricing, customer services, and market expansion.

This report deep dives into the current situation of APAC specialty chemicals market and relevant market drivers and challenges. Furthermore, the report focuses on the IT investments made by the chemical manufacturers across the technology stacks like hardware, software, and IT services in countries like China, India, Singapore and Japan. It includes the factors which is driving the current and future IT investments by the chemical manufacturers. Broadly, this report touches some of the main digital themes like cloud computing, big data, analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) etc.

Some of the key report highlights are:

Global specialty chemicals market size
APAC specialty chemicals market size
APAC specialty chemicals market size, By Countries (2015-2019)
APAC specialty chemicals market size, By Chemical Types
Porter Analysis of APAC Specialty Chemical Industry
Chemical Industry Challenges and Drivers towards Adoption of Digital technologies
Current and Future IT Spending in APAC Chemical Industry (2015-2020)
Current and Future IT Spending in APAC Chemical Industry (2015-2020), By Country (Japan, China, India and Singapore)
Current and Future Adoption of Digital Technologies (Cloud, Big data, Analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT)) in APAC Chemical IndustryKey Priorities Areas for Chemical Manufacturers
Digital transformation of Customer Engagement and APAC Chemicals Industry value chain
Key Digital Projects/ initiatives of some of the leading Global Chemical Manufacturers
How to feed in Innovation within Chemical Industry"

1. Global View of Specialty Chemicals Industry
2. Specialty Chemicals Demand in APAC Market
3. APAC Specialty Chemicals Demand by Type of Chemicals8
4. APAC Specialty Chemicals Demand by Countries
4.1. China and India's fast-growing Chemical Markets
4.2. Advanced Chemical Markets: Japan and Singapore
5. Porter Analysis of Specialty Chemicals in APAC Region
5.1. Bargaining Power of Buyers
5.2. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
5.3. Threats of New Entrants
5.4. Threats of substitute Products or Services
5.5. Competition Rivalry
6. Competitive Profiles
6.1. Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation
6.2. Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
6.3. Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
6.4. Toray Industries, Inc.
7. Evaluate Your Journey towards Digital Transformation
8. Digital Transformation in Chemical Industry
8.1. APAC Chemical Industry – Digital Spending
8.2. Current Adoption of Digital Technologies in APAC Chemical Industry
8.3. Understanding Future Digital IT Spending
8.4. Cloud Adoption in Chemical Industry
8.4.1. Cloud Services Demand, By Technologies
8.4.2. Key Recommendations
8.4.3. Route to Digital Path for Chemical Industry
8.4.4. Cloud Maturity Model
8.5. Chemical Industry Leveraging Analytics
8.6. IoT Adoption in Chemical Industry
8.6.1. Key Priority Areas of Investments
9. Digital Transformation Trends in Chemicals Industry, By Countries
9.1. China
9.1.1. China Chemical Industry
9.1.2. IT Spending in Chemicals Industry
9.1.3. Impact of Internet
9.1.4. Customized Systems based on the Internet of Things (IoT)
9.1.5. Potential Impact of Internet and IoT on China GDP and Employment
9.2. India
9.2.1. India Specialty Chemicals Industry
9.2.2. IT Spending in Chemicals Industry
9.2.3. Adoption of Cloud Computing, Big Data and Analytics
9.3. Singapore
9.3.1. Singapore Chemicals Industry
9.3.2. IT Spending in Chemical Industry
9.4. Japan
9.4.1. Japan Chemicals Industry
9.4.2. IT Spending in Chemicals Industry
10. Global Chemical Manufacturers Transforming Customer Experience with Digitalization
11. Digital Projects Lead by Top Global Chemical Manufacturers
11.1. BASF
11.1.1. Brief Overview
11.1.2. Investing in APAC
11.1.3. Key Digital Projects and its Impact
11.2. Dow Chemical
11.2.1. Brief Overview
11.2.2. Key Digital Projects and its Impact
11.3. Sinopec
11.3.1. Brief Overview
11.3.2. Key Digital Projects and Its Impacts
11.4. ExxonMobil
11.4.1. Brief Overview
11.4.2. Investing in APAC
11.4.3. Key Digital Projects and Its Impacts
11.5. Formosa Plastics
11.5.1. Brief Overview
11.5.2. Key Digital Projects and Its Impacts
12. Innovation – An Emerging Focus in Chemical Industry
List of Figures
Figure 1: APAC Specialty Chemicals Market, US billions, 2010-2015
Figure 2: APAC Specialty Chemicals Demand By Type Of Chemicals
Figure 3: APAC Specialty Chemicals Demand by Type of Countries
Figure 4: APAC Chemical Industry - Digital Spending Forecast, (US $ million) 2014-2019
Figure 5: APAC Chemical Industry Digital Spending Breakdown, 2015
Figure 6: Top 5 Priorities for APAC Chemical Manufacturers for Next 5 Years
Figure 7: Top 3 Chemical Plant Operations Priorities for next 5 Years
Figure 8: Top Hardware/technologies Investment to Drive Operational Excellence
Figure 9: Investment Drivers in Operational Technologies
Figure 10: SaaS adoption across various business functions in Chemical Companies
Figure 11: Cloud Benefits Experienced in Chemical Industry
Figure 12: Key Concerns around Cloud Adoption Bothering Chemical Industry
Figure 13: Complexity Issues around Cloud Adoption in Chemical Industry
Figure 14: Key Workloads Moving to Cloud in Next 6 Months
Figure 15: APAC Share of Internet of Things (IoT), 2013-2020
Figure 16: China Chemicals Industry Demand, 2010 and 2020
Figure 17: China Chemicals Industry Segment Attractiveness
Figure 18: China Chemical Industry Business Models
Figure 19: Potential impact of Internet and IoT on GDP in 2025
Figure 20: India’s Specialty Chemicals Landscape
Figure 21: Areas of Growth in Specialty Chemical Industry
Figure 22: Factors Driving India Specialty Chemical Market, By Segments
Figure 23: Japan Chemicals Industry Shipment, By Chemical Types
Figure 24: Japan Chemicals Industry R&D expenditures, FY2013
Figure 25: High-performing chemical companies are using Digital Technologies
Figure 26: Innovation Classification Matrix Tool
Figure 27: Commercialization Time
Figure 28: High Risks Deliver Highest Margins
Figure 29: Rate of Return on Innovation, By Chemical Products
List of Tables
Table 1: Chemical Industry Innovations for the Internet of Things (IoT)
Table 2: China Chemical Industry - IT Spending, (US$ million) 2014-2019
Table 3: India Chemical Industry - IT Spending (US$ Million) 2014-2019
Table 4: Singapore Chemical Industry - IT Spending (US$ Million) 2014-2019
Table 5: Japan Chemical Industry - IT Spending (US $ Million) 2014-2019
Table 6: Key Financials - BASF
Table 7: Few Key Digital Projects/Initiatives at BASF
Table 8: Key Financials - Dow Chemicals
Table 9: Few Key Digital Projects/Initiatives at Dow Chemicals
Table 10: Key Financials - Sinopec
Table 11: Few Key Digital Projects/Initiatives at Sinopec
Table 12: Key Financials - ExxonMobil
Table 13: Few Key Digital Projects/ Initiatives At ExxonMobil
Table 14: Few Digital Projects/ Initiatives At Formosa Plastics

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