Global Luxury Eyewear Market - Forecast, Trends & Opportunities 2015-2020

Global Luxury Eyewear Market - Forecast, Trends & Opportunities 2015-2020

The global market for optics and eye wear is expected to continue to grow at a consistent rate in the coming years. It is expected that the sunglass market will benefit not only from increased awareness of the dangers of UV exposure but also from frames and sunglasses being increasingly perceived as fashion products. Innovative materials for lenses and frames and other technological advances have resulted in several new designs with better aesthetic appeal, style and quality. Eyeglasses are increasingly being used as a facial accessory and a matching item for a wide variety of outfits, and for highlighting the personality of eyeglass wearers.

Essilor, Luxottica, Carl Zeiss, Safilo, Marcolin and Marchon are the top players in the industry. Given Luxottica’s and Essilor’s critical mass and global distribution, both companies enjoy relatively limited competition within their respective markets.

While the sheer increase in the world population opens up several new possibilities and opportunities for eyeglass manufacturers and retailers, the already large base of aging population of over 45 years with poor eye vision and symptoms of presbyopia, is forecast to turbo-charge demand further. The rise of the Internet as a potent vehicle for selling eyeglasses is additionally expected to expand the retailing reach of eyeglasses worldwide. Thanks to the growing popularity of E-commerce and Internet based sales transactions, the revenue inflow for eyeglasses from cyberspace is increasingly on the rise. The growing demand for popular-priced sunglasses and the robust growth outlook for plastic frames and lenses are also expected to add momentum to the total eyeglasses market in the next few years.

Although developed markets such as the US and Europe have been the traditional revenue contributors to the global eyeglasses market, collectively accounting for a major share of the total market revenue, growth in the short to medium term period is at its best in emerging markets of Asia-Pacific and Latin America. The Asia-Pacific region especially is the fastest growing regional market in terms of sales.

Taiyou Research presents an analysis of the Global Luxury Eyewear Market. The report covers the following:

An analysis of the global optical market through an industry overview, the impact of the recession on the revenues of the industry, the impact of the rising number of vision correction in the population in the optical market, and the good growth statistics emerging from developing economies.

An analysis of the market for prescription frames and sunglasses through an industry overview, a look at the wholesale market for prescription frames and sunglasses including a region-wise statistical analysis as well as a comparison between sunglasses and prescription frames market. We also analyze the market for frame designers and manufacturers.

A brief analysis of the market for ophthalmic lenses in included, moving to the analysis of the ophthalmic retail market. We look at the market for non-prescription reading glasses that is fast gaining popularity in this section.

A look at the factors impacting the global luxury eyewear market such as limited public reimbursement, low penetration rates of optical correction in many countries, the advances in innovation, and the emergence of customization in the industry.

A forecast for the global optical industry analyzes the market till 2020.

Major industry players such as Essilor and Luxottica, along with several others are analyzed through investment risk analysis, regional performance, analysis of their brand portfolios, growth drivers, company strategies and financials, and much more in included.

1.1 Key Takeaways
1.2 Report Coverage
1.3 Research Methodology
2.1 Industry Overview
2.2 Impact of Recession on the Optical Market Revenues
2.3 Impact of Vision Correction on Optical Market
2.4 Good Growth in Emerging Markets
3.1 Industry Overview
3.2 Wholesale Market
3.3 Region-wise Analysis of the Wholesale Market
3.4 Wholesale Market for Sunglasses versus Prescription Frames
3.5 Market for Frame Designers & Manufacturers
5.1 Industry Overview
5.2 Market for Non-prescription Reading Glasses
6.1 Limited Public Reimbursement
6.2 Low Penetration Rates of Optical Correction
6.3 Advances in Innovation
6.4 Emergence of Customized Lenses
6.5 Emergence of Personalization According to Condition
6.6 Multi-pairing and Acceleration of Re-trading to Drive Optical Market
8.1 Market Share Analysis
8.2 Essilor International SA
8.2.1 Company Overview
8.2.2 Business Segments
8.2.3 Products & Services
8.2.4 Role in the Eyewear Market
8.2.5 Company Growth
8.2.6 Financial Analysis
8.2.7 Market Share Analysis
8.2.8 Vertical Integration Strategy
8.2.9 Innovation Strategy
8.2.10 Research & Development
8.2.11 SWOT Analysis
8.3 Luxottica Group SpA
8.3.1 Company Overview
8.3.2 Business Segments
8.3.3 Products & Services
8.3.4 Role in the Eyewear Market
8.3.5 Financial Analysis
8.3.6 Market Share Analysis
8.3.7 Vertical Integration Strategy
8.3.8 SWOT Analysis
8.4 Safilo Group S.p.A.
8.4.1 Company Overview
8.4.2 Business Segments
8.4.3 Products & Services
8.4.4 Financial Analysis
8.4.5 SWOT Analysis
8.5 Marcolin
List of Figures
Figure 1: Growth Rates of Major Players in the Optical Industry leading up to the Recession
Figure 2: Essilor - Sales Growth in Emerging Markets, 2015
Figure 3: Global Optical Market by Vision Correction Method, 2015
Figure 4: Global Optical Retail Industry, Inhabitants per Outlet (2015)
Figure 5: Global Optical Market, Market Share of Frames, 2015
Figure 6: Global Market for Ophthalmic Lenses, Market Share (%), 2015
Figure 7: Global Market for Ophthalmic Lenses, Market Share (%), 2020
Figure 8: Global Optical Market Top 10 US Retailers' Market Share. 2013-2015
Figure 9: Core Readers Market in the US
Figure 10: Evolution in Optical Lens Design, 1985-2015
Figure 11: Penetration Rate of Anti-reflective Lenses in 2015
Figure 12: Innovation in Corrective Lenses (in EURO for single vision lenses at retail value)
Figure 13: Innovation in Ray-Ban Aviator (in USD at retail value)
Figure 14: Penetration Rates for Progressive Lenses, 2015
Figure 15: Penetration Rates for Anti-Reflective Lenses, 2015
Figure 16: Penetration Rates for Photochromic Lenses, 2015
Figure 17: Penetration Rates for Polarized Lenses, 2015
Figure 18: Global Optical Market by Tinted & Polarized Lenses, 2015
Figure 19: Optical Industry Prescription Renewal in the US, 2014-2015
Figure 20: Optical Industry Sales of Second Pair in the US, 2014-2015
Figure 21: Global Optical Market by Vision Correction Method, 2015
Figure 22: Market Share in the Global Optical Market, 2015
Figure 23: Market Share in the Global Optical Market, 2020
Figure 24: Distribution Network of Essilor
Figure 25: Essilor Brand Portfolio
Figure 26: Essilor Varilux Range
Figure 27: Market Share of Essilor, 2010-2017
Figure 28: Innovation Driving Essilor's Crizal Brand
Figure 29: Essilor Product Launches & Time to Market (Historical Assessment)
Figure 30: Luxottica Brand Distribution
Figure 31: Luxottica Market Share, 2015-2020
Figure 32: Presence of Luxottica across Value Chain
List of Tables
Table 1: Global Optical Market by Vision Correction Method
Table 2: Global Prescription Frames & Sunglasses Industry Statistics, 2010-2020
Table 3: Global Prescription Frames & Sunglasses Industry, Regional Wholesale Market Statistics, 2013-2020
Table 4: Global Prescription Frames & Sunglasses Industry, Developed vs. Emerging Market Statistics, 2013-2020
Table 5: Regional Wholesale Market Share of Luxottica, 2012-2020
Table 6: Global Wholesale Market for Sunglasses versus Prescription Lenses, 2010-2020
Table 7: Market Share of Luxottica in Sunglasses & Prescription Lenses Market, 2013-2020
Table 8: Global Market for Ophthalmic Lenses, Industry Statistics, 2013-2020
Table 9: Global Optical Industry, Market Share of Top 10 US Retailers, 2014-2015
Table 10: Global Optical Market by Vision Correction Method, Industry Statistics, 2015-2020
Table 11: Essilor's Position in the Ophthalmic Lens Industry
Table 12: Key Financial Indicators of Essilor International SA (in USD Million), 2015
Table 13: Key Financial Ratios of Essilor International SA, 2011-2015
Table 14: Market Valuation of Essilor International SA (in USD Million)
Table 15: Key Financial Indicators of Luxottica Group SpA (in USD Million), 2015
Table 16: Key Financial Ratios of Luxottica Group SpA, 2011-2015
Table 17: Market Valuation of Luxottica Group SpA (in USD Million)

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