Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Market in Pakistan

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Market in Pakistan

The pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan is growing at a rapid pace, contributing significantly to the national economy. In the last couple of years, the Pakistani economy has been suffering due to bad economic conditions and also been under strain due to the war against terrorism. The economy is also facing the problem of domestic inflation, slow economic growth, as well as the devaluation of the Pakistani rupee against other major currencies.

Pakistani pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are very competitive and challenging. There are nearly 600 pharmaceutical companies operating in Pakistan, with major global leaders having a presence in the country. The industry presents a lot of growth opportunities for drug makers, with the opportunities being driven by the rising burden of chronic disease and launch of the Pakistani national health insurance program.

However, there are many challenges that the industry faces, with regulatory and pricing challenges being at the top of the list. With the government's focus on boosting the pharmaceutical and healthcare market, the industry is poised for good growth, with many opportunities present for drawing in foreign investment.

In this industry scenario, Taiyou Research presents an analysis of the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Market in Pakistan. The report analyzes the following points:

• Analysis of the healthcare and pharmaceutical market through an industry overview, overview of the healthcare segment, an overview of the pharmaceutical sector, the prevalence of diseases in Pakistan, industry drivers, investment, market distribution, healthcare expenditure, etc.

• Competition in the industry and generic players in Pakistan

• Major market activity by the leading drug makers

• Global trends and how the Pakistani industry compares

• SWOT analysis of the Pakistani healthcare and pharmaceutical market

• Regulatory landscape governing the industry in Pakistan

• A look at the industry research and development

• Industry challenges

• Forecast of the industry including a separate forecast for healthcare and pharmaceutical sector forecast

• Analysis of the major industry players with a company profile, presence in Pakistan, and a SWOT analysis

Taiyou Research’s report on the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Market in Pakistan is a comprehensive coverage of the entire sector from 2012 till 2022.

1. Executive Summary
2. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Market in Pakistan
2.1 Industry Overview
2.2 Healthcare Segment
2.3 Pharmaceutical Sector
2.4 Prevalence of Diseases in Pakistan
2.5 Industry Drivers
2.6 Industry Investment
2.7 Market Distribution
2.8 Healthcare Expenditure
2.9 Competition in the Industry
2.10 Generic Players in Pakistan
2.11 Market Activity by Major Drug Makers
2.12 Global Trends and how the Pakistani Industry Measures
3. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Market in Pakistan: SWOT Analysis
3.1 Overview
3.2 Strengths
3.3 Weaknesses
3.4 Opportunities
3.5 Threats
4. Regulatory Landscape
4.1 Overview
4.2 Drug Pricing
4.3 Issue over Intellectual Property Rights
4.4 Reimbursement Policy
5. Industry Research and Development
5.1 Overview
5.2 Technology Adaptation in the Industry
5.3 Clinical Trials
5.4 Pharmaceutical R&D
6. Industry Challenges
6.1 No Health System Governance
6.2 No Health Equity in Pakistan
6.3 Lack of Resources and Poor Infrastructure
6.4 Other Challenges
7. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Market in Pakistan: Forecast
7.1 Healthcare Forecast
7.2 Pharmaceutical Forecast
7.3 Future Trends
7.3.1 Healthcare Trends
7.3.2 Pharmaceutical Trends
8. Industry Players
8.1 Abbott Laboratories (Pakistan)
8.1.1 Company Profile
8.1.2 Presence in Pakistan
8.1.3 SWOT Analysis
8.2 Efroze Chemical Industries
8.2.1 Company Profile
8.2.2 Presence in Pakistan
8.2.3 SWOT Analysis
8.3 Ferozsons Laboratories
8.3.1 Company Profile
8.3.2 Presence in Pakistan
8.3.3 SWOT Analysis
8.4 Getz Pharma
8.4.1 Company Profile
8.4.2 Presence in Pakistan
8.4.3 SWOT Analysis
8.5 GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan
8.5.1 Company Profile
8.5.2 Presence in Pakistan
8.5.3 SWOT Analysis
8.6 Hilton Pharma
8.6.1 Company Analysis
8.6.2 Presence in Pakistan
8.6.3 SWOT Analysis
8.7 Novartis Pakistan
8.7.1 Company Profile
8.7.2 Presence in Pakistan
8.7.3 SWOT Analysis
8.8 Pfizer Pakistan Limited
8.8.1 Company Profile
8.8.2 Presence in Pakistan
8.8.3 SWOT Analysis
8.9 Sanofi-Aventis
8.9.1 Company Profile
8.9.2 Presence in Pakistan
8.9.3 SWOT Analysis
8.10 Pfizer Pakistan Limited
8.10.1 Company Profile
8.10.2 Presence in Pakistan
8.10.3 SWOT Analysis
8.11 SEARLE Company Limited
8.11.1 Company Profile
8.11.2 Presence in Pakistan
8.11.3 SWOT Analysis
9. Appendix
9.1 Health Indicators in Pakistan
9.2 State of Healthcare Infrastructure
List of Figures
Figure 1: Value of the Global Pharmaceutical Industry (in USD Million), 2017
Figure 2: Burden of Disease Projection, 2005-2030
Figure 3: Growth in the Pakistani Population, 1951-2011
Figure 4: Population Distribution in Pakistan
Figure 5: FDI in the Pakistani Pharmaceutical Industry (in USD Million), 2006-2016
Figure 6: Health Expenditure to GDP in Pakistan, 1949-2016
Figure 7: Public Health Expenditure in Pakistan and Other Countries as Percentage of GDP, 2015-2016
Figure 8: Out of Pocket Expenditure on Health (as Percentage of Private Expenditure on Health)
Figure 9: Registrations of Clinical Trials in Pakistan, 2013-2016
Figure 10: Forecast of Healthcare Sector Expenditure, 2013-2027
Figure 11: Forecast of Pharmaceutical Market, 2013-2027
Figure 12: Forecast of Pharmaceutical Trade in Pakistan, 2013-2022
Figure 13: Infant Mortality Rates per 1000 Live Births (Asian Countries), 1990-2016
Figure 14: Life Expectancy at Birth in Years (Asian Countries), 1980-2015
Figure 15: Growth in Index (%) of Health Establishments in Pakistan, 1991-2015
Figure 16: Growth in Index (%) of Health Personnel in Pakistan, 1991-2015
List of Tables
Table 1: Healthcare Market in Pakistan, 2012-2017
Table 2: Healthcare Resources in Pakistan, 2012-2017
Table 3: Statistics on Healthcare Personnel in Pakistan, 2012-2017
Table 4: Public Expenditure on Healthcare Sector (in Billion Rupees), 2015-2017
Table 5: Leading Pharma Companies in Pakistan, 2018
Table 6: Total Number of Pharmaceutical Companies in Pakistan, 1999, 2007, 2017
Table 7: Pakistan Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Forecast, 2016-2022
Table 8: Trends in Healthcare Expenditure (Historical and Forecast), 2014-2022
Table 9: Expenditure Trends Private Healthcare (Historical and Forecast), 2014-2022
Table 10: Expenditure Trends Government Healthcare (Historical and Forecast), 2014-2022
Table 11: Historical and Forecast of Pharmaceutical Sales in Pakistan, 2014-2022
Table 12: Forecast for Pharmaceutical Trade in Pakistan, 2016-2022
Table 13: Forecast for Pharmaceutical Trade in Pakistan (in Pakistan Rupees), 2016-2022
Table 14: Infants Lacking Immunization in Pakistan, 2011-2014
Table 15: Indicators of Child Growth for Children under 5 years of age in Pakistan, 1991-2012
Table 16: Nurses and Midwives in Pakistan versus other Countries (per 1,000 people)

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