Digital TV/HDTV Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Digital TV/HDTV Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Global Satellite Market: Trends & Opportunities (2015-20)

    ... services and satellite ground equipment markets. The report provides detailed analysis of the market size and segmentation of the satellite industry with regional focus on the United States satellite market. It assesses the market share ... Read More

  • Global HD TV Market 2015-2019

    ... This market is estimated to exhibit stagnant growth during the forecast period and is driven by the increase in shipments of LCD/LED TVs. The recent change in the manufacturers preference towards the production of high ... Read More

  • TV in the Digital Single Market

    ... Commission's (EC) ten priority projects. This report intends to: review the European Commission's strategy for the DSM and analyze the debates around the major challenges that this strategic project raises for the European audiovisual sector; ... Read More

  • Taiwan - Digital Economy and Digital Media

    ... and building upon the high availability of fixed and mobile broadband networks. Private sector involvement is particularly strong in digital media, with digital media content widely accessible via HFC and IPTV networks. Telecom operators such ... Read More

  • UHD TV Market in North America 2015-2019

    ... thinner panels. The introduction of UHD TV is one of the most significant transformations that took place in the market space after FHD TV. Over the past few years, there has been a growing demand ... Read More

  • BuddeComm Intelligence Report - Impact of the Digital Economy and the Media Industry

    ... film, music, and other forms of media, we see that the national walls that protect local organisations within traditional models are crumbling. In other words, it is no longer an issue of local market share. ... Read More

  • Spain - Digital Economy and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses

    ... well as Telefónica are at the forefront of the convergence markets, having launched 200Mb/s services to provide multiple-channel IPTV as well as VoD. Satellite TV has seen considerable changes in recent years following the merger ... Read More

  • Romania - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses

    ... market to new players and implemented a regulatory framework which has affected the market in a number of ways, not least on operator revenue. Alternative operators and the incumbent Telekom Romania alike have invested in ... Read More

  • India - Broadcasting and Digital Media

    ... decade the television programming landscape has been totally transformed. India now has one of the largest broadcasting networks in terms of infrastructure. Doordarshan, the Indian National Television Network, reaches more than 90% of the population. ... Read More

  • Turkey - Broadband, Internet and Digital Media Market - Overview and Statistics

    ... Turkcell's Superonline have focused considerable attention on deploying fibre networks and at the end of 2014 they had nearly 1.5 million fibre subscribers combined. ADSL is still the most popular fixed broadband platform however, despite ... Read More

  • Finland - Digital Economy and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses

    ... since mid-2001. Interactive TV has also progressed well, as had mobile TV with its two competing providers. TeliaSonera, cablecos and other providers offer bundled services to a growing market, while network upgrades have helped consumer ... Read More

  • Ukraine - Broadband and Digital Media Markets - Insights and Statistics

    ... been considerable investment in FttP and FttB in recent years. LAN and wireless platforms such as WiFi and WiMAX exist on a smaller scale. Digital TV is accessible from the cable and satellite platforms, while ... Read More

  • Global Pay TV Operator Forecasts

    ... new report from Digital TV Research. The Global Pay TV Operator Forecasts report estimates that 29 operators had more than 5 million paying subs by end-2014. China Radio & TV is the world’s largest pay ... Read More

  • Asia Pacific Pay TV Operator Forecasts

    ... 2020, according to a new report from Digital TV Research. These operators from 20 countries will climb from 75% of Asia Pacific pay TV subscribers in 2014 to 83% by 2020. The Asia Pacific Pay ... Read More

  • Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa Pay TV Operator Forecasts

    ... & Africa Pay TV Operator Forecasts report, pay DTT platform GOtv will gain 5.84 million subs between 2014 and 2020 to reach 7.50 million – more than quadruple its 2014 total. Rival StarTimes will experience ... Read More

  • Western Europe Pay TV Operator Forecasts

    ... in Western Europe is under threat, with Sky Europe [satellite subs only] expected to overtake its subscriber count in 2017, according to a new report from Digital TV Research. Pay TV subscriptions for the 66 ... Read More

  • Pay TV Market in the US 2015-2019

    ... services were provided using both analog and digital cables. However, in the mid-2000s, digital cable TV gained traction, which led to a reduction in the market share of analog services. Technavio's analysts forecast the pay ... Read More

  • Digital Trends Autumn - UK - September 2015

    ... market but also look set to radically change mobile behaviour. There are already signs that the increased uptake of larger screens has broken down one of the major barriers previously experienced by smartphone users, who ... Read More

  • Connected TV Forecasts

    ... new report from Digital TV Research. Covering 51 countries, the Connected TV Forecasts report states that the proportion of TV sets connected to the Internet will rocket to 29.9% by 2020, up from only 4.5% ... Read More

  • Vietnam - Digital Economy and Digital Media

    ... country have been creative and energetic since VNPT submitted an e-commerce development plan for government approval more than a decade ago. The government has been the driving force behind the country's move into the age ... Read More

  • Austria - Digital Economy and Digital Media

    ... digital TV infrastructure served by established cable and satellite players. Cable and DSL networks support popular demand for bundled services offerings including videostreaming services such as IPTV, VoD and interactive TV. Digital services have been ... Read More

  • Australia - Digital Economy - Statistical Overview

    ... environment as new players enter these markets from different angles. In 2015, digital technologies including the Internet are contributing $78.8 billion to Australias economy, or 5.1% of GDP, according to a Deloitte Access Economics estimate. ... Read More

  • Latvia - Telecoms, IP Networks and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses

    ... regulatory measures. The country is as also a member of the Economic and Monetary Union of the EU. At the beginning of 2014 Latvia became the 18th country to adopt the euro as its national ... Read More

  • Ecuador - Telecoms IP Networks and Digital Media - Statistics and Analysis

    ... and mountainous areas prohibitive. However, there has also been a legacy of underinvestment in telecoms infrastructure as a whole. In line with the global trend, Ecuadorians have turned to mobile handsets in preference to the ... Read More

  • Bolivia - Telecoms IP Networks and Digital Media - Statistics and Analysis

    ... poor and undeveloped, and there is a sizeable proportion of the population which live in remote valleys and areas where telecom infrastructure has been chronically neglected. As a result, the penetration of telecom services is ... Read More

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