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Luxury Accessories, Beauty & Apparel - Anti-Counterfeit & Brand Protection

Luxury Accessories, Beauty & Apparel

Anti-Counterfeit & Brand Protection

Markets, Opportunities & Synergies for Providers of Integrated Solutions & Technologies
(incl. Packaging / Labels Converters)

Luxury accessories including jewelry& watches, sunglasses, leather products for tourist & business travel, handbags & luxury shoes

Beauty including fragrances, colour cosmetics & other products

Apparel & footwear, sportswear & apparel accessories

Geographical scope - Worldwide

Detailed breakdown & analysis of markets highlighting different trends between developed and emerging regions.

The global market for personal luxury goods grew at between 4 & 6% in 2013 and this is forecast to continue through to 2018 according to industry experts. With regional figures ranging from a projected 2014 decline of up to minus 6% in Russia to an increase approaching a record 11% in Japan.

Market Sizing(2008 & 2013 with forecasts to 2018)
Breakdown of global markets for luxury accessories, beauty & apparel
Breakdown by geographical region (Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific)
Breakdown of demand for different types of brand protection solutions by product category & by solution type

Key Market Characteristics

A key characteristic of these luxury and related market segments is the degree to which brand owners continue to diversify beyond their respective traditional core businesses, crossing over between product categories in order to gain competitive advantage.
These activities in themselves can create additional opportunities for providers of brand protection solutions:

Extending sales of brand protection solutions across a broader product portfolio beyond a particular brand owner’s traditional core product range
Identifying additional brand owners that could benefit from existing solutions and approaches that may already be in use in other comparable applications with other customers

Meanwhile luxury markets have been experiencing dramatic growth worldwide and are forecast to increase by up to a further 50% between 2013 & 2018 with Asia Pacific markets leading the way.

While at the same time the incidence of counterfeiting in the luxury, beauty & apparel sectors has been exploding since around 2010 and forecast to keep growing from 2013 through to 2018 at between 13 and 17% annually.

Add to this mix the dramatic evolutions in the retail landscape primarily driven by digital technology, as well as distinctive features of the luxury, beauty & apparel industries such as the high level of tourist & business travel shopping at airports and retail outlets located internationally. Meanwhile a number of leading luxury brands are opening their own retail stores around the World.

The Timeless Power of Luxury Brands
What is Luxury?
Brand Loyalty
Craftsmanship - A Key Element for Luxury Watch & Jewelry World
Strong Incentives for Counterfeiters
Driving Forces - China & the Internet
Spectacular Growth of Counterfeiting – Luxury Goods
Pro-active Approach Essential – Luxury Brand Owners
Complicit Consumer Behaviour
The Anti counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)
A Tool for Customs - Interface Public Members (IPM) – WCO / GS1
Crossovers / Synergies – Luxury, Beauty, Apparel
Increasing Interaction Creating Significant Synergies
Crossovers Can Lead to Opportunities in Brand Protection
Case Study – Richemont / Net-a-Porter
Crossover - Apparel / Accessories
Accessorising Accessories with Apparel - A Two-way Street
Crossover - Apparel and Beauty
Mass Apparel Fashion Brands Move into the Beauty Segment
Beauty is Becoming Key to Luxury & Apparel Portfolios
Crossover - Fashion Brands & Colour Cosmetics, Nail Polish, Skin Care, Hair Care
Leading Brands & Industry Context – Luxury, Beauty, Apparel
Top Luxury Brands & Brand Owners
Leaders - Luxury
Leaders - Beauty
Leaders – Apparel & Footwear (incl. Sportswear)
Channels & Retailing Trends – Luxury, Beauty, Apparel
Routes to market - Approved and Unapproved
Sale of counterfeits at Street Level
The future of shopping – Omni-Channel focus - Evolution of the distribution landscape
Luxury Brands with wholly owned Company Retail Outlets
Flagship Retail Stores
Leading Luxury Brands – Integrated from Manufacturing to Retail
Outlet Stores – Apparel & Footwear + Luxury Accessories & Leather Products
Case Study - Bicester Village UK Outlet Centre – One of the World’s Largest
Online Retailing
Online Luxury Sales Boom
Evolution of Global Online Luxury Sales - 2008 to 2013
Show-rooming - Apparel & Footwear
Bricks & Mortar Stores – Responding to the Online Threat
Raising Customer Engagement & Empowerment in the Retail Store
New Generation Retail Technology
Case Study – Innovative Retail – Eyewear in Australia
Smart Phones – A Key Role to Play in the Future of Retail
Tourist & Business Travel Spending – Luxury, Beauty & Apparel – UK Example
Tourist Spending by Product Category – Accessories, Beauty, Apparel
Tourist Spending - Airport Retail – Luxury, Beauty, Apparel
World Overview – Evolution of GDP
Financial Losses – Counterfeiting & Piracy
Global Financial Losses – All Vertical End User Market Sectors
Global Financial Losses – Luxury, Beauty, Apparel
Breakdown - Estimated % Counterfeit by Vertical Market
Breakdown of Losses versus Brand Protection Markets – Luxury, Beauty, Apparel
Evolution of the Brand Protection Solutions Market
Brand Protection Market as a Percentage of Financial Losses – 2008 to 2013
Comparative Growth Rates – GDP versus Losses due to Counterfeit / Pirated Products
Forecast Annual Growth Rates for Leading Brand Protection Technologies
Breakdown by Type of Brand Protection Technology – All Vertical End User Markets
Breakdown of Brand Protection Markets by Technology & by Vertical Markets
Market Evolution – Breakdown by Brand Protection Technology – All Vertical Markets
Market Evolution – Breakdown by Brand Protection Technology – Luxury, Beauty, Apparel
Counterfeit Packaging & Labels
Macro-Economic Regional Trends
Evolution of Real GDP by Continent
Evolution of GDP Growth & Per Capita GDP Growth by Decade
Market Overview - Regional Trends – Luxury, Beauty & Apparel
Per Capita Disposable Income by Region
Developed Markets
North America
Emerging Markets
Crackdown on Multiple Luxury Product ‘Gifting’ in China
Chinese Brands – Local & Global
Brand Protection for Brands in China
Other South East Asia – Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea
Rest of the World (incl. Middle East)
Disposable Incomes & Luxury Spending – Selected Countries
Background to Vertical Markets
Category Definitions – Luxury, Beauty, Apparel
Summary of Global Financial Losses – Luxury, Beauty, Apparel
Luxury - Travel & Leather Goods
Market Overview – Luxury - Travel & Leather Goods
Travel & Leather Goods – Retail Sales by Channel & Region
Threats & Crimes – Luxury - Travel & Leather Goods
Case Study - 16,000 Designer Handbags Seized by US Customs in 2013
Case Study - Counterfeit Mulberry Handbags Seized at Manchester Airport
Case Study – Disney Accessories & Apparel Seized at UK Airport
Case Study - Multi-Million-Pound Fake Bag Haul Seized in the Philippines in 2014
Brand Protection – Luxury - Travel & Leather Goods
Case Study – AlpVision - Leather Products - Brand Protection
Case Study - Baseball Cap with Non-Security Hologram
Case Study – Smart Holographic Devices – Hologram Industries
Case Study - Crystal-Lit Polarisation Filter Images Authentication Devices
Watches & Jewelry
Market Overview – Luxury - Watches & Jewelry
Watch Sales in Asia Continue to be an Important Driver in the Luxury Industry
Jewelry – Large Retail Chains as Brands
Jewelry – Market Segmentation
Replacement Parts for Watches
Watches – Traditional versus Quartz & Digital
A Trend - Purchase of more than One Watch by a Single Individual
Threats & Crimes – Luxury - Watches & Jewelry
Case Study - Tiffany & Co. versus Costco Wholesale Corp in 2013
Case Study - Tiffany Counterfeits on Sale in China
Case Study – Reverse Engineering of Watches with Digital Technology
Brand Protection – Luxury - Watches & Jewelry
Case Study – AlpVision - Brand Protection - Watches
Case Study - Fossil Inc. / Orbid – Brand Protection of Watches
Case Study – BrandAuthen Nano-technology Anti-Counterfeiting Solution
Case Study - Security Taggants placed in Gemstone Fissures
Some Guidelines for Identifying Counterfeit Tiffany Jewelry
Some Guidelines for Identifying a Counterfeit Rolex Watch
Sunglasses & Other Eyeware
Market Overview - Luxury - Sunglasses & Other Eyeware
Threats & Crimes - Luxury - Sunglasses & Other Eyeware
Potential Eye Damage with Counterfeit Sunglasses
Case Study - An Example of Unfair Foreign Trade Practices: Eyewear
Case Study - The Guangzhou Hub for Counterfeit Eyewear in China
Brand Protection - Luxury - Sunglasses & Other Eyeware
How to Spot Fake Sunglasses
Exhaustion of Rights – Silhouette Sunglasses
Some Guidelines for Identifying Authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses - Brand Protection Features
Other Luxury Product Categories of Potential Interest
Writing Instruments – Excellent Growth Potential in China
Beauty Products
Market Overview - Beauty Products
All Beauty Categories
Areas of opportunity – Beauty Products
Beauty Products – Fragrances, Colour Cosmetics & Other Products
Premium versus Mass Market Products – Beauty Products
Segmentation of Fragrances & Colour Cosmetics Markets
Threats & Crimes - Beauty Products
Concentrations of Active Ingredients – Perfumes versus Eaux de Toilettes
Case Study - Counterfeit Cosmetics seized at UK / France Channel Tunnel
Case Study - Counterfeit Perfume Seizures in the US - IPR-NTAG
Examples of Counterfeit Branded Fragrances
Human Health Hazards – Counterfeit Beauty Products
FBI Finds Fake Perfumes Contain Toxic Chemicals & Urine
Brand Protection – Beauty
Developments in Security Labels and Materials
Security Label Substrates
Security Tear Tapes / Tear Strips
Security Holographic Foils
Multi-Feature Security Devices – Packaging / Labels
Apparel & Footwear (incl. Sportswear)
Market Overview - Apparel & Footwear (incl. Sportswear)
Evolution of Growth Rates through the Recession – Global Apparel
Evolution of Global Apparel & Footwear – Non-Sports & Sports – 2008 to 2013
Market Trends - Apparel & Footwear (incl. Sportswear)
Case Study – High Nike Flyknit Footwear
Threats & Crimes – Apparel & Footwear (incl. Sportswear)
Case Study - Characteristics of the Fashion Industry that attract counterfeiting
Case Study – Court Ruling - Passing-off a Well-known Trademark in the Apparel Sector
Case Study – Counterfeit Footwear - Ugg Boots – Seized in Republic of Ireland
Case Study – Fake Car Logo Badges
Case Study – Jail for UK based manufacturers of counterfeit designer apparel
Case Study – 2014 Football World Cup - Counterfeit Goods Intercepted
Case Study - Fake Jerseys find elbow room in retail shop
Case Study - Homeland Security Investigations Seize Fake Sports Team Hats & Jerseys
Case Study - 10,000 pairs of counterfeit Nike trainers seized at UK Port
Case Study – Football Club Equipment Used to Make Counterfeit Branded T-shirts
Case Study – UK Based Sports Retail Store - Fake Trainers Operation
A Guide to Why Consumers Purchase Authentic Apparel Accessories
Threats & Crimes - Textiles
Brand Protection - Apparel & Footwear (incl. Sportswear)
Case Study - La Martina Selects OpSec for Global Brand Protection - Online
Case Study - Liverpool Football Club – Apparel & Merchandise Protected by Opsec
Brand Protection – Textiles
Case Study - US Cotton
Case Study – Applied DNA Sciences (ADNAS) – Protecting the Global Cotton Supply Chain
Case Study - Wool Mark
Case Study - Euratex - European Textile Manufacturers Association
Case Study - Cash’s Woven and Self-adhesive Brand Protection Labels
Case Study - Counterfeit ‘Thinsulate™’ - Woven label
Case Study - Microtrace Microtaggant® Identification Particles
Brand Protection – Some Initiatives - Apparel & Footwear (incl. Sportswear)
Case Study - Major IP Conference in 2014 prior to FIFA World Cup in Brazil
Some Brand Owner Anti counterfeit Initiatives
Bangladesh Apparel Factory Disaster - Implications for the Industry
Overview –Track & Trace / Mass serialisation
Methods of Reading Serialisation Numbers
Serialisation versus Randomisation
Random Encrypted Numbers – No Database Required
2D Barcode Serialisation Systems
‘Real Estate’ Limitations
Invisible Barcodes
Multiple Points of Entry to the Supply Chains
Consumer Enabled Product Authentication with Smart Phone
Multiple Readings of a Single Code
Trends–Track & Trace / Mass serialisation
Digital Printing is set to Transform Mass Serialisation
Consumer Enabled Product Authentication – Mass Serialisation
Track, Trace & Authenticate – An Emerging Trend
Analysis of Track & Trace Products Used for Authentication and Identification
Introduction – RF (Radio Frequency) Devices
Types of RF Device & Security Applications
Read Range Considerations for RFID / NFC in Brand Protection
RFID / NFC Solution Requirements for Brand Protection
Trends in RFID / NFC
RF Technologies
Unique Identification with RFID
Track, Trace & ‘Authenticate’ with RFID
Crypto RFID Tags – Unclonable
Summary of Benefits of NFC
NFC – Types of Use – Purse, Marketing, Authentication
Product Authentication with NFC – Some Early Indicators
NFC ‘Tap’ Technology - Connecting to Additional Online Content
Case Study – TagTum – Smart Phone Enabled NFC
Case Study - Smartrac / CLIKSecure™ – NFC Enabled Product Authentication
NFC or Printed 2D Codes for Smart Phone Applications
iPhone With NFC Introduced in 2014
Anti-theft EAS tags and systems
Multi-Functionality – A Key Factor for relatively high unit cost of RF Solutions
EAS as an integrated function embedded in an RFID Tag
NFC / RFID – Luxury, Beauty, Apparel
Case Studies – NFC / RFID - Leather Goods
Case Studies – NFC / RFID - Watches & Jewelry
Case Studies – NFC / RFID – Beauty
Case Studies – NFC / RFID – Apparel
Form Factors for NFC / RFID Device Carriers
Market Overview - Offline versus Online Counterfeiting
Attractions of the Internet for Counterfeiters
Brands Online – Threats & Crimes
Major types of On-line Product Crime
Brands Online – Brand Protection
Proliferation of gTLDs – A New Online Threat for Brand Owners
Trends – Online Brand Protection
Traditional Brand Protection is Forging Links with Online Specialists
Example of an Online Purchase - Counterfeit Rolex Watch
An Example of Counterfeit / Replica Sunglasses Offered Online:
Online – Legal & Enforcement
Counterfeit Goods on Facebook - Operation WATCH – Brand Protection (ACG)
A group of luxury brand owners has secured a permanent injunction against three websites whose operators knowingly facilitated counterfeiting.
Richemont wins Ruling against online site Tradekey
Alibaba pledges clampdown
EBay and LVMH Settle IP Dispute
Cartier launches legal attempt to block websites selling counterfeit goods
Case Study - Jumei China's leading online retailer & ABPA
Trends - Packaging / Label Converters and Security Printing
Packaging / Labels Converters & Security Printing
Central Role for Packaging / Label Converters in Creating Integrated Solutions
Different Types of Solution Providers
Digital Printing will Change the Brand Protection Landscape
A Steady Stream of New Materials & Technologies with Security Features
Major Security Technology Groups & Materials
The Path to Becoming a Provider of Integrated Solutions
Levels of Defence – 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Examples of Security Technologies – Levels of Defence
Verification Tools – Levels of Defence
The Layered Approach
Integrated Brand Protection Solutions
Embedded Solutions
The Impact of eCommerce
Supply chain factors can be Key with regard to prevention of counterfeiting
Solution providers need to keep pace with accelerating counterfeiting
The Enlightened Packaging Converter / Printer
Major Security Technology Groups
Forensic Markers / Nano-taggants
Types of Security Optical / Holographic Devices & Materials
Types of Security Inks, Coatings, Pigments & Dyes
Form Factors, Devices & Materials
Labels & Hang Tags
Security Packaging & Closures
Tear Tapes
Security Materials for Packaging / Labels
Textile Labels
Security Printing
Multi-Device Approach to Enhanced Security
Overview – Security risks & Counter measures – Luxury, Beauty & Apparel
Travel & Leather products
Security risks - Travel & Leather products
Areas of Opportunity - Travel & Leather products
Brand Protection Technologies – Travel & Leather Products
Security risks - Watches
Areas of Opportunity – Watches
Brand Protection Technologies – Watches
Security risks - Jewelry
Areas of Opportunity – Jewelry
Brand Protection Technologies – Jewelry
Security risks - Sunglasses
Areas of Opportunity – Sunglasses
Brand Protection Technologies – Sunglasses
Beauty Products (Fragrances & Colour Cosmetics)
Security risks - Beauty Products (Fragrances & Colour Cosmetics)
Areas of Opportunity – Beauty Products (Fragrances & Colour Cosmetics)
Brand Protection Technologies – Beauty – Fragrances
Brand Protection Technologies – Colour Cosmetics
Apparel & Footwear
Security risks – Apparel & Footwear
Areas of Opportunity – Apparel & Footwear
Brand Protection Technologies – Apparel & Footwear (incl. Sportswear)
Packaging Design can Provide Additional Security
Innovative and sophisticated hard-to-copy packaging can play a part
Packaging can provide an additional level of Defence - Beauty Products
High quality innovative sophisticated packaging and labelling – Beauty Products
Structural packaging formats typically used for beauty products
The Economics of Glass Bottles Manufacture make it hard for the Counterfeiter
Packaging Formats used for Colour Cosmetics
Metal Foil Based Finishes – Hot Foil Stamping, Cold Foiling, Holographic Effects
Some examples of Cartonboard Packaging with Innovative Surface Finishes
Colour Matching can play a role in Brand Protection
Ancillary Services
Trend towards Integrated Solutions
Inspection Services, Investigative Services & Enforcement
Introducing a Method of Authentication & Validation for Customs Inspection Officers

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