Electric Power Industry in Russia 2016-2027

Electric Power Industry in Russia 2016-2027

The Russian power sector continues to be plagued by a weak economy and rising political issues in the region. The attractiveness of the sector for investors has taken a beating in recent years and in the coming years, a weakened Rouble and overcapacity in the industry are likely to continue to affect the growth prospect of the industry.

A weakened demand for electricity has further resulted in overcapacity, though the exports of electricity volumes remain significantly high amidst political tensions. The Russian power sector also has a high level of installed capacity of power and as the major companies in the sector look to expand their operations in Asia, there are many prospects of getting fresh investment into the sector.

In this industry scenario, Taiyou Research presents an analysis of the Electric Power Industry in Russia, 2016-2027. The report analyzes the following points:

• An analysis of the electric power industry beginning with an industry overview, a point-wise SWOT analysis of the power industry in Russia, statistics on electricity consumption in the country, trade statistics of power, power transmission and distribution data, etc. We also look at power derived from coal, hydropower, nuclear power, and renewables.

• A section is dedicated to looking at only the market statistics in tabular form.

• Competition in the industry is also analyzed.

• Regulatory framework governing the power sector in Russia is looked at through privatization and industry reforms, Russia's Energy Strategy 2030, and the changes in power pricing after privatization of the industry.

• Major power projects that are in the pipeline are analyzed.

• An in-depth industry forecast is included that looks at future industry trends, power demand and capacity scenario till 2027, the economic crisis and its impact on the Russian power sector, impact of regulations on the industry, the impact of current credit conditions, and there is also a forecast included to power generation and power capacity.

• Major industry players analyzed include Unipro and Inter RAO. Smaller players in the market are also briefly analyzed.

Taiyou Research’s report on the Electric Power Industry in Russia is a comprehensive coverage of the entire sector from 2016 till 2027.

1. Executive Summary
2. Electric Power in Russia
2.1 Industry Overview
2.2 Power Sector in Russia: SWOT Analysis
2.3 Electricity Consumption in Russia
2.4 Power Imports/Exports
2.5 Power Transmission and Distribution
2.6 Power from Coal
2.7 Power from Hydropower
2.8 Power from Nuclear Power
2.9 Power from Renewables
2.10 Electricity Generation in Russia – Market Statistics
2.11 Competition in the Industry
3. Regulatory Framework
3.1 Privatization and Reforms
3.2 Energy Strategy 2030
3.3 Changes in Pricing after Privatization
4. Major Power Projects in Russia
5. Industry Forecast
5.1 Future Trends
5.2 Power Demand and Capacity
5.3 Economic Crisis and its Impact on the Power Sector
5.4 Regulatory Impact on the Power Sector
5.5 Impact of Credit Conditions
5.6 Forecast for Power Generation and Capacity
6. Major Industry Players
6.1 Unipro
6.1.1 Company Analysis
6.1.2 SWOT Analysis
6.1.3 Company Outlook
6.2 Inter RAO
6.2.1 Company Analysis
6.2.2 SWOT Analysis
6.2.3 Company Outlook
6.3 Other Players
6.3.1 Enel
6.3.2 Federal Grid Company (FGC)
6.3.3 Gazprom Energoholding
List of Figures
Figure 1: Electricity in Russia - Total Net Generation and Consumption (in TWh), 2017-2027
Figure 2: Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Russia, 2001-2011
Figure 3: Look at the Key Power Projects Pipeline in Russia (MW) by Status
Figure 4: Capacity of Major Power Projects in Russia by Resource Type (MW)
Figure 5: Real GDP Growth (% change year-on-year)
Figure 6: Total Power Generation by Type (in TWh), 2017-2027
Figure 7: Total Capacity MW, by Type, 2017-2027
Figure 8: New Company Structure of E.ON
Figure 9: Selected Financials in 2014 - 2015 (in EUR million)
Figure 10: EBITDA of E.ON by Business Segments (in EUR Million), 2014-15
Figure 11: Electricity Generation in Germany by Resource Type, 2016-2027
Figure 12: First Year Baseload Electricity Price in Germany (in EUR per MWh) and Share Price of E.ON as of March 11, 2011
List of Tables
Table 1: Snapshot of Russia's Power Situation
Table 2: Snapshot of the Russian Power Sector, 2017-2023
Table 3: Total Electricity Consumption in Russia, 2016-2021
Table 4: Total Electricity Consumption in Russia, 2022-2027
Table 5: Power Trade in Russia (in TWh), 2016-2021
Table 6: Power Trade in Russia (in TWh), 2022-2027
Table 7: Electric Power in Russia Transmission and Distribution Losses, 2016-2021
Table 8: Electric Power in Russia Transmission and Distribution Losses, 2022-2027
Table 9: Total Electricity Generation in Russia, 2016-2021
Table 10: Total Electricity Generation in Russia, 2022-2027
Table 11: Electricity Generating Capacity in Russia, 2016-2021
Table 12: Electricity Generating Capacity in Russia, 2022-2027
Table 13: Energy Strategy of Russia 2030
Table 14: Top 10 Power Projects in Russia by Capacity

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