4g To 5g: Use Case Conceptualisation, Partnerships, & Roadmaps 2018 To 2025

4g To 5g: Use Case Conceptualisation, Partnerships, & Roadmaps 2018 To 2025

This very important Research by Researchica provides critical analysis of the 4G and Pre-5G business models, use case conceptualisation, innovation, operator-vendor partnerships (deals, short-long term covenants, with 4G to 5G roadmaps and recommendations for period 2018 to 2025.


The Report also provides in-depth analysis of ‘par and post 5G’ commercialisation, and monetisation strategies. Extensive 5G business model segmentation across residential, business, and mass segments with forecasts and recommendations are thoroughly put through.

Elements of a successful future 5G network along with 5G market potential are deeply looked into. Report also provides key developments on spectrum allocation, government initiatives, and technologies on the curve, variability with market potential & forecasts.

Questions Answered by the Research

How are governments planning for 5G worldwide?
How leading operators and vendors are preparing for 5G
What is the spectrum and regulatory scene of 5G?
What role 4G will play till 2025 and beyond?
What will the 5G-enabled growth opportunity be during 2018-2025?
Which key verticals 5G is going to light in near & distant future?
Progressive hierarchy between various key 5G technologies?
How much 5G market opportunity is there among mass segments?

Regions Researched

South Korea

Companies Mentioned in the Research

AT&T, Verizon Wireless, SoftBank, América Móvil, China Mobile, NTT DOCOMO, SK Telecom

1 Pre-5G Commercialisation and Monetisation
1.1. Vendor Key Pre-5G Models
1.1.1. Use Cases — Pre-5G Commercialisation
1.1.2. Use Cases — Pre-5G Monetisation
1.2. Operator Key Pre-5G Models
1.2.1. Use Cases — Pre-5G Commercialisation
1.2.2. Use Cases — Pre-5G Monetisation
2 Par, Post 5G Commercialisation and Monetisation
2.1. Vendor Key Par/ Post 5G Models
2.1.1. Use Cases — Par-5G Commercialisation
2.1.2. Use Cases — Par-5G Monetisation
2.1.3. existing — Post-5G Commercialisation Models
2.1.4. perceptive — Post-5G Commercialisation Models
2.2. Operator Key Par/ Post 5G Models
2.2.1. perceptive— Par/ Post 5G Commercialisation
2.2.2. perceptive — Par/ Post 5G Monetisation
2.2.3. World 5G Achievement Break Up
2.3. 5G Team Feed: Creating & Innovating ways to bridge the gap between Physical, Social, & Virtual Worlds.
2.4. ‘Tap-Tree’, Business Model Types.
2.4.1. Exclusive 5G: The unique and uncommon, high potential, both commercially & professionally viable, cases. syn. Robotic, Highcost models. Use in Commerce, Content, Context, & Connectivity.
2.4.2. Inclusive 5G — The common solutions replicable across industries, communities, public, or private forums. (Syn. Automation, Lowcost Models.)
2.4.2. Use in Commerce, Content, Context, & Connectivity.
2.5 5G Business Model Provisioning
2.5.1. Asset-Provision
2.5.2. Connectivity-Provision
2.5.3. In-Partnership (Operator <—> Micro Operator) Provision
3 5G Business Model Segmentation with Forecasts 2017-2020-2025
3.1. Residential Segments
3.1.1. Service Overlay (replacing broadband, ex.)
3.1.2. Asset-based Residential Business Models
3.1.3. Connectivity-based Residential Business Models
3.1.4. Partnership-based Residential Business Models
3.2. Industrial Segments
3.2.1. Building Industrial Ecosystems [use of M2M, IoT, &c.]
3.2.2. Output Enhancement (productivity, increased management, asset optimisation, ex.)
3.2.3. Asset-based Industrial Business Models
3.2.4. Connectivity-based Industrial Business Models
3.2.5. Partnership-based Industrial Business Models
3.3. Business Segments
3.3.1. Cloudification [simplifying use & delivery of services, fx.]
3.3.2. Alt—BOSS [BSS/ OSS] Models
3.3.3. Asset-based ‘Business-backed’ Models
3.3.4. Connectivity-based Business-backed Models
3.3.5. Partnership-based Business-backed Models
3.4. Citizen Segment
3.4.1. Nationwide Enhanced Mobile Experience
3.4.2. Unlocking New Use Cases (building digital parks, fx.)
3.4.3. Tapping VR/ AR/ AI Technologies
3.4.4. Asset-based Citizen-backed Models
3.4.5. Connectivity-based Citizen-backed Models
3.4.7. Partnership-based Citizen-backed Models
3.4.8. Mission Critical Application
3.4.9. Infrastructure-as-a-Service Segment, Exclusive.
4 Elements of a Successful Future 5G Network
4.1. Portability & Scalability (or Omni Accessibility)
4.1.1. Aiming for Personalisation — Plug-&-Play Abilities.
4.1.2. Examples — The most ‘Portable’ 5G Use Cases.
1.1.3. Propelling unique experiential strengths & gaining exposure.
4.2. Wide Outreach (or Omni Presence)
4.2.1. Fast Delivery
4.2.2. Use Cases — Monetising 5G Reach & Presence.
4.3. Creativity & Innovation
4.3.1. Use Cases —‘Creative & Innovative’ 5G use.
4.4. Consumer Awareness
4.4.1. 5G ‘Awareness’ among End-users & Industries. w/ Operator such Initiatives.
5 Leveraging ‘5G Care’
5.1. Impact on Cost Savings — ‘Xtra Room’ for Revenues.
5.2. Use Cases — MNO ‘4G Care’ Scoreboard, 3Q 2017.
6 5G Standards, & Future
6.1. World Standard Comprehension
6.2. World Standard Bodies
6.3. Standardisation Forecasts 2017 to 2025.
6.4. Watch out for Social Mascots & Corporate Responsibility Watchdogs.
7 World Operator 5G Case Study Collection [w/ Rationales]
7.1. AT&T, USA.
7.2. Verizon Wireless, USA.
7.3. SoftBank, Japan
7.4. América Móvil
7.5. China Mobile, China
7.6. NTT DOCOMO, Japan
7.7. SK Telecom, South Korea
8 Government Initiatives
8.1. Europe
8.2. USA
8.3. South Korea
8.4. Japan
8.5. China
8.6. Russia

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